SurveySpot Review: Legit or Scam To Avoid?

What Is Survey Spot?

Survey Spot, located at, is an online market research company which is a subsidiary of SSI or Survey Sampling International.

Joining it is free but one must be a United States resident to e eligible to sign up.
However, I would not recommend you to join this site as your primary means of earning.

Also, based on what review site you want, you could encounter some that give completely misleading information.

I am forced to say this because Survey Spot is no longer what it once was.

For instance, if you read about other review sites on the internet, you will see some of them saying that Survey Spot pays between $2 and $10, which is simply no longer the case.

But you can tell, judging by those who have been with it for many years that it used to be like this.

While it is unfortunate, it epitomizes the general direction that the overall industry is headed.

Even among the legitimate, free to enter, low paying survey taking sites, I must say that this is towards the bottom of the list.

To illustrate this, SSI and Survey Spot were in the past accredited with BBB (Better Business Bureau) but today, they no longer are and current get F rating.

This is not to say that BBB rating is the most critical to consider for any business but it appears to be concerning in this case.

Survey Spot has a barrage of complaints from members, which is a little disturbing.

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How Do You Make Money With Survey Spot?

Survey Spot purports to offer its members various kinds of reward options. This normally includes Amazon e-vouchers, airline miles, cash payable to members via PayPal and iTunes e-vouchers.

New members will receive $25,000 cash sweepstakes. They also claim that members are awarded additional entries every time a survey gets to be completed successful.

Another way that the site claims to make users earn money is through an instant win game.

Here, members can play scratch card games or slot machines to win prizes.
It takes different times to complete one survey but in most cases, it takes 10-15 minutes to complete one survey.

It is also stated on their site that members will get their e-vouchers 48 hours of requesting.

But does SurveySpot really pay you out?

Physical vouchers take 10 days to be received by members. However, judging by the tons of complaints filed by its users, I hardly think this is true.

What Are The Issues With Survey Spot?

They no longer offer cash prizes

Instead, what they offer today are sweepstake entries. Also, they do not list on their FAQ page the number of points that you might get.

There is no information about the number of sweepstake entries or even how frequently you may expect to be getting the surveys.

However, they do state on their site that they hold quarterly sweepstakes drawing worth $25,000.

Rate of disqualification is too high

You will not be qualified for a good number of surveys offered by Survey Spot.

In fact, they get you kicked out after you are more than halfway through. They will tell you that they already have enough responses.

If you dare raise a ticket to them regarding the issue, you risk being unsubscribed without any explanation.

What Are People Saying Around The Web?

Stephanie on 21, October 2014.

“I wish I saw the other reviews prior to joining this site. It has low points and rewards and lots of surveys that you are not eligible for.

The worst thing is that they will only tell you of your ineligibility after more than 10 minutes of answering the questions.

I have been with the site for some time now and it only gets worse with time.

They also freeze your account without any reason. Try it at your own peril.”

Marlene, October 25th, 2014.

“I have been a member of the panel for several years. It has completely changed and continues be worse every day. If you are looking for a dependable site to make money from home, you can start by keeping away from this site.”

Final Verdict:

According to what I have read people say about Survey Spot, it is the site that you need to avoid most even it offers free membership.

You can find many other free survey sites that have fewer issues. And if you want to make a decent income online, I would not recommend any single survey site.

They are a complete waste of time.

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