Survey Scout is Not Worth Your Time

What is Survey Scout?

“We pay for your opinion!” the tagline for Survey Scout goes. As an online portal for paid surveys, this motto seems to sum up what the website is trying to do: pay people for spending time and effort on answering market research surveys and questionnaires.

Survey Scout has been around for nearly a decade, making it one of the oldest survey-taking sites on the Internet today.

Apart from being a paid survey site, Survey Scout also claims to be a job portal of sorts- with over 250 companies looking for people who are willing to fill up vacancies for their data entry, transcription, and customer service jobs.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

Companies and big businesses often pay big bucks just to get the opinions and feedback of their target consumers.

Like all other sites of its kind, Survey Scout takes advantage of this fact and acts like a middleman between these large companies and people who are willing to use their time in answering market studies and surveys.

On its homepage (, Survey Scout outlines a few money-making methods that its users can do on the site.

First, are the traditional surveys. Survey Scout estimates that people can earn anywhere from $1 to $15 per survey (and even more, depending on the type of the survey and the company who sponsored it).

The site also claims to have focus groups and phone surveys that offer a higher rate than the usual online surveys ($10 per hour for phone surveys and $100 a day for the focus groups).

Apparently, there’s also a product testing program, where people get to try out new products before they hit the market (members get to keep the products that they’ve tested for free too).

But alas, before anyone can jump in into the Survey Scout program, they need to shell out $34.95 upfront as a subscription fee for the service.

After paying the fee, the member can then fully access the Survey Scout portal, and have an updated directory of surveys or survey-taking sites delivered to his or her account.

What are the Issues With It?

Now as a rule of thumb, sites wherein people need to pay something upfront just to access an “income opportunity” can be automatically classified as suspicious.

Upfront payments like what Survey Scout requires should instantly raise red flags in people’s minds.

These large companies who sponsor surveys are already willing to pay people for their time, so why should anyone pay up just to get started on answering these surveys?

It doesn’t make sense.

To delve deeper into the issues surrounding Survey Scout, we need to look into what people are saying about it on the Web.

What are Others Saying Around the Web?

Sadly, despite its snazzy-looking website, Survey Scout is just like most of its peers- it’s shady, and earning anything off it is a near impossibility.

Searching for “ scam” on Google is an instant eye-opener for anyone who is considering joining Survey Scout.

There are also a lot of telltale signs that point to the unreliableness of Survey Scout.

First, despite it being so already established in the paid surveys industry, the site still does not have a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation.

It does have a dozen or so resolved consumer complaints on BBB though.

But the most prevalent complaint about Survey Scout seems to be the utter uselessness of its survey-taking program. It’s not a survey company wherein businesses can contact them and host surveys on their site.

No, Survey Scout does not act like a middleman. It just provides a mere directory of OTHER survey-taking sites that people can sign up for.

It tricks people into paying $34.95 for information that can be easily be had just by a simple Google Search.

Final Verdict:

If you want to pay $34.95 to receive what amounts to a plain list of survey-taking sites, then Survey Scout might work out for you.

But for people who want to receive their time and money’s worth, this kind of deceit is unforgivable.

Save your $34.95 and look for other ways to make money online (e.g. sell stuff on eBay, do freelance work, etcetera).

There’s a reason why most people stay away from survey-taking sites like Survey Scout- they engage in dubious business practices and trick people for the sake of money.

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