Opinion Bureau Reviews: A Scam Or A Legitimate Survey Site To Earn Rewards?

Answering surveys is considered as one of the most common opportunities you can find when it comes to making money online.

There are a lot of websites out there that offer surveys as their man, or at least, one of the opportunities they have to make money online.

Now with so many survey sites out there, it becomes a challenge to verify if a site is a legitimate opportunity or just a scam.

To help you with this problem, we review money-making websites to see which among them is an opportunity you could join or an opportunity that you should avoid.

For this review, we’ll be talking about a site called the Opinion Bureau. It’s a website that offers you an opportunity to earn rewards just for answering surveys.

You will be paid in cash for every survey you complete. The cash you earn can be redeemed for various rewards that the site offers.

You can expect to earn $10 to $40 a month worth of rewards from this opportunity. But is Opinion Bureau really a legit opportunity or is it just a scam you should avoid?

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Opinion Bureau is a Seems Like A Legit Website That Offers an Opportunity to Earn Rewards

Opinion Bureau is an online community of panelists that are proactive and are willing to share their opinions and information for brands and businesses to use.

The site will conduct surveys to gather the required information and opinions. You will be paid for each survey that you are able to complete.

Your earnings can be redeemed for various rewards once you have reached the minimum withdrawal requirement. From what I’ve seen, I can say that the site seems like a legitimate opportunity.

It does provide people with an opportunity to earn rewards just for answering surveys. There are, however, some issues with the site that members are complaining about.

The complaints are particularly about the limited survey opportunities. There are also complaints about how long the site takes to send the rewards once members have redeemed them.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further on this review. I’ll also discuss if $40 is really the highest value of rewards that you can earn with this opportunity.

Who Uses Opinion Bureau?

The Opinion Bureau website is designed to be used by two groups with one group being businesses and organizations looking to gather information to help them make important decisions.

The other group are people like you who are looking for opportunities to earn some rewards online.

For organizations and businesses, the site offers an opportunity to gather information and opinion. They can do this through the surveys that they conduct.

Opinion Bureau is able to conduct various surveys that their community of panelists can answer. The site can customize the surveys they are conducting, depending on what the client needs.

For people like you, the site provides an opportunity to earn rewards just for providing opinions.

As a member, you can earn just by participating and completing the surveys that Opinion Bureau is conducting. You will be paid for each survey that you are able to complete.

The payment you get can be redeemed for various rewards, once you reach the minimum withdrawal requirement.

Becoming a member is free and simple to do so. The site is also available to several countries around the world. You just need to be a resident of  one of these countries to register and become a member.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail the registration process and how you can earn rewards from this opportunity.

How Do You Earn Rewards with Opinion Bureau?

The Opinion Bureau website provides several ways for you to earn, but the main opportunity they provide is participating in surveys.

The site will pay you for each survey you are able to participate in and complete. The payment you received can be redeemed for various rewards once you reach the minimum withdrawal requirement.

To begin, you would first need to be a member of Opinion Bureau. To join, you just need to provide personal details, like your name, gender, email address, and birth date.

You also need to select your country of residence and a chosen password. Then you just need to agree with the site’s terms and conditions and click on the link sent to your email address to verify it.

Registering will already earn you a $5 bonus. The next step would be to complete your profile. It’s important that you complete your profile 100% and answer it honestly.

Opinion Bureau will determine the kind of surveys they will send you based on your profile. Once you complete this, you can start receiving survey invites.

The site will send you invites based on your profile. A lot of members say that you can expect 4 to 6 survey invites a month.

Like a lot of survey sites, though, you will be required to answer qualifying questions first to determine if you are qualified to participate in the survey they send.

If you qualify, you can continue and earn after completing it. If you don’t qualify, you get nothing.  If you do qualify, you can expect to earn about $2 to $5 per completed survey. There will be rare cases where you can even receive surveys that are worth $10.

Aside from answering surveys, Opinion Bureau also has a referral program. The program will allow you to earn $1 for every verified member that joins under you. Verified members are those who have been able to complete their first survey on the site.

The site also has polls and participating in them can also allow you to earn.

Now, redeeming your earnings will require that you reach at least $10. Once you reach that amount, you can exchange it for various rewards.

The rewards option will depend on which country you are living in. If you live in the U.S., then you are in luck since you will have more options.

Looking at the options, it looks like you can only redeem the reward for gift cards. The closest you can redeem it for cash is by getting a MasterCard gift card, which is only available in the U.S.

