is a Complete Sham – Here’s Why

What is Paid Surveys Online?

Paid Surveys Online is one of the many survey-taking sites that litter the Web nowadays. The copyright section at the bottom of the website ( states that the site has been around since 2002 (but it is to be noted that that section hasn’t been updated since 2009).

There is no mention of the site’s owners on the site, but a WhoIs lookup will reveal that the site is owned by NRN Enterprises Inc., a New Jersey-based company, and registered under someone named Jenn Hart.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

Like any other sites of its kind, Paid Surveys Online claims to reward people with monetary compensation for completing surveys. To get aboard this supposedly great “income opportunity,” one needs to pay up for a subscription fee of $34.95.

This fee allows member access to the online surveys (where people can earn $5 to $125 per survey, as the homepage states), as well as the chance to join online focus groups (with a higher rate of $50 to $150 per hour), product-testing programs (participants get to keep the products they’ve tested for free), and movie trailers watch groups (income rate of $4 to $25 per trailer).

Weirdly enough, Paid Surveys Online also claims that its members can earn just from driving their cars alone, and they will get paid for their gas and a cash incentive of $1000 to $3000 a month.

How this scheme works isn’t outlined anywhere on the site.

But wait, there’s more. In an effort to make it look like that the $34.95 isn’t for nothing, Paid Surveys Online also throws in a few other “extras” which they claim to be worth $74.85.

Aside from the main survey-taking program, new members will also receive the Get Paid to Drive program (with the amazing tag line of “$1500 Monthly or Get a Free Car!”), the Get Paid to Pass Out Free Samples program (where people can supposedly earn $10 to $40 an hour), and the Get Paid to Read Emails program.

But the real moneymaker is not the surveys or any of the “programs” mentioned above.

As a Clickbank product, Paid Surveys Online use an affiliate marketing system to generate much of its income.

The affiliate page ( states that each member will receive $75 of what his or her referees will pay up; so this translates to $23.50 for every successful recruit.

What Are the Issues With It?

Just a quick glance at the site alone is enough to convince anyone that Paid Surveys Online is a complete sham. The website looks like it came out of the late 90s, web 1.0 era- it looks unprofessional and poorly-organized.

The text is like every other scammy site on the Internet who peddles dreams and the opportunity to make easy money without doing much work. Paid Surveys Online markets itself as having the answer to most people’s financial woes- for the price of $34.95.

But let’s get to the chase, Paid Surveys Online is not, in any way, a usual paid survey site. Survey sites often act as a middleman between companies wanting to get consumers for their market research studies, and people who want to spend time working on said studies and surveys.

These kind of sites usually do pay up, albeit at very low rates at that. But Paid Surveys Online is not one of those sites. What people will get for their $34.95 is a mere list of OTHER survey-taking sites where they can sign up for.

This information can be searched on Google for FREE. No one will earn anything from Paid Surveys Online. The “extras” and the promises of big money are there just to lure people in.

What the site is truly banking on is its affiliate program, which reeks strongly of the stench of an illegal pyramid scheme.

What are Others Saying About It?

Expectedly, a Google search for “ review” will turn up a lot of consumer complaints.

There are a couple on YouTube, plus on the ImReportCard website (where Paid Surveys Online receive a poor rating of 2/10 stars.

Most of the reports seem to stem from the fact that Paid Surveys Online is not a “real” paid survey establishment, and but a mere site that provides only a directory of other survey sites.

Final Verdict:

Paid Surveys Online is a complete sham. Stay away from it. It represents the worst out of paid survey sites since it engages in deception and false advertising to lure people in.

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