Home Profit System Review – Is it A Scam or Legit?

Home-Profit-System-reviewWelcome to my Home Profit System review.

Today we will take a look at Home Profit System and see if it’s worth your time.

If you are wondering if home profit system is a scam, then this article is for you.

Don’t sign-up to the so called opportunity until you finish this review!

If you already did sign-up … well … you might want to ask for a refund … if you can get it.

This Home Profit System review will help to unveil the scam behind this business.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

What Is Home Profit System:

Home Profit System is supposed to teach you how to make money with link schemes. You have probably seen the advertisements, the fake news articles with made up names some of which are  Mary Steadman, Kelly Nelson, Mary Stevens and Kelly Richards. They create these work at home mom personas to make connections with moms who are looking for ways to earn an extra income from home.

The name of the product has recently been changed to Home Wealth System, but other than that, nothing else has been changed.

The hype convinces people that it’s possible to make thousands of dollars a month without significant work.

From what I could tell, members make money by spamming affiliate links with link schemes.

Link schemes are basically unnatural link building strategies, like submitting thousands of spun articles to article directories, or similar strategies.

These link schemes have been banned by Google and don’t work anymore.

Link building still works, if it’s natural, but not if there’s thousands of junk links pointing back to your website.

It’s clear that Home Profit System is just another scam, and is probably run by the same people who created this work from home business.

It has the same look and feel and fake testimonials.

It seems like you are supposed to make money by creating simple websites full of affiliate links and then use link schemes to promote those websites.

Can You Make Money With Home Profit System:

The idea is to use website templates to promote affiliate products. It is possible to make money selling products through your website, but not with these templates. On top of that, the training does not teach anything else besides how to build link schemes. Therefore, it’s not possible to make cash with this system. Don’t fall for it.

Is The Home Profit System A Scam:

Besides the unethical and illegal link schemes, this product also has some other fishy red flags.

Such as, a trial offer that automatically bills your credit card.

You are supposed to be able to test run the system for $2.97 but there’s a catch; when the trial expires, the card you used will be billed $140 one time fee, and then $5/month.

There’s no mention of these fees in the sales page!

I thought it was extremely unethical to force people to sign-up when they only want the trail.

That’s not all, there are also plenty of up-sells within the members area, up-sells to totally different products, and known scams.

Some people have mentioned in discussion boards that they spent around $500 on up-sells!

Home Profit System is a scam, don’t fall for the tricks and false promises.

To summarize, the training is very bad, not only does it teach you outdated schemes that don’t work, but it also tries to make you buy into even more worthless junk.

It’s really unethical.

Home Profit System Complaints:

I looked up this product on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and there are 10 complaints, all if which were unresolved (because BBB couldn’t contact the company).

These complaints are all in the “Problems With Product/Service” section and almost everyone mentions that they failed to get a refund from the company, instead, they had to call their bank to cancel the subscription.

On top of that, when you are done paying for the total membership fee, the company will ask you to take out a loan and invest in more up-sells or business opportunities.

It’s a textbook scam!

Most members have reported that the company withdrew funds from their bank without their permission or knowledge, usually around $97 a month.

No refunds were given.

The support doesn’t exist.

On the sales page, the company clearly offers a money back guarantee, but they never grant refunds.

You should also know that your email address will be added to a list of other promotional offers, and spam will flood your inbox.

Several people have managed to cancel the process before they purchased the product, but their inbox started to fill up with spam.

It seems like the people behind this product have absolutely no interest in actually helping people make money online.

There are a lot of scams like this out there, thankfully people catch on relatively fast nowadays, and these scams are put down.

But some stick around, drain people’s bank account’s, and disappear.

Tips on How to Spot Scams:

There are a few simple ways to tell if a product is a scam or not.

Thankfully the internet provides people with the ability to share their opinions with the world.

If someone likes the product, he can write a review or an article about it, and share it with his friends.

Therefore, the first place you should check for information about a product is Google.

Do some research, read the articles, read the information, watch the videos, if it all sounds like hype; it probably is.

Fake testimonials with generic names are also common.

You should also avoid products that promise outrageous earnings with little or no work.

These scams are set up in a matter of minutes and designed to burn brightly and then die down.

Then another identical scam is created and the process continues.

That’s one of the reasons a lot of scams adopt new names and new domain addresses, but have the exact same material.

Ideally, it should be possible to test the product for free, like my favorite product, so you can see if you want to continue with the material.

If a product does not offer a free trial, there’s a good chance it’s a scam.

Final Word:

Home Profit System is just another attempt to separate people from their cash without actually delivering anything of value.

Most people fall in-love with the idea of working at home, it’s like a fantasy, but the only way that you will be able to make money from your home is if you create a business that provides value.

Too many people look for fast solutions, easy buttons, but these tricks will never make it possible for you to work from home.

You have to focus on what people need, if they need it, they’ll pay for it.

Home Profit System is without a doubt a scam, there are so many things that are wrong with this product it shouldn’t even be online anymore.

It’s a total scam.

I do not recommend this product.

What About You?

Have you tried Home Profit System?

What do you think about products like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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16 thoughts on “Home Profit System Review – Is it A Scam or Legit?”

  1. Yeah it literally shows two different peoples accounts with the same pic of the same lady like wtf tell me it’s not fake then prove ur self wrong right there XD ofc it’s bullshit what isn’t on the Internet in 2016

  2. I was seriously considering joining because I have been made redundant and I am unemployed. I guess people in my situation are an easy target!

  3. Continue to put this information out there. God bless you for this information. MAY you continue in great speed in life. This information was very helpful and save me for losing any money.

  4. I was foolish enough to give these scammers my $37.00
    So when I called the coach I had asked her for their BBB Code and she couldn’t provide that and hung the phone up on me. Right then I knew that this was a scam .So I emailed them to let them know that I’m not interested in this business and tried to call ,couldn’t get a hold of anyone,so they took 97.00 out without my permission then I was furious I called ,emailed and just couldn’t get ahold of anyone so I realized that they had ripped me off.

  5. Contact your bank immediately. You do not have to frustrate yourself calling them or begging for a refund. Be at peace, let your bank do the work.

  6. I just wish there was some national data base that people like us could check in to see if it was a legitimate company or not. I do not trust Snoops, or any other of those online companies that claim to be fact checkers. We need something much more true and correct.

  7. Thanks man, I’m a disabled man and desperate to make some extra cash and sounded like it might be scam but I was hopping that it wasn’t. I’m glad I checked it out before I did anything dumb. Thanks for the low down and keep up the good work!


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