My Web Rewards Survey Review – Legit or Scam?

my_web_reward_surveyWhat Is My Web Rewards Surveys?

My Web Rewards Surveys, which is located at, is what we refer to as a go-between survey website which leads you to the survey sites of their business partners, who may compensate you reward points for taking surveys and trying offers.

My Web Rewards Surveys helps these companies collect marketing info through consumer surveys and opinions.

Read our investigative review to know more about the company.

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How do you make money with My Web Reward Survey?

If you want to take part in product trials or in the survey, there are several ways to do it. You basically select from the several market research companies advertising on My Web Rewards Surveys and from there (if you qualify) you complete online opinion surveys.

Like most online survey companies your time and your opinion is compensated for by way of gift cards or points.

Payments are usually made by the companies that need customer opinions, so you don’t actually get paid out directly by My Web Rewards Surveys as such.

But before you can qualify to participate in any survey, there are some criteria that you will have to meet first.

Among the conditions that must be fulfilled are annual income, demographics as well as other conditions imposed on a particular study.

Whilst it is free to join this website, your personal details are vitally important to survey websites and as such some websites sell your private information onto other companies without informing you first and they pocket the revenue for themselves.

Also, you need to know that you may be called upon to pay a certain amount in nominal fees for products you are given to try. In case you fail to return them by the due date, you will be charged for their total cost.

Surveys that you may find here can take between 15 and 30 minutes in order to complete. Normally, the invitation notices will be sent to your email.

You do not have any guarantee that you will finish the survey you have started because you can be deemed ineligible at any time in the course of the survey.

Considering that the only reward you stand to get is just gift card or points, this can be a complete waste of time.

Are there issues with My Web Reward Surveys?

• Delayed payments

A lot of times, payouts do take a long time before being paid for the surveys that you have completed. Also, majority of My Web Reward Surveys third party partners have a minimum amount of money that you must reach before you can be paid.

• You deal with many different partner sites

It usually take a lot of time to complete adequate surveys from different sites that partner with My Web Reward Surveys, with each paying separately. This means that you will also be forced to deal with different minimum payment schedules.

• No Guarantee that you will complete the survey that you have started

You could be discontinued any time in the course of participating in the survey. Considering that you only partake in the survey for points or rewards, it is really a waste of time.

What Are People Saying Around The Web?

Hailey, N.C

“I signed up with these guys a while ago and I didn’t like them. First, their eligibility criteria are not very clear. You don’t have guarantee that you will complete the survey you have started. Their payment also takes like an eternity. Also, the only thing you can get for your time is points or gift cards. It is not worth it and I do not recommend it.”

Harris R., Connecticut,

“If you are looking for a genuine way to make money online, stay away from this site. They won’t pay you any meaningful income apart from their gift cards or points and worse, these take a long time to be paid. I won’t recommend this site to anyone wanting to make serious money”

Final Verdict:

If you think that you can put your time to better use over the small rewards that you stand to get, it may not be worth it at all. But if you only want something to do as a hobby like filling out crossword puzzle or Sudoku, then you may try it out. However, it does not give you a real opportunity to make substantial amount of money. For that reason, I don’t recommend

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