Survey Savvy Review – Is it A Scam Or Legit?

survey_savvy_scam_reviewProduct Name: Survey Savvy
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Price: free to signup
Overall Rating: 35 out of 100

What is Survey Savvy?

Completing surveys can be a legit way to make money online. However, it can also be a frustrating waste of time, especially when you don’t qualify for surveys.

If you are looking for ways to earn an income from home, then I urge you to check out this program. I include income proof and how to get started.

So with that out of the way, let’s back to Survey Savvy.

It is another get paid to complete surveys website, but with a few twists. I’ll explain what those twists are and why they might make a difference to how much money you make (or don’t make).

Is Survey Savvy a scam website or legit?

Survey Savvy is a legit online survey company.

How does it work?

Well, like most survey websites, you get paid to complete online surveys for companies and in return they pay you $1 to $2 for your time.

So, it’s pretty much the same deal as other popular websites on the internet, however it does have a few features that differentiate it from it’s competition, some of which I quite like.

What Is SavvyConnect?

This is a new tool that SurveySaavy released to collate internet surfing habits from their members both online and on mobile devices. I understand that they only use this information for research purposes – but who really knows what they do with it.

This type of information is gold to some companies as it can help them to develop product and services to meet the needs of the market based on the trends in data.

So imagine you’re a stay at home mom,and when you get a chance you surf the internet or use your ipad – using the app, they can see what’s most important to you online, based on the websites you visit.

This sort of information get collated as can highlight gaps and trends in the marketplace.

The company offers more incentive and say that they will give you more opportunities to complete surveys if you download the app, but from what I have seen this is not entirely true.


2 Tiered Referral Program

They have a 2 tiered referral program that helps you to earn not only earn a fee from your direct referrals (people who you’ve invited), but also from the referrals of your referrals (so from people they invited as well).

This won’t really appeal to many members as it does take a bit of “know how” to invite people to sign up.

What I liked About Survey Savvy

I guess if there’s anything to like about Survey Savvy it would be the 2 tiered referral program. This feature made me sit up and take notice, because there’s potential to make more money here if you do it right.

But folks – before you get too excited, we’re still just talking peanuts here.

I could be wrong (who me?), but if you’re earning a steady income and would like to share your success with my readers then feel free to leave a comment below. I’d be happy to do a follow up article on your success.

I also liked the fact that they add you to a draw if you try to complete a survey, but then don’t qualify for it. At least you’ll have a chance of getting drawn for one of their monthly prizes.

What I Didn’t like About Survey Savvy

Well, Survey Savvy seems to have the same issues as most survey websites in that people don’t always get paid for completing surveys and it can be challenging qualifying for a survey.

What Are Members Saying About Survey Savvy

Depending on who you ask, you will get varying opinions on Survey Savvy, and to be fair some of the negative feedback seems to be based more on emotion as opposed to anything of substance.

Again if you have some negative feedback feel free to have your say below, but please provide some examples to substantiate your experience.

Problem 1 – Not enough surveys to complete

One of the main reasons why you might not qualify to take surveys could be related to where you live. A lot of the big companies that pay websites like Survey Savvy are look for feedback based on demographics, which is mainly in the USA.

If you fall outside of the criteria, then you won’t get invited to take that survey.

surveysaavy feedback

survey savvy reviews

If you don’t fit the criteria the company is looking for then you just won’t qualify (end of story), those that do will keep getting surveys.

is survey savvy safe  does survey savvy work

Problem 2 – Not getting paid.

So this is probably one of the bigger problems with survey websites and one that you need to keep in mind if you’re thinking about joining one.

For whatever reason there are always people who don’t get paid. And it is difficult to really ascertain what the root of the problem is. In any case it really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day they didn’t get paid.


Survey Savvy appears to be a pretty decent survey website from what I have seen in the marketplace. One of the big benefits I see with Survey Savvy is the 2 tiered referral program.

