Punchcard App Review: Legit CashBack Site Or Scam?

Shopping is a necessary part of a person’s routine. Whether it is to purchase something necessary or just for the pleasure that it brings, shopping is something that a lot of people like to do.

Though it is fun for a lot of people, shopping can be an expensive pastime.

But what if shopping could provide you with an opportunity to earn rewards? This is possible with the Punchcard app, which will allow you to earn personalized rewards whenever you shop.

Don’t expect to earn big with this app, though, as you will likely only make $20 to $30 a month with this opportunity. But is this really a legitimate way to earn rewards or just a scam?

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The Punchcard App Seems to have Crossed the Scam Territory

Can you really make money using the Punchcard App? Click here to learn more.The Punchcard app was founded by Internet veteran Andy Steuer, who has already helmed several internet companies. The app is designed to provide you with rewards every time you shop.

The app will pay you in points, which you can redeem for great prizes like gift cards or other items. You can also use your points to enter sweepstakes and have a chance to win more prizes.

Based on my initial research about the app, and on the many complaints I have seen on the Google Play Store Review, it seems like I have to label the app a scam for now.

A lot of the users, both old and new, have been complaining that they have been scanning receipts but Punchcard has yet to credit the points to their account.

It seems like the problem comes from mPoints, as it has become unavailable on the app itself. Every time you click the mPOINTS tab, the page will only display Temporarily Unavailable.

I’m not really sure when the problem began, but it seems like it started in late 2017 or early 2018. But there’s still optimism that the app can fix the issue since it is still available for download.

You can still find the app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so there might still be hope that it can be salvageable.

The app is also working properly, except for the mPOINTS tab, so it’s possible the founders are still looking for new ways to provide points to the members.

In the meantime, you can check out the review of the app to see how it works and why you can only possibly earn $20 to $30 a month here.

Who Uses the Punchcard App?

The Punchcard app is designed to be used by two groups of people with one being people like you who are looking for ways to earn.

The other group are merchants who are looking to acquire new customers to go to their stores and become a regular.

For merchants, the Punchcard app gives them an opportunity to increase their customers and also turn them into loyal ones. The app is all about rewarding the customer, whether they are new or existing ones.

They can create personalizes rewards program, messages, or incentives that are geared towards driving new people to the store or giving them reasons to come back and become a regular.

So with the help of the app, not only will they be able to attract new customers, they can also reward their loyal ones and turn the new ones into loyal ones as well.

For people like you, the Punchcard app gives you an opportunity to earn rewards whenever you do your shopping. The app will pay you in points, which you can redeem for great prizes.

You just need to upload a receipt to prove you went shopping and earn the points. Once you have enough, you can redeem them for great prizes like gift cards.

Becoming a member is easy to do, as you only need to download the app and register, which is free to do so.

How Do You Earn with the Punchcard App?

The main way to earn with the Punchcard app is to shop. You get rewarded with points for doing your shopping.

The points you earn can be redeemed for great prizes like gift cards, physical items, or use them to enter the sweepstakes.  But unlike most rebate apps, you won’t need to purchase certain items or use certain coupons.

Once you go shopping at a store like Wal-Mart, for example, you just need to save the receipt, open the app and click PUNCH a CARD. You will be asked to take a picture of the receipt and upload it on the app.

After you upload the photo, a wheel will appear on your screen that you will need to spin to determine how many points you will earn with the shopping receipt you have uploaded.

The lowest point you can get is 5, while the highest is 500 points. Now, you can’t just go to any store and expect to earn points for buying items there, as Punchcard has a list of stores that they accept.

If the store is listed, then you can earn points for buying something there and uploading the receipt. If it isn’t there you won’t earn anything.

But don’t worry, it seems like the app is catering to almost all the major retail stores, so you will likely find almost all of the stores you can think of.

Now, there are supposed to be other ways to earn more points on this app, but they are all related to mPoints. Since mPoints is temporarily unavailable, the option to earn more is likely unavailable as well.

As for rewards, the app allows you to redeem your points for rewards such as gift cards, physical items, or entries to sweepstakes.

The cheapest would be entering a sweepstake, as it will only cost you 100 points. Punchcard has 10 or more sweepstakes going on at once, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

For gift cards, the lowest amount you can redeem for is $5 and it will cost you 12,500 points. Physical items are the most expensive, as you will need at least 100,000 points.

There will be times when the app will have rewards or offers that come from their partner merchants. These offers are merchant’s ways to entice you to visit their stores.

They’re updated regularly, so you need to check the app from time to time. It is easy to become a member, as you will only need to download the app, either on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Then you just need to register, which is free to do so, either via your Facebook account or by inputting your name, email, gender, date of birth, and password.

Once done, you can already PUNCH a CARD, upload a receipt, and earn points.

What I Liked about the Punchcard App

After learning more about the Punchcard app, there are things that I liked about the opportunity, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first thing that I liked about the Punchcard app is that you don’t need to purchase certain items or use certain coupons to earn points. Just buying something from an available store will  earn you points. This makes it easier for you to earn points since you won’t be buying anything special or out of the ordinary. You can have your regular purchases and earn points from them.
  • I also like that almost all of the major stores and merchants are available on the app. This means that you can likely earn points just by going about your regular routines. Watching movies, dining out, going to coffee shops, doing groceries, and more can earn you points.
  • It is available worldwide, as the app is able to adjust to the kinds of stores it caters to, depending on where you are in the world. This allows you to earn points, even if you are in a different country.

What I Didn’t Like about the Punchcard App

As appealing as the opportunity that the Punchcard app provides, there are actually a lot of things that I didn’t like about it.

  • Probably my first issue with the app is that it doesn’t currently pay you the points you earned for shopping and punching a card. It seems like their partner mPoints is in the process of shutting down, which means the app won’t have a reward system to offer its members. This pushes Punchcard into scam territory.
  • I also didn’t like that there’s no option to redeem the points for cash. There’s nothing wrong with getting gift cards, but earning in cash is still a preference.
  • Redeeming for gift cards and items will also cost a lot of points, as you will need to spend at least 12,500 points just to redeem for a $5 gift card. This makes it hard for you to earn enough points to get a decent reward.

Is the Punchcard App to be Recommended?

After learning more about the Punchcard app, I won’t be recommending this opportunity for now. Since there’s a huge problem with its earning and rewards system, it will currently be a waste of your time to try the app.

You can upload all the receipts you want but the app won’t be able to send the points to your account because mPoints is having issues.

Even if the app doesn’t have any issues with crediting the points, it’s actually an opportunity I don’t really recommend because of its low-income potential.

Despite Punchcard having a lot of available stores for you to earn points from and the highest number of points you can get is 500, the point system is subject to chance.

You will first need to spin the wheel to see how much points you will earn for the receipt you just uploaded. There’s no guarantee you will always get 500 points from it. It’s likely you will get 20 to 75 points per receipt.

With the high point requirement to redeem for gift cards, you are likely to earn only $30 worth of gift cards per month here and that is provided you have shopped a lot of times.

Once the issue with the earning and rewards system is fixed, you are open to trying it out, especially if you’re someone who shops a lot. Just don’t expect to earn decent income here.

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