Reckner Opinions Review: Legit Survey Site Or Scam?

Answering surveys is considered as one of the most common opportunities you can find online when it comes to making money.

There are a lot of websites or apps out there that are offering surveys as their main, or at least, one of the opportunities they have to make money online.

Now with so many websites out there, the question is, is the opportunity a legitimate one or a scam but also is it actually worth investing time and effort or not.

There are actually a lot of legitimate survey sites out there that do not really provide a good opportunity to make some money.

You are likely to only earn a few dollars a month with these opportunities, making it hard to view them as a decent site to earn even just extra income.

To help you see if an opportunity is legit and if it is really worth your time, we review and test money-making sites to see if they are really legit and provide a decent opportunity to earn.

For this review, we’ll be discussing a site called Reckner Opinions. It’s a website that offers an opportunity for you to make money just for answering surveys or participate in other studies.

The site will pay you right after you complete the study in the form of a prepaid card. So you won’t need to worry about requesting for a withdrawal.

As for how much money you can make with this opportunity, this will really depend on where you are living. The site seems to have more opportunities available if you live in an area where they have an office.

You can likely expect to earn about $10 to $150 a year with this site. But is Reckner Opinions really a legit opportunity and worth it? Or is just a scam or a big waste of time?

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Reckner Opinions is a Legitimate Opportunity that Pays

Reckner Opinions is a market company that offers an opportunity for people to make money participating in studies. The site offers both online and offline study opportunities.

You will be paid in cash and you will receive it right after you have completed the study. The company has been doing this for over 20 years.

From the looks of it, I can say that this is a legitimate opportunity that really pays. The site does provide people with paid surveys, both offline and online.

There have been little to no complaints at all when it comes to the site’s payments. But there are some issues with the site, mainly with the limited opportunities they have, especially online, and on the site turning down users.

I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further in this review of Reckner Opinions.

Who Uses Reckner Opinions?

The Reckner Opinions website is designed to be used by two groups of people with one group being businesses who are looking to gather data and information to help improve their business.

The other group are people like you who are looking to make some decent money. For businesses and organizations, the site can help them decide on what products and services they should be offering next. The site does this by conducting offline and online surveys to its community of panelists.

For people like you, the site provides an opportunity to make some extra money participating in studies. You can participate in the offline or online studies that the site has. You will be paid in cash through a pre-paid card after you have completed the study.

Becoming a member is free and you just need to be a U.S. resident to be able to register. I’ll discuss this process, as well as how to make money with this site in the next section.

How Do You Make Money with Reckner Opinions?

Reckner Opinions provides a variety of opportunities to make money. They conduct different studies, both offline and online, that you can participate in.

You will be paid in cash for each study that you are able to complete and the money will be given at the end of each study.

The main opportunity they have to make money, though, is their offline studies. These are focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews, taste testings, medical surveys, and more.

To begin, you need to register first, which is easy and free to do so. You just need to complete the details required and click submit. After verifying your email, you will start to receive invites.

Now, it is important to take not that Reckner Opinions has 3 study categories, the Consumer Panel, Healthcare Professional Panel, and the PAH Professional Panel.

The Consumer Panel has no requirements and anyone can join, while the Healthcare Professional Panel requires you to be working in the Healthcare Industry.

The PAH Professional Panel requires that you must be a healthcare provider in order to join. Each panel will have their own different types of studies available, both offline and online.

Now as mentioned above, offline studies are the bread and butter of Reckner Opinions and are the ones with more opportunities available. But to participate, you need to be able to go to their physical office.

The offices they have are mostly located in New York and New Jersey, which means people living outside of these two locations, will have to rely on telephone interviews, home product testing, and online surveys.

It is important to remember that the site will screen participants first before they are allowed to proceed. If you get screened out, you won’t earn anything.

The amount of money you can earn will be dependent on the study that you will be invited to. But the site does pay well for completing a study. Offline studies, though, are likely to earn more.

This means that your income opportunity here will be bigger if you can participate in offline studies. The site mentioned that they will pay you in cash and they will do this in the form of a VISA Prepaid card. The card will contain the amount they mentioned during the invitation.

For online surveys, Reckner will send an email with a link to a virtual card.

Now, the site doesn’t conduct regular studies, so you can likely only expect to get invited to a few studies a year.

One of the main complaints that people have is that study opportunities are limited, especially if you live outside New Jersey and New York.

People outside these two locations won’t have access to the offline studies, thus limiting the studies they can participate in. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to get over this except to be patient.

Another complaint is that some studies have a difficult screening process making it hard to qualify. This is not really a new issue, and the only thing you can do here is to just keep on trying.

What I Liked about Reckner Opinions

After learning more about Reckner Opinions and what they offer, it’s time to discuss what I liked about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked about Reckner Opinions is that it offers a variety of study opportunities that you can participate in to make money. This is a good thing since you won’t just have to rely on answering surveys in order to earn. They have both online and offline studies that you can participate in
  • I also like that Reckner Opinions will pay you right after the study has been completed. This means that you won’t have to spend time trying to reach the minimum cash out threshold or even request for a withdrawal. The site will automatically process your payment after completing the study.
  • I also like that Reckner Opinions pay well for the studies they conduct. You will really feel that you are being compensated for the time and effort you are putting in when you participate, especially when you participate in offline studies.

What I Disliked about Reckner Opinions

Of course, not everything is good with Reckner Opinions, as there are also things I didn’t like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Reckner Opinions is that their studies seem to be a bit limited. The company conducts numerous studies in a year, which means you can’t always expect to get a study invite monthly.
  • I also didn’t like that the offline study opportunities that Reckner Opinions conduct is only limited to the New Jersey and New York area. It would have been better if the company branches out in different areas so they can conduct more offline studies in other areas.

Is Reckner Opinions to be Recommended?

Now that we know what Reckner Opinions is and what they are bringing to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity worth trying out.

Though the site only has limited study availability, the high payment they have for them makes participating in them worth it.

This is especially true if you live in New Jersey or New York, where you can go to their physical office and take part in the offline studies.

If you live outside these areas, you can only expect to get invited to online surveys, telephone interviews, or home product testing.

Though you can only expect to earn about $10 to $150 a year with this opportunity, you don’t have to worry about participating in a lot of studies just to earn that amount.

The projected earning is likely what you can get if you participate in about 1 to 5 studies in a year. When you give Reckner Opinions a try, just remember this opportunity won’t make you rich. It will at the most only provide you with some side income.

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