Greeting Card Panel Review: Legit Survey Site?

When it comes to making money online, answering surveys is probably one of the most common opportunities you can find.

There are a lot of websites out there that offer surveys as their opportunity to make money or at least one of the opportunities to make money on their site.

The challenge here is finding a legit website that will not only pay you but will make it worth your while to spend time and effort on their website.

For this review, we’ll be discussing a website called Greeting Card Panel. It’s a market research company that will pay you for participating in the survey studies that they are conducting.

You get rewarded for participating and completing the studies that they offer. When it comes to actual earnings, though, you can get to earn $25 in rewards every 3 months.

But is Greeting Card Panel really a legitimate opportunity or just another scam to avoid?

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Greeting Card Panel Seems Like a Legit Opportunity To Earn Money Answering Surveys

Greeting Card Panel is a survey website that provides people with an opportunity to make money by just participating in survey studies. It’s created by the market research company LRW.

The site will pay you with various rewards for the time and effort that you put in for participating and committing to the study.

To be able to get your reward, though, you will first need to reach the minimum cash out requirement. Based on what the site promises, I can say that Greeting Card Panel looks like a legitimate opportunity.

The site delivers on its promise of providing surveys that will allow people to earn rewards. As for getting paid, though, there seems to be some issue there, as some people have a hard time getting their rewards.

Of course, there are a lot of people who are happily getting their rewards after completing the surveys, which is why I consider this site legit. But it’s still hard to ignore complaints like this.

As we progress further in this review, I’ll discuss this more in detail, as well as the reason why you can only expect to earn $25 every 3 months with this opportunity.

Who Uses the Greeting Card Panel?

The Greeting Card Panel is designed to be used by two groups, with one being people who are looking to make money online.

The other group is brands and businesses that offer greeting cards and are looking to gather more information or opinions about their respective businesses in hopes of being able to improve it.

For brands and businesses, the website provides an opportunity for them to get more information on their clients and potential clients by offering them some survey questionnaires to answer.

The surveys can help them learn about their clients and potential clients buying behavior, the reasons why they make a purchase, and what attracts them to a store or business.

The beauty of this site is that brands will be assured that people will answer and participate in their surveys. This is because the site requires a 3 month commitment from its members to participate.

The ones who will be in this 3 month commitment are people who are actually looking for ways to earn rewards online.

This is because Greeting Card Panel will provide rewards after completing that commitment. The site offers various rewards for your participation.

Becoming a member is free to do so, but it’s not that simple. In the next section, I’ll be discussing more on why it’s not simple to become a member and how you can really earn rewards with this website.

How Do You Earn with the Greeting Card Panel?

Greeting Card Panel offers only one way to earn rewards and that is by participating in a survey studies that they are conducting.

The website offers various rewards for being able to complete the studies that they offer. To begin, you would first need to be a member of Greeting Card Panel.

It’s free and easy to register, as the site will only require the usual things like personal details and so on. The hard part is being able to actually register.

To be able to register, you would first need to be invited by Greeting Card Panel. Once you get an invite, that’s the only time you will be able to register.

To increase your chances of getting invited, you can use the Quickrewards and Mypoints survey panels, as these two panels are also used by Greeting Card.

Using them will increase your chances of getting an invite from the website. Once you get an invite, you can then register and start earning rewards.

This website is a bit different when it comes to providing the survey, as they will require a 3 month commitment to the study in order to get paid.

When you commit to the study, you will need to be an active participant in order to get paid. This means logging in at least once a week and providing a report about your purchases and answering some questions.

The survey is mostly about greeting card purchases, so the report and the questions you answer will likely entail what kind of greeting cards you purchased, how many, and so on.

It’s important that you participate actively in order to be rewarded for your time. After you have completed your 3 month commitment, you will be paid $25 in Tango e-card.

You will also be eligible to enter into their monthly sweepstakes and have a chance to win prizes, like an Apple iPad.

It is important to note that the $25 reward can be redeemed 2 weeks after the close of your last diary month. The site also typically sends out rewards every 15th of the month.

It’s important to also remember, though, that if the close happens before the end of the month, your reward might not have been processed yet.

This likely explains why some people feel that they have yet to receive their rewards. You will also need to be on the lookout for the for instructions on how to get your rewards.

As you know, Tango card is a flexible digital reward, giving you the ability to choose what kind of reward you will redeem it for. Once you have chosen the reward, just follow the instructions on the email.

Once you are done, you just wait for another study invite to participate in.

What is Good about Greeting Card Panel

After learning more about Greeting Card Panel, it’s time to discuss what is good about this opportunity.

  • The first good thing that I liked about Greeting Card Panel is that it actually pays well for a survey site. If you think about it, this site is actually paying you $2 per completed survey. Since you are only required to log in once a week, this means you get to earn $2 every time you log in, provide updates and answer questions.
  • Another good thing about Greeting Card Panel is that it offers a variety of options when it comes to the rewards. Since the site pays in Tango card, you will the option to choose what kind of gift card you would want to get with your $25 card.

What is Bad about Greeting Card Panel

Of course, not everything is good and well with Greeting Card Panel, as there are also things that I didn’t like about this opportunity.

  • The first bad thing about this opportunity is that you need to be invited first before you are able to register and become a member. This is problematic because you really have no control when it comes to joining and registering on the site. There are things that you can do to increase your chances of getting invited, but that still doesn’t guarantee you will get an invitation, so you just need to be a lucky person to get invited.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like about Greeting Card Panel is that its income potential is very low. Yes, you will get paid $25 for completing a study, but that is after 3 months. You get to participate in a survey weekly for 3 months, which means you only get to earn more than $2 per survey. Though that is high compared to other opportunities, you are limited in your earnings. This means that when you participate in a study, you need to commit to it for 3 months so you won’t get to participate in another study, making it hard for you to earn more.

Do I Recommend Greeting Card Panel?

Now that we know more about Greeting Card Panel and what it is, I can say that it is an opportunity that I don’t really recommend, but there’s no harm in checking it out if you want.

The reason why I don’t really recommend this site is that there’s no way to guarantee your invitation to register on the site.

So the registration process alone will require some effort and time on your part. Then once you become a member, the only way to earn is to participate in a 3 month study that will pay you $25.

This means that you are limited in how much you can earn with this site, which is not that enticing, considering the trouble you have to go through just to be able to register.

However, there are still some good things about this site that you might find appealing, which is why you could still check it out if you are interested.

If you’re lucky enough to get invited, then you can participate and see if this opportunity is okay for you. Just don’t expect to earn a lot of money there.

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