The Home Income Kit Review – Karen James Scam

I must admit that I managed to dodge the bullet on the Home Income Kit Scam, however, many folks haven’t which is such a shame.

Even though I have a managed to steer clear of this scam it has been quite a prevalent pest and seems to pop up all over the place and at different times.

With the FTC cracking down on the internet marketing industry its no wonder these types of scams have gone underground. But still it continues to popup in odd places.

Seen this picture before.

Picture Of Mary Stevens [Click to enlarge] Picture Of Theresa Andrews [Click to enlarge]
mary_stevens home income kit scam Theresa Andrews Home Income Kit Scam Review


Wait what.

Doesn’t Mary Stevens look exactly like Theresa Andrews?

But Mary Stevens is from San Antonio and Theresa Andrews is from San Diego.

Maybe they’re twins 😉

Wait – they have the same baby too.

… and they’ve made the same amount of money too.

What are the chances?

Uhmmmmm none.

Yep, you guessed it – they’re fake.

Great scott!  What is this online world coming too Batman.

The photo is of a model and baby and was simply bought off of one of those stock photo websites.

The website is made to look like a legit news site to throw unsuspecting visitors off the scam scent.

I know I had the same reaction as you – what the.

Is the Home Income Kit a Scam?

Did I even have to say it?

If it quacks like a duck, then …

Of course the obvious is the deceptive marketing that they’re using, by creating a fictious character that will appeal to the stay at home mom.

Stay at home moms are always looking for ways to help the family financially, so something like this would appeal to them.

Now that some dirty underhand marketing tactics right there – not sure how these poeple sleep at night.

How the Scam works

The premise of the scam is that you can make money from home by simply posting links to Ad sites.

What’s more you don’t need to have any special skills to do it and it can be accomplished within 5 – 10 minutes.

It’s easy to understand why folks would want to get involved, but don’t do it.

So how do these guys get away with what such and obvious and elaborate scam?

I mean that just ain’t right.

Well, their website offers a little insight as to why they might be difficult to prosecute.

If you read their Terms & Condition (the fine print) at the bottom of the website you will see the following.


Here’s a picture of their Terms & Conditions when I visited their website.

Click to enlarge the picture below.


How much does the scam cost?

Well, apart from having to pay $97 and any cost that relate to refunds or having to stop any future payments, it’s going to cost you in time and effort to stop payment or to cancel your credit card.

It will also cost you a valid email address because they sell your email address onto third parties who will then spam it to death.

What if you have already bought into it?

The best thing to do is try and get a refund, although from what I have read, that’s easier said than done.

Now I know the reason why you’re reading this review is because you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money online.

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Then watch how I do it here or simply join me here and let me coach you.

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