Clickbank University Review: Is Clickbank University a Scam?

Clickbank-University-ReviewChances are that you have heard about Clickbank University, it claims to be the ultimate online training course, and there are a lot of top-affiliate marketers that recommend this product.

You might be considering signing up for this product but you’re on the fence, and looking for more information.

If you haven’t fully made up your mind about Clickbank University, this review is exactly what you will need to make a final decision.

We will take a look at the product and see if it’s worth our time and cash.

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What is Clickbank University?

There are hundreds of thousands online business info-products out there, but what makes this product stand-out from the crowd is the fact that it teaches people how to create their own products.

It’s not one of those opportunities that force you to promote random affiliate products to earn cash, it’s a system that teaches you how to build your own product, and sell it for maximum profit.

It’s a collect of videos that cover a wide range of topics and there are some free tools included as well, like a free website builder (similar to WordPress).

The Price:

  • $1 trial for 7 days.
  • $47/month for basic membership.
  • $297/ year for the website builder.
  • $97/month for advanced classes.

This is a product creation training course; it won’t cover all the topics in other online business courses like how to build a website, target keywords, hosting accounts, and all that.

The idea is to create a info product, like a eBook, and sell it to a hungry marketplace, and then use affiliates to boost profits.

Since it’s a Clickbank product, the goal is to learn how to use Clickbank to sell your products and then attract affiliates to promote those products.

In general, it’s a legitimate business system, these systems have been working for marketers since the internet was invented, it works.

How Do You Make Money with Clickbank University?

Once your product is created, there are a few different ways to make money from the product.

One would be to sell it directly into the Clickbank marketplace and hope that affiliates find it.

Another way would be to build a email list to launch the product into (this can be highly effective if enough hype is created).

The final, more passive strategy, is to harness the power of affiliates to sell the product for you.

Clickbank University teaches you all of these strategies.

If done correctly, product creation can be extremely profitable.

It all depends on the type of product that you create, if there is a demand for it or not, and if it solves a legitimate problem in the marketplace.

If you do manage to create a quality product, it won’t be long before the cash starts to flow in, but the product creation phase involves a lot of work, so don’t rush it.

Basically, with Clickbank University, members will make money by selling their info products.

Are There Any Issues With Clickbank University?

Even though this is one of the better internet marketing products, it does have a few problems that are worth mentioning to the public.

For instance, a lot of the training modules are locked, even if you purchase the full course, the training modules will remain locked until you watch all the prior videos or a certain amount of time has passed.

The idea is to make sure that each member full understands the material before diving into the next sections.

But this can be inconvenient for people who already know most of the basic information, and want to skip ahead to the important steps.

It delays progress.

Thankfully, there are not too many up-sells, but if you really want to make the most out of this product, then you will need to purchase the full course.

Obviously, the most valuable information is in the full course, which can be a little expensive, but if you are serious about your online business, it is worth it.

Also, the videos dedicated to traffic generation are not so in-depth and could use some improvement.

The support is also not the best, it takes a couple of weeks to receive a response.

What I Thought Was Cool:

I like that the training videos cover a wide range of topics that are not normally covered in these kind of products.

For example, members are taught how to write sales pages, how to build a list, how to split test for maximum conversions, how to make landing pages, how to drive targeted traffic, and much more.

Plus the videos are well-made, detailed, and easy to follow.

Basically, it teaches you how to make a full-fledged product empire, a product with a funnel that can be used to make…well… there is really no limit to the amount of cash you can make.

I think that’s pretty cool.

I also think the community is moderately active, not as active as Wealthy Affiliate’s community, but it is not totally dead like other product communities.

So if you have a question, it might be a good idea to head over to the forum for answers, somebody is bound to chime in.

I also like the Webinars, they’re very detailed, and allow members to ask their own questions at the end.

What Are Others Saying Around The Web?

There are mixed opinions, a small percentage of people believe that Click University is a scam, while others are affiliates for the product, so have no choice but to praise the product (I like this product, but I’m not promoting it).

Sometimes it can be difficult to dig up the truth, but from the research I have done, it seems like most people agree that Clickbank University is not a scam.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, this is one of the good internet marketing training courses, one that focuses on product creation.

It gives you a blueprint to follow, a plan that is extremely useful for new affiliate marketers, it can save you a lot of head-aches.

I thought this product was excellent, but I still think Wealthy Affiliate is the winner here, they’re different products, but Wealthy Affiliate just has more material, and I like it more.

It doesn’t focus on Clickbank, it just teaches people how to make their own websites.

Share Your Opinion?

Have you tried Clickbank University?

Leave a comment below and let me know, also if you liked this article, share it with your friends. Thanks for taking the time to read this Clickbank University review.

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  1. Very informative, I did not know such university existed, and I loved the review it showed me advantages and disadvantages, I will keep trace and bookmark your web, wish you all the best and I agree WA teaches very well.


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