The Profit Shortcut Review: $300 A Day, Legit Or Scam?

Welcome to my The Profit Shortcut Review.

When it comes to making money online, there are a lot of different opportunities out there. There are hundreds or even thousands of websites out there that are all offering various ways for you to earn money online.

You can make money answering surveys, downloading apps, completing tasks, or doing freelance work. There are even opportunities to make money testing websites and apps or watching videos.

Regardless of the task that you want to do, you are likely to find a site that is offering an opportunity to make money with that task.

Though there are thousands of different opportunities on the internet, it is important to remember that not all of these opportunities are legitimate or worth investing your time, money, and effort in.

Not all opportunities you find are created equal, as many of them out there turn out to be a scam or legit but a complete waste of time and effort.

To help you avoid these scams we review these money-making opportunities and recommend the ones that are worth spending time, effort, and money on.

In this review, we’ll look at a site called The Profit Shortcut. It’s a site that claims you can make money online with your very own internet business.

The site says that you can earn at least $300 per day or more with the system that they will teach you. Sure is a bold claim, but is this really a legit opportunity? Or is The Profit Shortcut similar to other opportunities that turn out to be just a scam?

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The Profit Shortcut Seems Like a Big Scam

The Profit Shortcut is a site that claims to be a proven system that can help anyone make money from the comforts of their own home.

The system is said to provide you with a profitable online business that will allow you to make as little as $300 a day. It is unknown who created this system as the sales video doesn’t mention where it began.

After seeing the sales video and looking at what people have to say about The Profit Shortcut, I can say that it seems like this opportunity is a scam.

There are a lot of red flags witht this opportunity that puts it in scam territory. One of the red flags is the fact that this is just a sales funnel for a different opportunity.

Another red flag is the fact that the real cost of the system is withheld in the sales video. The sales video also mentions that the system is guaranteed risk-free when in reality it really isn’t.

The sales video also misleads you into believing that availability to this system is limited or that the bonus has a deadline. I’ll discuss these red flags in more detail as we progress further in this review of The Profit Shortcut.

Who Uses The Profit Shortcut?

The Profit Shortcut is supposedly designed for people who are looking for opportunities to make money online.

It is said that this proven system can provide you with a profitable online business that can make you hundreds of dollars daily.

As mentioned above though, this opportunity just seems like a big scam that you should avoid. It seems this opportunity is misleading you into signing up for something else.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail what that other opportunity is and why they possibly have to hide it from the sales video. I’ll also discuss in more detail the red flags that The Profit Shortcut has.

Why is The Profit Shortcut Considered a Scam?

The Profit Shortcut claims to have a proven system that can help anyone make money online. It is also said that the system can help put hundreds of dollars or more in a day in your pocket.

The system can supposedly help you build a successful online business that will rake in the profits and help you achieve financial freedom.

So what is this proven money making system? Well, unless you purchase the said system, you won’t know.

The sales video doesn’t reveal what this proven system is. Inputting your email address will only take you to the checkout page for the online product.

Digging deeper for more information about this opportunity has revealed that this is just a sales funnel to promote another program, which is called the Super Affiliate Network.

This is actually one of the red flags about The Profit Shortcut. It is just a cleverly crafted sales funnel to make you think you are getting an internet marketing system that can make you money online.

In reality, you are just signing up to be a member of a Super Affiliate Network, a multilevel marketing company that offers training in internet marketing.

You make money from this site by promoting the same training that you get when you become a member. You earn commissions whenever someone else becomes a member.

If you’re not convinced that they are one and the same, just check out the income disclaimer for both programs and you’ll see they are very similar.


This is the one for Super Affiliate Network

Talk about misleading you, you will be joining a totally different program. It would have been better if the creators of this program were honest from the start that this is a sales video for Super Affiliate Network.

But of course this would likely result in fewer people being interested and signing up as Super Affiliate Network doesn’t seem to have a good reputation.

Another red flag about this opportunity is the real cost of the system. Listening to the video, the person talking says that the system is available at the cost of only $1 a day or roughly $30 a month.