Some countries have the option to redeem their earnings for an Amazon gift card or iTunes gift card, while some countries have limited options.

Now it is important to note that the $5 sign up bonus can be part of your redeemable earnings after you have participated in your first survey.

Likewise, earnings from Polls can be redeemed 15 days after the poll has closed, while earnings from referrals can only be redeemed after your referral is able to qualify and participate for his/her 1st survey.

Now as mentioned above, there have been a lot of complaints about Opinion Bureau only having limited surveys available, as a lot of members have only experienced getting 3 to 6 survey invites a month.

Then there are also complaints that out of the 3 to 6 survey invites, you are likely to qualify for only 1 or 2. Now, this is not an unusual problem, as a lot of survey sites have this issue.

But the most concerning issue the site has is the delay in sending the reward. Opinion Bureau says that payments are processed 45 days after the survey has closed and it will take another 7 days before they are credited.

This means people have to wait 52 days before they receive their payment or roughly 2 months. This is a long wait, but some members experience even longer before they receive their reward.

There are even some who have complained that they have yet to receive anything. Hopefully, the site can address this issue or else they won’t be considered as an opportunity that is worth it.

What I Liked about Opinion Bureau

Now that we know more about what Opinion Bureau is and what they offer, it’s time to discuss what I liked about the opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked is that Opinion Bureau offers several ways for you to earn. I always consider this a good thing, especially when it comes to surveys because it means that you won’t have to rely on just answering surveys to earn. For this opportunity, you can also earn via the referral program or participating in polls.
  • I also like that the Opinion Bureau is also available in several countries. Not only will this allow other people to register and be a panelist on the website, but it also means you’re not that limited when it comes to trying to get referrals for this survey site.
  • I also consider it a good thing that the withdrawal threshold of Opinion Bureau is low, as you only need to reach at least $10 to be able to withdraw. And with a decent enough payment, it’s possible to be able to withdraw more than once a month.

What I Disliked about Opinion Bureau

Of course, not everything is good with the Opinion Bureau as there are also a lot of things that I didn’t like about the opportunity.

  • One of the first things that I didn’t like about Opinion Bureau is that they only have limited surveys available. A lot of members are saying that the site only provides 3 to 6 survey invites a month. But there are also some who experience not getting even 1 survey a month. It seems like the site doesn’t have a lot of survey requests to provide to all of their members.
  • I also didn’t like that Opinion Bureau doesn’t seem to have options to withdraw your earnings in cash. The site only shows several gift cards as your reward option and no instructions on withdrawing it for cash. I don’t mind getting paid in gift cards, but I always prefer to get paid in cash.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like is that Opinion Bureau takes a while to deliver the reward to the members. It’s bad enough that they say to wait about 52 days before you are able to get your reward, but it’s even worse when the site takes longer than that before they provide the rewards.

Do I Recommend Opinion Bureau?

After learning more about Opinion Bureau and what it brings to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that I don’t recommend.

Though this opportunity has some upsides, it’s really not enough to negate all of the downsides of the site.

It’s already bad that the site only offers limited opportunities to earn but it’s even worse that it takes them forever to deliver the reward.

Opinion Bureau itself says that you have to wait at least 52 days before you can expect to get your reward, but a lot of members are complaining that it takes longer than that.

It’s also bad that the site doesn’t really respond to members inquiries, which somehow makes me think that this is a borderline scam opportunity.

So if you are thinking of trying out this opportunity, think again. There are a lot of better opportunities available than Opinion Bureau .

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2 thoughts on “Opinion Bureau Reviews: A Scam Or A Legitimate Survey Site To Earn Rewards?”

  1. I don’t recommend Opinion Bureau, even though I am a member. Someone was able to get into my Opinion Bureau account and change my email address to an email address I have never heard of before. I contacted Opinion Bureau and they said they fixed it, but I still couldn’t log in with my email address. They kept saying everything was fine and kept closing the ticket. Finally, after 3 months I decided to investigate it myself. I figured since my email address wasn’t working, maybe I should try the email address it was changed to back in May. Sure enough I was able to log in. I checked the profile info. and it was all my information. The only thing that was incorrect was the email address. Now, whoever was able to get into my account and change the email address has all of that personal information. If Opinion Bureau responded to me, it seemed like they thought I was crazy. So, I’ll be deleting account.


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