Can You Really Get Paid To Fill In Surveys?

If you’re brand new to making money online, then it might surprise you that you can in fact make money simply by completing online surveys.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of companies who pay will pay a pretty penny just to get someones honest opinion on their products or services.

Customer feedback provides valuable information to the company as it can help them to find new services or products to develop and offer consumers, or highlight areas that could be improved upon.

However, getting unbaised opinions can be difficult for most companies, especially if the opinion has been incentivized.

That’s where websites such as Opinion Outpost and Inboxdollars step in and provide these companies with a way of connecting consumers to product and services owners.

Where Does The Money Come From?

Companys pay the survey websites money to find qualified opinions and then pay for the opinions given by the consumer. A percentage of the payment finances the website and the balance to the consumer who gave the opinion.

Sounds like a win win situation for all, however, not all survey companies payout like they should and in some cases, they don’t pay the consumer for completing surveys at all.


Most survey websites are free to join and really easy to and start earning money online. However, just because it’s easy to join, doesn’t mean that it’s worth investing your time and effort into it.

Most Survey companies have an easy way of paying their members whether it be via a check or paypal, most payments are easily accessed.

Usually, there is no requirement for it’s members to have any formal qualification, given the surveys or offers are opinion based or based on user experience. This means that most folks will be able to take part in most surveys or offers. But not always as I describe later in this article.


It can really take a lot of effort on your part to complete and even be eligible to fill out surveys or complete offers.

A lot of the problems that I see cropping up time and time again is the frustration of having to spend up to a half an hour completing a form to only discover that you’re not eligible to take part in a survey.

What’s more the survey may only pay you a couple of bucks and in most cases could take a considerable amount time to complete.

Still I guess, it is easy money, if you’re willing to put in the time and the effort.

Having said that, if you can form an opinion about a product and then articulate your thoughts in writing then you could be earning a full-time living online given the right opportunity.

Is It Safe To Take Surveys?

If you stick with the most well known and most used websites that I mention above, then you shouldn’t have a problem, however, as I mentioned before, there’s no guarantees of payment. And I have seen a lot of people who haven’t received payments for whatever reason.

Each circumstance comes with a story and their own unique reasons as to why they weren’t paid, so this is not so much of a warning, but just something to keep in mind when considering the option of getting paid to fill out surveys.

Having said that, if you are good are forming opinions and writing reviews based on your opinions, then there is a better way to make money online. CheckĀ it out here.

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