But when you get to the check out, you’ll see that the actual program costs $57. What’s worse is that the Super Affiliate Network program will actually require you to spend thousands of dollars more.

You’ll need to spend the money if you want to make money with the said program. So not only is The Profit Shortcut misleading you about what program you are getting, but it’s also misleading you about its real cost.

This is a tactic to eliminate the most common barrier for people to sign up, the price of the product. Once inside, they’ll bombard you with upsells and say this is what you need to achieve this type of earning.

The sales video for The Profit Shortcut also says that the system is guaranteed risk-free. Now, this can be interpreted in the wrong way, especially with the way they presented it in the video.

It would actually make you think that you are guaranteed to earn money when you use this system without the worry of failing.

However, that is a misleading tactic since the risk-free guarantee relates to the program having a 30-day money back guarantee.

There’s no guarantee you will make money here, as they even have a disclaimer that this is based on your effort.

But you would be forgiven if you think making money is guaranteed here since the sales video makes it look that way.

The last red flag about this opportunity is the fact that they mislead you into thinking that available slots are limited or that there’s only a short open window for you to join.

In reality, you can join anytime you want and there’s really no need to join during the time that was being shown in the sales video.

Heck, the opportunity doesn’t even have limited slots. They’ll accept anyone and everyone who’s willing to put down the monthly membership fee for this program.

This is just a tactic to add pressure and make you believe that you have to act now so you won’t miss out. Don’t be misled into believing you need to act immediately.

What I Like about The Profit Shortcut

After learning more about The Profit Shortcut and what it can offer you, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • About the only thing that I can like about The Profit Shortcut is the fact that it offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Other than that, there’s nothing to like about this opportunity.

What I Dislike about The Profit Shortcut

There are actually a lot of things that I don’t like about The Profit Shortcut, but I’ll only focus on the important ones that you need to know.

  • The first thing that I don’t like about The Profit Shortcut is the fact that it doesn’t disclose that this opportunity is just a sales funnel for another program, the Super Affiliate Network. There’s really nothing wrong with creating a sales funnel, but they should at least reveal what they are promoting rather than surprising people once they have made the purchase. Misleading people and dishonesty are underhanded sales tactics and should play no part in promoting money-making opportunities.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about The Profit Shortcut is that they also mislead people about the actual price of the program. The sales video says that you only need to spend a dollar a day to get access to this program. This roughly translates to $30 -$31 a month. So it’s a bit surprising to see that the actual cost once you get to the checkout is $57. What’s worse is that once you are a member, you’ll be required to spend thousands of dollars more in order to really make money with this opportunity. Again, they should have just been upfront about the real cost of this program right from the start instead of again misleading people.
  • I’m also not a fan of The Profit Shortcut using pressure tactics to get you to sign up and become a member. They claim that available slots are limited or that you need to sign up within a certain time or else you miss out on the opportunity. In reality, there’s no deadline on joining nor does the opportunity have limited slots. You can join anytime, the site will always accept anyone and everyone who is willing to shell out money to be a member.

Do I Recommend The Profit Shortcut?

After learning more about The Profit Shortcut and what they can really bring to the table, I would say that this is an opportunity that I don’t recommend.

The fact that this opportunity uses misleading tactics to try and make you sign up for a different program without you knowing is something that doesn’t sit well with me.

I wouldn’t really call The Profit Shortcut a scam since it does provide a system that could possibly make you money. But it’s hard to label it legit as well since it’s really just a sales funnel disguising itself as an actual money-making program.

As I mentioned above, there’s really nothing wrong with creating a sales funnel and even using a catchy name for it to try and market a different product.

But, the fact that this opportunity doesn’t disclose that it is indeed a sales funnel is the real issue. Though this is likely due to Super Affiliate Network also not having a good reputation.

Still, it’s not an excuse to mislead people into believing they are getting a certain program when they make a purchase only to learn that they’ve actually purchased a different one.

There are a lot of better and honest money-making opportunities out there that can really help you earn online.

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