Seacret Direct Review – Legit Or A Scam?

seacretdirect_scam_reviewWhat is Seacret Direct?

Seacret products are Dead Sea products. The manufacturers claim that the products will rejuvenate the skin, make the fine lines and wrinkles disappear and generally help you defy your age.

You can read many a review to familiarize yourself with the product.

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How Do You Make Money With Seacret Direct?

For most people however, Seacret products are not about obtaining skin care products as much as they are products for sale.

You too can make money selling Seacret products. In order for you to do so, you will have to become an agent and help the company market its products.

The avenues to create wealth using Seacret products are several. Some of them are outlined below.

· You can make money by selling the Seacret products. This will entail you marketing the products to others and then being paid when you sell some of them.

· You can also make money through the Preferred Customer Program. The program involves clients who will order regular stocks of Seacret products to be delivered at their doorsteps every month. You will be given a percentage of the volume of sales you bring in, by enrolling people in this kind of program.

· It is possible for you to earn team commissions by building a team of two agents who will be required to recruit a similar amount. All these people will fall under you. For every sale they bring, you will get a commission, which is a percentage of revenue that is generated through their marketing efforts.

· Through the Leadership Check Match Program, you can receive additional compensations if you help other Seacret agents achieve marketing success. After all, the more successful these agents are, the more money everyone makes.

· There is an additional opportunity for you to make money selling Seacret products if you can manage to advance up the system ladder. The performance bonus will be given when you attain a certain high-level ranking.


The major advantage of selling Seacret products for the skin is the fact that you will have an opportunity to generate income especially at a residual level. If you can manage to build a strong team of Seacret agents, you will be able to earn a stable income even when you choose not to work at all.

Another benefit of joining the MLM business model that is the Seacret system is the fact that you get to sell products that someone else has made. You do not need to worry about operational costs or warehousing. All you have to do is to convince people to buy Seacret products.


First, Seacret products are pricey. In order for you to make money you need to convince people to buy them. That is going to be quite difficult task when the products you are marketing have a high price attached to them. You may not make a sale at all.

Earning residual income is the ideal situation for any marketer. However, before you reach that stage, you need first to set up your systems to allow you to advertise your Seacret products to customers.

Setting up such platforms is quite hectic. It can be quite complicated for you to deal with running your business systems when all you know is marketing. You may have to contend with the steep learning curve.

In addition, you will have to learn about the various compensation plans. Doing so is going to take a while. The effort of setting up the initial systems is therefore going to eat into your future profits.

What are the Issues of dealing with Seacret Products?

One of the biggest challenges of selling Seacret products however, is the fact that you will need to be involved with an MLM model of doing business. This is usually one of the worst ways of generating income.

Whilst the business model doesn’t force you as such to sell to your closest friends and family, (typically your “warm market”), if you’re not a “salesy” type person who thrives on talking to any and everyone, you will be forced to approach them in the first instance.

Believe me I have heard people say that they’d never ever, do it only to find out months down that track that they have either tried or quit the business altogether.

You will also have to recruit multiple agents. It is the only way for you to be able to earn a decent residual income. If your recruitment skills are not good, you may end up wasting your time and energy on Seacret products, without seeing any financial benefits at the end.

Just like most MLM companies, your chances of making money as a Seacret agent are therefore quite low. On the other hand, the failure rate for people engaged in selling products of this kind is quite high. Defying the odds is going to be quite a challenge.

What are others saying around the web?

seacret_rankingA few people have been lucky enough to make money selling Seacret products.

Most people on the web however, do not have many positive things to say. In site for example, the Seacret products get a score of about 60%. This puts the products out of the top twenty brackets.

It will be quite difficult for you to convince people to buy them from you with such ratings.

Plenty of people have also complained a bit about the Seacret products. Many have complained about poor business practices, ineffective skin care products, and excessive credit card fees and on it goes. Things do not look good for Seacret agents in the future.

Final Verdict

If you want to make money, then Seacret products may not be the way to go. The MLM business model used to sell these products may alienate you from your friends and Family.

It is just not worth the stress and aggravation. You may also be forced to return your customers’ monies when they become unhappy with some of the products you sell them. In the end, you may be forced to deal with losses.

If there is anything that this review should teach you, it would be to consider other business opportunities online. There are a lot of ways to make money online that is a lot easier than the network marketing business model.

You don’t have to sell to your friends and family members, moreover, the Internet has made it possible to make money without even speaking to a single person.

How do I know? Because I am living proof.

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