Coupon Cactus Review: Legit Cashback Site Or Scam?

Coupon Cactus Review

If you’re looking for a way to make money when you shop online, then Coupon Cactus could be the website you’ve been looking for.

They offer you cash back on items you purchase through their website.

They are able to do this, because they earn a commission on these products through affiliate marketing, and in return share a percentage of that commission with folks who have purchased the products.

So if you’ve ever looked for a reason to change your online shopping habits, then this might be a very good reason to do so.

It’s not unusual for online stores to offer discounts on products from time to time, but they don’t often pay you for doing so.

The more people who sign up with Coupon Cactus the more money they make and in return the more money they get to share with people who make purchases using them. This is the classic win-win situation that website owners endeavor to create.

But, are they really all they’re cracked up to be? All just hype and BS?

I am reviewing Coupon Cactus to see if they’re a legit website or just another online scam.

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What is Coupon Cactus?

Coupon Cactus is a typical cash back website that gives it’s users coupon discounts and cash back options for items they purchase online through their website.

They offer a variety of ways for you to shop and earn money back on items and will send you special coupon discounts and cash back offers, as they receive them.

Unlike most typical cash back coupon websites they have special coupons and cash back offers for International countries including Australia, Canada and Germany.

Who uses Coupon Cactus?

The main users of Coupon Cactus are people who regularly shop online and want to get discounts and cash back for the items they purchase.

The Coupon Cactus website helps to disseminate special deals and offers to their users regularly, so they don’t have to look for these deals via many different online sources themselves.

How To Join Coupon Cactus

It’s a fairly easy process to sign up to Coupon Cactus.

Simply, click on the Sign Up link at the top of their main page entering the usual, first name, last name, email, password, the person who referred you, promo code (if applicable).

Then the most important question – “How should we send your cash back” you are given two options, either by check or Paypal, simply click the radio button of the one you prefer, click the I’m not a robot box and hit the “Create My Account” button and you’re done.

Coupon Cactus Sign Up

How Does Coupon Cactus Work?

First off it is important to make the distinction between some of the items listed on Coupon Cactus as not all of them are subjected to a cash back reward. So I just wanted to make that point clear.

However, they do offer other benefits that are equally beneficial, whether that be a discount of products using coupon codes, a deal which is a reduction in price, or a site wide reduction in retail price.

When you click on a product you are able to see whether that product offers a cash back option or not.

How Do You Make Money With Coupon Cactus?

So apart from the discounts and deals you get from Coupon Cactus, the way you make money or get cash back on products you purchase through their website, is ONLY when you purchase a product with the cashback option.

And because you might purchase more than one product from a particular online store, they offer a percentage of the total purchase.

For example, if I wanted to purchase my monthly vitamins online, then I could get 2% of my total monthly purchase back, from a place like Lucky Vitamins as shown in this picture.

Coupon Cactus Cashback Option


You could conceivably do this for other items you purchase regularly and depending on your spending habits, I’m thinking that you could clock up a decent cash back amount.

NOTE : Coupon Cactus makes money through affiliate marketing which is how I make money online too.

They get paid a commission on some products purchased from their website and in return they share a percentage of that commission with people who made the purchase.

This is a win-win situation for both the companies who sell the products, as they potentially get more sales via Coupon Cactus, and the end user (YOU) who gets money back on a purchase they might not otherwise make.

Having said that, Coupon Cactus only makes these payments 4 times a year, via check or PayPal, which are currently the only two option available.

This means that you will have to wait 3 months before you can claim your first cash back amount.

The long waiting period is to give the online stores ample time to process the payment, fulfill the order and deal with refunds if any etc etc.

In order to redeem your funds, you must have accrued at least $10 in your account, otherwise any amount accrued that doesn’t meet the threshold will append to the following quarter.

You can get the ball rolling and earn $3 immediately if you have a Facebook account, simply by “liking” the Coupons Cactus website after your account is created.

Coupon Cactus $3 Facebook Bonus

What I Liked about Coupon Cactus

  • I like the fact that they have coupons available for international companies. Most other typical coupon websites only have coupons available for the United States.
  • I also like the fact the this company actually shares a percentage of the commissions with members who have made the purchases, which creates a reciprocal relationship.

What I Didn’t Like about Coupon Cactus

  • My biggest complaint with Coupon Cactus is the fact that you have to wait 3 months to redeem the funds from products you have purchased.
  • Not all of the products listed on Coupon Cactus offer cash back rewards, which means that you will NOT get cash back on purchases without the offer. So something to keep in mind when purchasing products, if the reason you’ve joined is solely for the cash back reward.

Do I Recommend Coupon Cactus?

First off, I just wanted to say that Coupon Cactus is a legitimate website, and they do offer some pros to shopping online through their website, but whilst the idea of getting money back via your online purchases is attractive, the fact that you only have 4 chances a year to receive those payments is a little annoying.

I understand why they have to do this, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying. But hey, I’m not one to complain about getting money back on a purchase I wouldn’t otherwise get, so in that respect I like them.

And the fact they send you out email messages alerting you to new, expiring or special deals from time to time is another bonus.

So as far as coupon / cashback websites are concerned, I think Coupon Cactus is worth signing up for, not solely for the cashback option, but all the other discounts and deals you can get from them.

If the idea of making money is what attracted you to researching more about Coupon Cactus then, I would recommend you check out this review.

I’d be interested in hearing from other users of Coupon Cactus, good or bad. Please leave a comment in the section below.

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