Valued Opinions Does Not Value Your Time and Effort

valued_opinions_scam_reviewWhat is Valued Opinions?

The problem with most of the newer survey-taking on the Web is that they have no credibility to speak of.

Some of the shadier ones look like they were set up just by one person alone, looking to make money off some pseudo-affiliate marketing program that pays people for recruiting other members, not for taking surveys.

Looking through the credentials of Valued Opinions, it seems like this is a website that is a cut above the rest of the pack.

It is owned and operated by ResearchNow, a research agency based in London that has been providing market studies research since 2000. This is similar to another more credible survey company I reviewed recently called Opinion outpost.

In turn, ResearchNow is owned by e-Rewards Inc., which acquired the company in 2009.

But its ownership is not the sole determinant of Valued Opinion’s credibility. The company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and currently holds an A+ rating on the BBB website.

Also, it is to be noted that ResearchNow is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Council of American Research Survey Organizations (CASRO).

As of this writing, Valued Opinions claim that it has over 6 million members from all over the globe.

When it comes to credibility that you can trace, Valued Opinions seems to look like it has all bases covered. But are all of these things enough to ensure that the company does not engage in shady business practices?

Similar programs like Project Payday claim that they are legit companies too, but when you have a look at the business model, you find that there is no business model at all.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

Valued Opinions accept members from any country in the world; its surveys are available in 15 different languages. But before signing up, you have to understand that people DON’T actually make money with Valued Opinions- they get giftcards and vouchers topped up with points that they’ve earned through answering surveys.

Available giftcards and electronic vouchers vary from country to country, but the company does include some popular ones from Amazon, VISA, iTunes, Airline Miles,, Spa Week, Macy’s, and

Signing up for the Valued Opinions program is free, and there are no subscription fees for upgrades either. The compensation for a survey is usually delivered 28 days after completion, sometimes even longer.

Twenty dollars is the cashout threshold for people, minus a small administrative fee that the site will take out from the total.

What Are the Issues With It?

As a survey-taking website, Valued Opinions suffers from the usual malady that plague most of the sites of its kind- it’s rates are abysmal. For most surveys, the rates are from anywhere near $0.50 to $5.

It’s a little bit higher than most survey sites, but you have to remember that anyone would be lucky to receive two or three surveys per week, with those higher paying surveys appearing once in a blue moon.

But of course, some people would think that answering surveys for these low rates are okay, if you’re just in it for fun-and not really looking into making a substantial income out of it.

This is great, but recently there are a lot of issues that plague Valued Opinions recently, and we have to turn to Google to see what these issues are.

What Are Others Saying About It?

A Google search for “ review” will turn up a lot of mixed feedback. The positive reviews are a few years old, and the negative ones are recent.

From the looks of it, it seems that Valued Opinions was once a very reputable site where people can earn a few coupons and giftcards from. No one really minded the low rates.

But these recent reviews show a more sinister side to the company. There are reports that people have completed 99% of a survey, only to be booted out of it because they didn’t “qualify” or they didn’t fit its target demographic.

These demographic questions should be answered near the start of the survey, not near its end, to avoid people from wasting their time on the whole survey. Other people report encountering techinal problems just when they are about to finish a survey.

On its Facebook page, some people are reporting that Valued Opinions are closing/suspending/blocking accounts for no reason whatsoever, thus preventing members from cashing out.

Final Thoughts

All of its good credentials cannot hide the fact that Valued Opinions has turned into one big scam site. People are not receiving their promised gift cards, and there are far too many bugs on the site for comfort.

Some have even reported that the Valued Opinions mobile app has been recognized as spyware by Google. It’s a pity how Valued Opinions has turned out- but this kind of thing is to be expected from survey sites who blatantly exploit its members.

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1 thought on “Valued Opinions Does Not Value Your Time and Effort”

  1. This is the worst site I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve been a supposed “diamond” level member for years. I enjoyed taking surveys and participating in online video discussions (some over a hour long). I was looking forward to redeeming my reward points to use for some necessities during a PANDEMIC, and was suddenly frozen out of my account with no explanation. I feel really used and insulted. STAY AWAY FROM VALUED OPINIONS


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