This allows you to be able to make a lot more money provided you know how to get referrals, otherwise it’s on par with a lot of the other survey type websites like Opinion outpost and Inbox dollars.

These types of survey websites do have the same problems for members and that is that 1) Members don’t get enough surveys to complete to make any money, or 2) Members, don’t get paid.

When I have reviewed these types of websites these are the most common issues.

The average amount of money most people make for filling out surveys is around $1 – $2 per survey, and if it takes you an hour on average to complete a survey then you’re getting paid less than the minimum wage.

Not cool.

Learn how I make money online writing these types of reviews and how you can too by joining me here.

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21 thoughts on “Survey Savvy Review – Is it A Scam Or Legit?”

  1. I participated in the Savvy Connect program and was highly disappointed. I had three devices connected and even though they all showed the program was connected, I constantly got emails saying my devices were disabled. I sent numerous emails and made several phone calls, but no emails were ever returned and calls always went to voice mail, with no calls ever returned. Furthermore, as part of the requirements, I was expected to complete three special surveys. I was only sent one. Once again, calls and emails went unanswered. I finally was able to talk with someone (not the person who was supposed to be my contact) and was told that the reason my devices were showing they were disabled was because there were updates that needed to be applied. By this time, the end date for the program had just passed. If someone had returned just one email or phone call, this info could have been relayed weeks ago and I would have updated the app. As to the missing surveys, I was told this was a problem that many people had reported to them. So bottom line, even though the person I spoke with said I was not necessarily not going to get paid, I will be shocked if I do since in their eyes I did not fulfill the requirements. I will not participate again. It was a horrible three months. The app drained my phone battery. If I went to bed with a fully charged phone not on the charger, I would wake up with a completely dead phone. It made my laptop and ipad very slow, often freezing up. Since no one would contact me, I could receive no tech support. I feel like this was a sneaky way to get the info they wanted without ever having to pay, since they can now claim I did not fulfill the requirements. Not worth the hassle.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Karen. I have heard and read similar stories from other people / websites relating to the app. Disappointing and frustrating to say the least.

    • Thanks For The Info IMA Lev Survey Savvy alone Running Fast As,I Can lmao I Do Love Vindale Research My Favorite Very Legit But U Can’t Cash out till u hit $50 buy I wait till I hit $100 then Cash Out they do Pay on Time

  2. Thank you for your comments. Probably saved me a lot of frustration by helping me decide not to install savvy connect software

  3. I really love Survey Savvy. I too have had issues with Connect where occasionally it will show not connected and I ended up reloading it, but over all it has been pretty good. This year I have gotten over $200 total and my wife just got accepted into a research program with them that will pay her $15 or $20 a month for the length of the program. I have been satisfied with the 3 weeks or so it takes to get payment after I request it, and when my referrals get paid for doing a survey, I get paid a bit too. I have tried a lot of survey companies and Survey Savvy is by far the best!

  4. Survey Savvy is absolutely scam. I completed many surveys they did not make payment to my account. They keep saying we will make control and it will be taking 3 months to be place in your account. So I never recieved money. My advise is not to be member on because you waste your time and your energy.

  5. I have recently downloaded surveysavvy’s app to my laptop and phone, but I am having many doubts already and anyone considering the mobile app should take heed.

    Yes from the get go you are told your browsing history will be monitored. Naturally this alone is a cause for concern in the age of increasing measures for online privacy.

    However, not only does the mobile app do this, it also (without your permission and without any option to opt out) connects you through a VPN. Why? No clue! No explanation is given in the mobile app and the website itself never mentions it.

    In my opinion, this should not be necessary. The application alone should have the capability to track apps opened, etc. with no need for the user to be using the Internet through vpn.

