Zoom Panel Review: A Complete Waste of Time

zoom_panel_scam_reviewWhat Is Zoom Panel?

Zoom Panel, found at zoompanel.com, refers to an online forum designed to collate consumer views for consumer products.

The amount of complaints against the company is just mind boggling.

It seems as if everywhere you open on the internet, there is a complaint or two about the company.

The company functions as a survey website similar to Opinion Outpost with thousands of surveys as well as offers mainly from their partners that advertise on the website.

You could think of Zoom Panel as a site that brings survey companies together and not as the originator of these surveys.

The surveys are owned by their partners who pay you for completing each.

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How Do You Earn Money With Zoom Panel?

There are several market research companies that place surveys on the Zoom Panel website. Each of these survey companies pay you separately for the surveys that you complete.

While the benefit of this is that it offers you lots of survey sites that you can choose from, it also presents challenges in terms of payment.

Nearly all of the third party clients of Zoom Panel do have a minimum threshold that you must reach in order to cash out your earnings.

This tends to range from $10-$20 or can be even more in some cases.

Now if you have 5 preferred companies that you are working for, you will have to attain minimum thresholds for all these companies in order to cash out. It will take some time before you can individually meet these minimum thresholds.

Many people who work with Zoom Panel have cited this as a serious challenge, claiming that they have even been cheated of their money under the pretext that they could not reach the set minimum target.

A single survey that you take from one Zoom Panel partner could be paying you $2 to complete. It might take several days of even weeks to get another survey for which you qualify from the same company.

Given that the minimum payout is $20, it could take you many months or even one year before you attain the threshold. As you can see, you can’t count on this job to pay the bills for you.

Are There Any Issues With It?

The single biggest issue is the fact that you will be dealing with many surveys that pay you differently. Zoom Panel has a variety of panel members all of whom have their own terms and conditions.

As with the nature of surveys, eligibility is a critical matter. You cannot say that you will be taking surveys daily or week in week out as you must be eligible.

This means that it will take a lot of time before you get enough surveys to reach the minimum threshold required in order to cash out.

Another thing is that you do not know if third party companies are trustworthy. Even if Zoom Panel is not a scam, you could very easily land into a third party company that is not trustworthy.

Many people have reported not being paid by some companies affiliated to Zoom Panel for completed surveys.

They sell your data without your permission

Zoom Panel’s data collection processing is yet another center of controversy. Their biggest source of money is collecting and selling member’s data to third-party companies. And the worst part is that you can never get a cent from the sale of your data.

The result of selling your information I your inbox being jammed will all manner of spammed messages. And the worst part is that just when you thought that you have reached your threshold, your account gets discontinued for no reason.

What Are Others Saying Around The Web?

Bonn123 on 25 June 2014, said:

“After an agonizing spell of 48 pages of repeating questions, and having gone through to page 48, you are told you do not qualify. What a waste of time! I had to quit. I will make sure that I warn the entire world that this is the worst scam survey online.

Please never ever fill my inbox with your junk mails!”

Final Thoughts

Zoom Panel, by the virtue of the fact that they don’t ask for registration fee, may be legitimate. But looking at how difficult it is to earn money with them, I wouldn’t recommend it or any other paid survey site to you.

Even the legit surveys that actually pay won’t pay you enough money for a living. The average pay per month from these survey sites is around $10.

You cannot pay bills or put food on the table with such a meager pay.

If you want to make money online, paid surveys like those found at Zoom Panel should be frowned upon. You can make money through other things like affiliate marketing and they are far more straight forward and less stressful than paid surveys.

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