Survey Squad Review: Legit Survey Site Or Scam?

Answering surveys are probably one of the most common opportunities you will come across when you look for ways to make money online.

A lot of them are legit opportunities that can really make you money, while there are also a lot of these survey sites that are just a scam and steal your information.

For this review, we’ll be discussing Survey Squad, a website that will pay you for participating in different kinds of surveys and research panels.

Survey sites don’t usually provide you with ways to make a lot of money and Survey Squad is not an exception. Sure they have more options that pay higher, but there’s no guarantee you will be qualified to participate in it.

It’s likely that you will make $20 to $50 a month, at most, with this site. But is Survey Squad a legit opportunity to make money or just a scam?

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Survey Squad is a Legit Opportunity to Make Money, But there are Concerns

Focus Forward is the company that powers the Survey Squad website and is known as one of the companies that provide people with a platform to share their opinion on businesses since 2003.

The website is one of the platforms that people can share their opinions with and get paid for it. They become part of a panel and participate in different types of research that Survey Squad offers.

Based on what the website promises, I can say that Survey Squad is a legitimate opportunity. However, research also shows that there have been payment delay concerns.

A lot of the members complain that it takes a long time for the website to give them their money, usually taking months before they’re able to receive it.

This is a big concern, as this shows that the website is having problems providing people their due payments.

It shows that either the website can’t keep up with the number of members it has or it’s not getting enough money to pay everyone.

This will be discussed further in this review, as well as why you can only expect to make $50 at most a month with this site.

Who Uses the Survey Squad Website?

The Survey Squad website is made for two groups of people with one being businesses and market researchers looking to gather information and data about their consumers.

The other group are people like you who are looking to earn extra money online. For businesses and researchers, the website gives them an opportunity to reach a variety of people for their research.

Survey Squad has a lot of members who are more than willing to share their opinions about product and services to businesses or researchers who would listen to them.

Businesses and researchers can get people’s opinion either through online surveys, mobile surveys, or in-person discussion.

The website also ensures that those participating are the ones who are qualified to take the surveys. For people like you, Survey Squad provides an opportunity to make money answering surveys or participating in studies.

The site offers a variety of studies that you can participate in, like online surveys, in-person discussions, and more. Each study that you complete and participate in will allow you to earn rewards.

Payments for in-person discussion or studies will be given at the end of the study, while payments for online or mobile surveys will be sent to your account and you can request for a withdrawal.

You can request for a withdrawal once you reach the minimum amount required and it will be sent via check.

Joining is easy and free. You would just need to provide your information and you’re good to go. The opportunity, though, is only available to U.S. residents.

How Do You Earn with Survey Squad?

The Survey Squad only provides one way to earn and that is through participating in their panel and research. The good thing is that the website has a variety of research types that you can participate in.

The site will be paying you for each study that you complete. Most studies will pay you in points, which you can redeem for cash after reaching the minimum amount required.

The first study that Survey Squad offer is the Single-Session Online Survey. These are the regular surveys that you answer online.

You get paid in 1,000 to 5,000 Focus Forward Points for each survey that you complete. The site will send an email notifying you if there is an available survey and how much it will pay.

You will need to reach 20,000 Focus Forward Points or $20 to be able to request your money, which will be paid via check.

You will just need to answer the qualifying questions to see if you can participate in the survey. If you qualify, you can take it and earn points after you complete it.

The other studies you can participate in are Telephone and Multi-Session Online Surveys. Telephone studies are those that are conducted via phone, where the researcher will call you and ask you questions.

Multi-session online surveys are those where you are required to participate in more than one online session before you get paid.

The site will also provide email notification about available telephone or multi-session surveys, which also includes details about it and how much you will earn.

You will earn around $100 to $300 for completing these kinds of studies and the payments are sent to you via check. The last studies that you can participate in are the in-person studies.

Like single-session online surveys, you will need to answer questions to see if you’re qualified to participate in the study.

These studies are basically those that require you to be present in-person. These types of studies usually pay around $100 to $300 and it will be given to you in person after completing the study.

The payments are usually in cash, check, or gift card. Availability of these studies are also sent via email and you will also need to answer a few questions to see if you qualify.

Survey Squad also has a monthly sweepstakes draw, where you have a chance to win 250,000 points or $250. Of course, winning here is not guaranteed, so it’s hard to rely on this for income.

Joining is easy, as you would just need to sign up through the Survey Squad website. You need to fill out the required details to complete your profile.

The more details you provide, the higher the chance of you getting an email invite. The opportunity, though, is only available to U.S. residents.

What is Good about Survey Squad

Now that we know more about Survey Squad and what it offers, it is time to talk about what is good with the opportunity they provide.

  • One of the things that I liked about Survey Squad is that it offers a lot of studies for you to participate in. You don’t just have to rely on answering online surveys, as there are mobile surveys, telephone studies, and even in-person studies.
  • It’s also a good thing that Survey Squad provides good payments to members who are participating in their studies. The minimum you can earn is $1, which is more than what a lot of survey companies provide.
  • It’s also good that Survey Squad doesn’t just rely on the Focus Forward points to pay its members. Cash payments are given to those who participate in telephone or multi-session surveys and they are sent via check. While those who participated in in-person studies will usually receive cash, check, or gift cards right after the study so there’s no need to wait for it.

What is Bad about Survey Squad

Of course, not everything is well and dandy with Survey Squad, as there are also things that are bad about the website.

  • My first issue with Survey Squad is that I’ve read a lot of reviews that the website takes a while to send the payment via check to your home. The site says that it will take 6 to 8 weeks before the check arrives, but some members have complained about waiting 3 to 5 months before they are able to get their money. This is a major concern, as it shows the site has problems paying people.
  • Another concern I have, which is usually a problem for survey sites, is that you are not guaranteed to participate in any study at all. Even if you receive an email notification about an available study, you will still need to answer several questions to see if you qualify for the said study. This means there are chances that you won’t be able to participate in a lot of the studies.

Is Survey Squad to be Recommended?

After learning more about Survey Squad, I don’t really recommend it to anyone due to the concerns with the delay in payments.

The delay in payments shows that the site may be having problems in keeping up with its commitments to pay its members. This is not a good sign and shows the site is probably having issues with money.

Another thing reason why I don’t really recommend Survey Squad is that there’s no guarantee you will be able to participate in the available studies.

You will still need to answer certain questions to see if you qualify to participate or not. Yes, I understand that this is something almost all survey sites do but it is a bit irritating to be receiving an email for a study invite only to find out after answering the questions that you don’t qualify.

It would likely be best if the email notification sent will already assure that you are qualified based on the profile that you provided.

As for earnings, since there’s no guarantee you will always qualify, especially for the studies that pay big, there’s a big possibility that you can only earn $50, at most, with this opportunity.

So if you’re looking to earn money online through answering surveys, Survey Squad is not the opportunity for you.

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