Niche Profit Classroom Review : Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam? Let’s Find Out

nicheprofitclassroomI’m sure that you know how important it is to create a website in a profitable niche.

A niche is basically a small group of people with a specific interest or passion, it’s a market.

Creating a website in a profitable niche and becoming the authority in that niche is still one of the best ways to make a profitable online business.

(I’m not affiliated with Niche Profit Classroom, this review is entirely opinion based)

You can definitely make a lot of money with niche specific websites, but does this product teach you exactly how to do it?

In today’s review, we will take a look at Niche Profit Classroom.

We will answers questions like: is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?

Can you make money with Niche Profit Classroom?

Is Adam Short (the creator of the product) a scammer?

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What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom is a internet marketing product that has went through a series of changes since it was first launched back in 2003 (the most recent version is  5.0).

It’s a full fledged video training course that covers topics like how to find profitable niches, how to set up fast websites, how to write content, how to create products, email campaigns, and other tips and tricks.

There are a lot of bonuses, some tools, and additional reports and material.

What makes this product different is that it teaches people how to create simple products to sell through their websites, an excellent way to make cash from a website.

So the main to focus points that the training covers is how to create your own products (eBooks, etc) and rank your website high in search engine results.

Therefore, there’s a lot of information about search engine optimization and product creation.

Price and Up-Sells:

You can access the two week trial for $1 which is good in my opinion, I like it when I can check out a product before making a decision.

But once the trial expires, it costs $67/month, a little steep for beginners, but there’s definitely a lot of value packed into the training videos.

You should also be aware of the up-sells.

There are three up-sells.

  • 10 PLR Niche Packs ($247 one-time fee)
  • Link Tracks Package ($67 one-time fee)
  • Outsourcing Training ($67 one-time fee)

The Niche Packs are PLR products, these are files that are sold to everyone to use as they please (templates, articles, eBooks, themes, etc).

I don’t recommend using PLR products.

What I Didn’t Like About Niche Profit Classroom:

I have to admit that there is a lot of value packed into Niche Profit Classroom.

But there are few things that could use improvement.

For instance, it doesn’t take long to watch all the videos, therefore, it’s kind of pointless to continue paying $67 a month.

There’s about 6 hours of video material, but once you are done, there’s nothing else to do on the website, no community, no additional training, it’s all done.

You’ll be paying $67 a month just to keep your account active.

I thought that was one downside, not a total deal breaker, but definitely something that could use some work.

I also don’t like how the training recommends PLR products.

Google does not appreciate duplicate content, and it will penalize websites that have too much duplicate content.

This is Google’s way to make sure that people continue producing unique articles.

In other words, PLR is bad for your online business, it’s also almost always poorly written and outdated.

One more thing; link building is not as important as it once was, nowadays Google puts more importance on social media presence.

In fact, Google will outright penalize your website if you build too many junk back links. Back-links are just not that important anymore.

Therefore, the up-sell called Link Tracks Package, is basically useless.

What I Liked About Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom:

I did enjoy a lot of the training found within this product.

The videos are in-depth and to-the-point, no beating around the bush, and no vague instructions.

These are quality videos with easy to follow instructions.

The production quality is top-notch.

Second, the focus on product creation is excellent.

I know that some people will find it difficult to create their own product, but it’s worth the hassle, it’s an awesome way to bring in some more cash from your website, while at the same time sharing value with the world.

Niche Profit Classroom teaches people how to create info products in a short period of time within hungry niches, a formula that has been working for internet marketers for years.

I also appreciate the newbie friendly training.

The training caters to the needs of complete beginners and explains marketing terms with simple descriptions.

It’s designed for complete beginners.

Advanced marketers can also learn a few tips from this product.

It’s very easy to follow.

Is Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?

So is it a scam?

Well, no.

I wouldn’t consider this product a scam.

I have found a few complaints online where members did not receive a total refund, but those are far and few in-between.

Most members have been satisfied with their purchase.

There is a lot of value in the training videos, I don’t recommend purchasing the up-sells.

You really won’t benefit much from the up-sells but you will benefit from the videos.

If you follow the advice in NPC – with your own twist – I have no doubt that you will be able to make a decent online business.

Don’t expect to make a million dollars right off that bat, these businesses take time.

Final Word:

Not a scam.

Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom is not a scam, it has some really useful training material, but the up-sells are basically worthless.

I also don’t see the need to remain a member of the website once you finish all the training material, it’s kind of a waste of money.

There are just a few things that this product should improve upon, but in a nutshell, it’s a decent product, and I recommend it.

I especially loved the videos about product creation.

Learning how to dominate a niche is extremely important when it comes to making cash online.

This product will explain the basics and point you in the right direction.

Have you tried Niche Profit Classroom?

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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