Do Not Waste Your Time With Cashback Research

cashback_research_scam_reviewWhat is Cashback Research? is a survey website where people sign up and take online surveys for money. Each survey pays a reward in cash or points.

Once you sign up, you are prompted to enter your profile informations, you then have access to the pool of surveys available at the moment on the website as well as daily surveys.

Some may even be done twice a day.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

There is a list of survey panel you can take, these are open to everyone. You will also find daily surveys on your dashboard: one red survey for which you are pre-qualified and five black surveys for which you may or may not qualify for.

Each survey pays around 0,15$ and most take ten to fifteen minutes to answer. You can withdraw your money once you have accumulated 30 USD$ (or 20 CAN$). You can redeem your money by paypal or Amazon gift cards. Similar to another program I reviewed recentlly Opinion outpost.

Besides surveys, the site offers a pay-to-click scheme and online offers which you can take and get a small payback for (signing up for credit cards, buying products, downloading apps, etc.)

What Are The Issues With It?

The main issue is how difficult it is to qualify for surveys. In the two months I have used the website, I have qualified for only six surveys, and that is by checking everyday if there was something I qualified for.

Even worst, you will not know if you qualify for a survey until you have answered at least half the survey. After asking for your sex, age, income, education level, country of residence and a plethora of questions about your buying habits, almost all the surveys will announce that “unfortunately, you do not qualify for this survey.”

This is an enormous waste of time, and it happens all the time.

Secondly, the surveys pay too little. One long survey which can take you up to 20 minutes will only pay you 0,15$. Of course, a survey website is not meant to be a part-time job, but it still has to be worth your time!

The minimum amount you need to withdraw your earnings is ridiculously high at 30 USD$. It is almost impossible to reach that amount, even with a lot of daily hard work.

I can only imagine that most people give up after a while and that never has to pay them.

Lastly, the website design is not pleasant and not user-friendly. I often got 404 errors while doing surveys (which I would probably not have qualified for anyway…). The website is littered with spelling mistakes and just does not seem legit and professional.

There are sometimes problems with the login page. The website does not work correctly with Chrome and Firefox, which means you must use Explorer to navigate the website.

The website also does not work well with Apple’s Safari, and it is mostly impossible to navigate the website on a smart phone.

What are others saying around the web?

Others around the web are even less enthusiastic about this survey website than I am. I have found only negative reviews about this website (except on their own Facebook page, and the positive comments look very fishy and unnatural.)

People speak of scam and fraud. Some, like me, say it is impossible to qualify and that the minimum withdrawal amount is unattainable. I have found several reviews of users complaining of never getting paid even though they had the minimum amount to withdraw.

It seems it is impossible to get an answer from the website’s tech support, emails and phone calls are not answered. boasts of 1,508,723 active members, but I find it very hard to believe.

The number of reviews I have found online does not reflect a user base of more than 1.5 million users.

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Final Verdict:

Do not waste your time on There are better survey websites out there, websites which are worth your while. is a waste of time: you will most likely never be able to cash out your earnings.

It is so difficult to qualify for a survey, even with the most common profile (white American male, 18-35, working class, etc.) that it makes you wonder who exactly qualify for these surveys!

You will feel robbed, once you answer twenty questions, just to be told you did not qualify.

This website is frustrating and just not fun to use.

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