Surveys Paid Review and Why They Are Outright SCAM

What Is Surveys Paid?

Surveys Paid, which can be found at, is a website that purports to give users access to top online research companies and even go ahead on their website to assure users that they can get full time employment completing surveys.

It goes ahead to dupe users that they will get lots of opportunities to complete these surveys as survey takers are in great demand.

They will make you think once you sign up you can actually work on their system to earn a decent income that pays your bills.

They will charge you a signup fee of $34.

They also claim that this is a discounted price (50% off the normal price which is usually $68). With this ‘small payment’, they say that you will be en route to financial freedom. CRAP.

It is completely misleading for the company to suggest that you can actually get a full time job on their site as survey taker.

First and foremost, you don’t even have guarantee that you will meet demographic requirements for surveys provided by companies that partner with Surveys Paid.

Majority of the surveys tend to have very specific criteria for qualification and nobody can guarantee you that you will qualify for them.

Most people who complain about online surveys cite the strict eligibility criteria as the biggest stumbling block to making money with these surveys.

It seems that Paid Surveys know this and are fooling their clients along these lines.

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How Do You Make Money With Surveys Paid?

According to them, once you pay the registration fee and get registered, you get access to a full time job and get paid online. Your main means of earning here is by completing the surveys.

On their website, they list that you will earn decent income completing the surveys.

But from my past experience with surveys, you will be very lucky to get even $5 for one complete survey.

Most of them offer rewards in terms of points that can be redeemed into cash and Amazon gift certificates. You will be very lucky to earn $25 per month completing surveys.

Are There Any Issues?

• They require paying to complete surveys

No legitimate survey site can demand payment from you before completing their surveys. For Surveys Paid, this is definitely not a good start. Another thing, and which is more important, is that their payment section appears not to be secure enough.

This means that the integrity of your personal data can easily be compromised. Next, you could be a victim of identity theft.

• No refund

A genuine site is always ready to refund back your money if you are not satisfied with them. Customers have reported that they never get reimbursed their money when they ask for it.

What is even more disturbing is the little regard that they have for their clients if contacted through customer service. For a scam site, this is very much expected.

What Are Others Saying?

As you might expect, there are so many negative criticisms about the company. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Diana says

“I joined Paid Surveys and for one whole year, I had not got any payment from the company. Although I tried getting a refund, I was unable to. I wish I had done some research before joining this phony company.

It does not pay and I would discourage you from joining it.”

Nguyen le says

“This website is a cheat. After joining, you will find that all they provide are links to third party survey companies. And if you try to get a refund, you won’t even get a reply. SCAM. “

Final Verdict:

I know this is disappointing but there is just no easy way to make money. If you want to make cash online, you must be prepared to work hard. There are lots of opportunities to make money from the internet you just need to identify reliable ones.

You can try online businesses or Google AdSense or other opportunities. Although some survey sites pay, you will only make a few bucks every month which will not sustain you.

And for the survey sites that ask you to pay registration fee, they are mostly scams.

Stay away from these.

If you find a reliable online job, be ready to work just as hard as you would in an offline job. There are absolutely no shortcuts, no immense incomes and no fast money.

Hard work and perseverance is what will bail you out.

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