Seven Dollar PTC And Why It is Just Over-hyped

seven_dollar_ptc_scam_reviewWhat Is Seven Dollar PTC?

Seven Dollar Paid To Click, whose website is, refers to a PTC site that outrageously claims to pay users $7 every time that they click on an advert. This is obviously one of the most blatant scams ever seen and it is really a wonder that people even continue to pay attention to them.

I don’t even have enough time to read the gazillions of complaints, business bureau cases or bad reviews registered by irate customers who have been irked by the company. It is so very clear that the company is a scam. Similar to another product I review recently Project Payday.

Where on earth would anyone pay you $7 for clicking an ad? And if that were the case, wouldn’t we have millionaires everywhere? You can actually click a thousand ads everyday and earn $7,000 a day.

This would translate to $210,000 every month. Seriously, this is a joke taken too far.

While PTC sites actually exist, none has ever and will ever pay you $7. This is an outright scam that you should do everything to keep away from.

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How Do You Make Money With Seven Dollar PTC?

The way to make money with Seven Dollar PTC, it appears, is as simple as just clicking on adverts. Click and whew, the $7 is yours. Click as many as you want and make just as much.

But, as you have probably realized, this is too good to be true. No PTC can pay anything close to $7. Majority of legitimate PTC sites pay only pennies and it will take a very long time for you to make a substantial income that you can then withdraw.

For Seven Dollar PTC to claim this is simply preposterous.

They say that for you to earn this money, you must accrue $7,000 in your Seven Dollar PTC account before you cash out. They will also review your withdrawal and may deny the process should they not be satisfied.

This is a big risk. In most cases, they are likely to deny you the payment.

Several people have complained of never getting compensation. Some of them also complain that their account values may change without them knowing. But if you are so lucky as to get approved, the company will send the payment through PayPal and you have to wait for 25 days.

• Creating false impression

The company makes outrageous claims so as to attract newbies as they present a higher click rate. Do not be fooled to think that this is your big break. When it sounds too good, it probably is.

Sites like these only waste your precious time and when it comes to payment of the money, they take you round and round and come up with all manner of excuses to deny you your payment.

The fact that they have a very high threshold of $7,000 really says it all.

• Unsustainable ad bogus click rates

The standard rates that PTC sites offer is one or two cents per click. But $7 is just ludicrous. All PTC programs tend to be based on business model. They only pay members after the money has come in.

And the only way that they make money is through selling adverts. Most of them charge their clients a fee of around $10 per thousand clicks. And they are supposed to pay you $7,000 for the same number of clicks? UTTER GARBAGE.

• Forced investment

The only way you become eligible to request your earnings is by first buying paid membership. The trick is to get members upgrade to paid memberships and later on deny them their payment.

This is the only way they can benefit from the program- through stealing from unsuspecting members.

What Are People Saying Around The Web?

The statement below summarizes what other people have gone through at the hands of this scam site. If you have had some experience with this company and would like to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Todd on 20th, June, 2014:

“I have been for six months now and there is still no payment. I Click on the ads everyday and I have also abided by all T&C. I have even contacted them more than 10 times and no response has been forthcoming.”

Final Thoughts

This is the most brazen form of fraudulence. They attract unsuspecting customers with falsified claims of becoming overnight millionaires. They won’t pay you in the long run.

There are stories of people who have been on the wait list for more than 6 months before getting any payment. The genuine PTC companies will only pay one or two cents. This means that even if they were genuine, they would not offer you steady payment.

It is just too low. If you want to make money working from home, look elsewhere and not sites like these.

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