David Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Review: What’s The Deal?

daveramseys-fpuToday we will take a look at David Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a series of classes that teach people how to make the most of their finances and eliminate their debt.

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What Is Financial Peace University?

Financial Peace University is one of the courses that David Ramsey teaches people.

On his website, people can choose from a wide range of products that cater to different aspects of finance management.

On top of that, there’s also a talk show, where he discusses different topics and shares advice with the listeners.

In a nutshell, it’s all dedicated to making it easier for people to manage their finances and achieve financial freedom, no more debt, and no more money problems.

One more thing that you should know is that David Ramsey is a christian, and he incorporates christian material into his product (such as bible verses, lessons, and what not) this might not be good news for someone who does not believe in religion.

Most of his seminars take place in churches, so it caters to the christian audience.

Therefore, if you are not religious, this might not be the best course for you.

If you don’t mind the frequent comments about God, The Bible, and Jesus, then there is still some value to be found in this product.

The Price and Products:

There are many different products that target different demographics, for instance, there’s are courses for teenagers and kids, Bible studies, and other educational materials.

There’s even a full scale curriculum for home-schooled children.

Financial Peace University consists of a series of classes, with workbooks, and other materials.

There are three versions of this class that you can choose from: FPU Online ($129), FPU Class ($93), and FPU Home Study ($149).

Each class consists of 9 lessons, workbooks, tools, and a guide called “Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money” which is a budgeting and financial management book.

The book mainly teaches people how to manage their income, create budgets, choose insurance, and save cash.

There is a lot of useful advice in the book, it’s great for people who have a hard time controlling their cash.

The FPU Class is the most popular, but takes place in-person, often at a church.

This can be problematic for people who don’t live in the same country where the class is taught.

What I Liked About Financial Peace University:

It seems like a lot of people nowadays suffer from crippling debt, a problem that can easily be solved with proper budgeting and financial management.

You always hear stories of people who struggle to pay off their loans and never have time or money to enjoy their lives.

This class definitely has a lot of value for the price.

David Ramsey is also good at energizing a crowd with lively speeches, these alone can motivate people to take action.

In general, it’s a good class, and the book is interesting as well.

When you attend a class in-person, it also gives members the opportunity to network and interact with like-minded individuals.

This can provides opportunities for business partnerships, shared budget ideas, and new connections.

Most people who attended the classes really enjoyed interacting with other people.

Most of the people who attend are Christian, this makes a comfortable environment for everyone who attends.

But there are also a few downsides…

What I Didn’t Like About Financial Peace University:

The course teaches people how to save money, make budget cuts, and other tips related to finances.

But it doesn’t talk about how to improve cash flow.

If you know how to save money that’s great, but not everyone has jobs that provide them with enough income to put aside cash every month.

We have a lot of expenses, and making budget cuts all the time will only make our lives more constricted.

He briefly talks about how to improve cash flow but there’s not enough to really get started on, there’s no advice on how to build a business.

If you combine a decent budget plan (like David Ramsey teaches) with a business plan, soon you will have the financial freedom that you always dreamed about.

But it won’t happen if you just save and make budget cuts.

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David Ramsey is also a salesman, he knows how to get inside people’s heads and make them purchase products.

Some of the classes take place in a small room and everyone watches a DVD of Ramsey teaching the class.

Sometimes he teaches the class without even being in the room!

It’s a little similar to other sneaky sales tactics, but the value is not bad, at least there’s no multi-level marketing scheme involved.

Final Word:

Not a scam.

If you struggle to manage your finances and you want to get your debt under control, this class is a good place to start.

It will provide you with enough information that you need to pay off the debt and start saving for retirement.

It does have some blanket advice that does not apply to everyone but there are also some other tips that are extremely valuable.

The in-person classes allow you to network with like-minded people.

It’s Christian based, so if you are Christian, this product will be a good match for you.

If you are not Christian, then this product still might be good for you, but you might not appreciate the comments about The Bible and other religious topics.

But, it’s not a business course, it won’t teach you how to make money, and it definitely won’t teach you how to make money online.

It will teach you how to make money but if you want to boost cash flow then you should look for business opportunities.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this review!

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