  6. I completed 7 surveys I qualified for. After the conclusion of each survey, a received a notification message indicating I would receive the corresponding monetary amount ($1.00 (2), $2.00 (2), $4.00 (1), $7.00 (1), and $10.00 (1)). This was a total of $27.00 and it took me hours to complete these surveys. I received notification for each survey indicating I would receive the corresponding amount in a few weeks. However, when I reviewed my account, it indicated “0” surveys completed and “$0.00” in my account.

    I sent them a message regarding this concern and I was supposed to be contacted with 72 hours. However, it’s been weeks and I have yet to be contacted.

    I’m done with Survey Savvy. I wasted hours of my time and completed 7 surveys apparently for FREE instead of the amount I was SUPPOSED to receive in a few weeks after the completion of each survey. I can?t believe they do this to people! Survey Savvy is a rip-off!

    • This is my biggest concern as well.

      With the notification of payout I feel that I am due some sort of payment or acknowledgement. The lag does not make sense with everything being digital and instantaneous now. Once completed, the numbers should change right away!

  7. THEY DO NOT PAY THE LARGE PAYMENTS PROMISED. Beware folks of the offers for different projects, where you install tracking on your phone and computer. Then you complete surveys for a month, then you wait the 4-6 weeks to get paid and guess what, 2 emails later, still not paid. I have written confirmation of qualifying and plan to let everyone know about this scam including the better business bureau.

    Don’t buy it. Waste of time.

  8. These scumbags clearly state it can take a total of 2 months! – over 5 months! to from the time you are credited for completed survey(s) to actual payment! Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME???

    Avoid this criminal enterprise like the plague!

  9. Their full o shit, ask to cash out a month ago and no response, uploaded surveysavvy and it ruined my devices, became crippled or extremely slow and constantly told my devices were un registered all the while I’m seeing backround activity on my devices lol, don’t do it people

  10. Ive completed several qualifying surveys and it still says O completed surveys and 0 dollars. I did in fact complete many surveys over a year ago and still have yet to see my payment. survey savvy is a complete joke. They are getting paid and using you as a tool and screwing people.

  11. I send in my junk mail and get money. Had an issue with the first time download of savvy connect but after a complete uninstall and reinstall after update it has been fine. The connect threw the vpn to collect the data the app stores. I only connect to this every few days. I have taken plenty of surveys and some not pay out, and some do. It takes about 6 to 12-weeks to get a check, but they are not a scam. Just very slow with everything. Emailing customer service and all. When I moved I stopped getting my envelopes so I emailed. It took 3 months before I got it back. Not everyone qualifies for every survey because they are looking for certain states or certain places you shop etc. On average if you can get into the swing of it I make about 30 dollars a month. Just be patient.

  12. i received a 25.00 payout check from them about a week ago i dont have a bank account so i went to walmart to try and cash it their machine wouldnt let them so i emailed the company they said that no something to do with their machines wont let them cash them for me to go to a check cashing place i went out of town over the weekend and went yesterday to ace to cash the check this company is on their no cash list saying they are really bad about stop payment on checks they send out to the point they are several thousand dollars negative the lady called two different supervisors and the second one said it was fine to cash it this one time but not sure how i am going to cash it from now on not sure if anyone else has had this problem or not i contacted them back before i even left the parking spot and they have yet to email me back

  13. I NEED to know who owns survey savvy. I have been with them for years and take part in their turn clutter into cash. I am doing exactly what they claim I need to do by sending in my junk mail each week of every month for years and not getting paid. I also have not gotten paid for downloading their app on my pc. They now claim it is because I am not in their system, bullshit. They are screwing with the wrong person here. I need contact names and information. Thanks !!!

  14. They are very late in paying me. I am not sure if they ever will. I have received checks in the past but they owe me. I won’t be doing any surveys with them till I receive my checks.

  15. What kind of survey do you think is profitable to them? – market research. Companies pay millions to conduct this kind of research. Who will be good candidates? – Rich people with great spending power. That is why the average people who really needs money don’t get qualified like me, pennyhoarder!


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