My Honest Review of Survey 4 Checks – Keep Away

What Is Survey 4 Checks?

Survey 4 Checks, founded by Sarah Garringer, is a new addition to the world of working at home through completing surveys online for money.

Sarah correctly explains that giant corporations like Starbucks, Coca Cola and McDonald’s use billions of dollars just to get the opinions of their consumers.

She goes ahead to state that for a one-off payment of just $49.99, she will send you a list of the blue chip companies to complete surveys for.

She also goes ahead to say that she will also give you lots of tips and strategies to enable you know how to make as much money as possible from completing surveys.

It is true that multinational corporations indeed spend billions of dollars for market research companies to enable them know what consumers want.

People survey is in fact one of the ways that through which research companies get this data.

However, what Sarah is not telling you is that making money with online surveys isn’t as simple and straightforward as she would have you believe. goes out of its way to insinuate that time and effort is all you need to start earning $40,000 a year through taking surveys.

But the truth is that this is just not the case.

Corporations use surveys to gather information on very specific market segments.

For example, Starbucks may require a survey to be done on males between the ages of 16 and 20 who are not currently drinkers of coffee.

Therefore, if you are a stay-at-home mom aged 30 years, it won’t matter the time or effort that you are willing to put in because you simply are not eligible.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

How Do You Make Money With Surveys 4 Checks?

The company purports to give you access to companies which have lots of ongoing surveys to be completed. Thus, upon paying the initial fee of $50, you can now get more surveys to complete and earn money online.

This is utter garbage.

The sites you will find here are sites that you can find if you search the internet.

You do not need to pay in order to work for anybody.

What Are The Issues?

They won’t refund you

There have been lots of complaints about Survey 4 Checks especially with regard to their customer service and the difficulty involved when trying to get them to refund you.

They just ignore any attempts from you to get back your money or they may even discontinue your account.

For the simple fact that these guys charge you for something you can get for free, I think they are a scam.

Genuine market research firms have a lot to gain from having big pools of people that they can send the surveys, which is why they don’t charge people for signing up.

They are misleading makes falsified claims of people who have quit their jobs and replaced it with taking surveys.

The truth is that while people can certainly make a small side income, no one can make a decent income to pay their bills by completing surveys.

If there is such a person, I am yet to see them.

What Are Others Saying?

Hank says:

“I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine who thought I could make some money from it.

However, when I realized that they were asking me for an upfront fee before sending me work, I immediately smelled a rat.

I checked out the site on Google and I couldn’t believe the barrage of complaints that I saw.

People wanted their money refunded but they just didn’t know how. I would urge you to practice caution before signing up with these scam sites.

Read online reviews and check with BBB before you commit. Lucky I wasn’t scammed.”

Final Verdict:

My simple unsolicited advice to you is to keep as far away from this site and others like it as you can.

If you want a small extra income in the range of tens of dollars every month, it is fine to give paid online surveys a go.

But if you want online work that pays your bills and puts food on the table, you better look elsewhere.

Finally, all sites that ask you for money are scams so avoid them at all costs.

The only person they will benefit is their owner.

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