Cross Media Panel Review: Legit Or A Scam?

Did you know that you can earn rewards by just surfing on your web browser? Yes, it is possible with the Cross Media Panel plug-in from Google.

But is this plug-in really legitimate and provide rewards or is it just a scam to entice people to install the plug-in and collect their data and information? You’ll soon find out with this review of Cross Media Panel.

Now, let us first talk about what Cross Media Panel is.

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What is Cross Media Panel?

Cross Media Panel is a company that is designed to gather information about people’s web browser usage in order to help companies come up with better ads and marketing materials and address it to the proper market.

It was previously known as Screenwise Trends Panel before changing its name to Cross Media Panel in 2016. Recently, though, the website has been acquired by Google and became part of the Google Opinion Rewards.

It is basically a plug-in that people would have to install in their web browser to allow the panel to record data and information regarding a user’s activity.

People can also download it in the Apple Store or Google Play and install it on their mobile device. Google will reward people weekly for activating the plug-in or the app every time they are browsing the net.

Once enough money has been made, they can exchange it for gift cards. Cross Media Panel, though, doesn’t currently accept new members.

Who uses Cross Media Panel?

Since it is now a Google product, Cross Media Panel is basically used by Google and all the other products and services under it, like YouTube, Gmail, and more.

The panel allows the company to collect data and information regarding how people use these products and services. It lets them know what people bought, when they bought, their preference when it comes to searches, and so on.

The information and data gathered allow Google to improve the products and services they are providing, as well as the ads and marketing materials.

It also allows them to come up with targeted ads for people, based on their age, demographics, and preference. Aside from Google, Cross Media Panel is also used by people looking to make extra money online.

By just signing up, downloading the plug-in or the app and activating them, they can already start making money. They would just need to ensure that the panel is activated when they are using their browser.

How Can People Earn Money from Cross Media Panel?

As mentioned above, people are able to earn money from Cross Media Panel by just doing what they usually do when they are on the internet.

This could be as simple as doing searches, watching YouTube videos, making purchases online, and so on.

The only thing people would need to do is to make sure that the Cross Media Panel plug-in is installed and active when they are using their browser.

They could also download the app at Google Play Store or Apple Store and activate it in their mobiles devices to earn while using it as well.

Installing the Cross Media Panel in a device will instantly earn people money and Google will reward them for each week that they use their internet while keeping the plug-in or app activated.

Installing the Cross Media Panel will earn people $2 instantly and $1 per week, every time they use their internet with the plug-in or app activated. But if they install the program in more than one device, they can actually earn more.

Installing the program in two devices will instantly earn people $4 and $2 per week while installing it in three devices will result in instant $6 and a $3 a week earning if they use the net with the app or plug-in activated.

Aside from earning by just activating the program and using the internet, people can also earn by completing surveys. Unfortunately, the surveys are few and far in between, so there’s really not much earning to be made here.

The notice to participate in surveys and earn will usually come in an email invitation or notification to the plug-in or app. It is important for people to watch out for these.

To be able to cash out their earnings, people would first need to reach $25 before using it in exchange for gift cards. Once they have done that, they will need a minimum of $5 for their next exchange.

Now unlike Screenwise Trends Panel where they can pay in PayPal, Cross Media Panel doesn’t provide cash options as of the moment and only pays in gift cards.

The gift cards available come from companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Home Depot, Macy’s, Nike, and more.

Unfortunately, Cross Media Panel is not yet accepting new people to be part of the study. However, there are some people who are saying that there is a way to become part of the program.

They say that participating in the program is possible through an invitation from someone who is already part of the program. But for now, there’s really no way for people to enter the program.

What I Liked about Cross Media Panel 

Now that we have an idea of what Cross Media Panel is, it is time to talk about the things that I liked about the program.

  • It is easy to use and earn from Cross Media Panel, as people would only need to install the app or plug-in, make sure it is running when they are browsing the internet, then they can already start earning money without the need to do something.
  • People can enroll up to three devices in Cross Media Panel, allowing them to earn more money when they are browsing the net.
  • The payout is low, as, after the first $25 payout, people would only need to reach the $5 amount to be able to exchange their money for gift cards.
  • It is now owned by Google, which I consider is a big thing because it shows that Cross Media Panel is not just some small time website out to scam people.

What I Disliked about Cross Media Panel

As much as I liked a lot of things about Cross Media Panel, there are also some things that I didn’t like and I’ll be discussing it here.

  • Probably the biggest thing I dislike about Cross Media Panel is that they currently don’t accept new people to join the program. There are ways to probably join, but it will take more effort to do so.
  • The second biggest thing I didn’t like about Cross Media Panel is that they took away the option to redeem the rewards for cash. A lot of people are joining programs like this in hopes of making extra money, but since the cash option was taken away, the program becomes useless for some people.
  • Since Google now owns Cross Media Panel, it won’t be compatible with other browsers other than Google Chrome. Fortunately, the app is still compatible with the iPhone so Apple users can still make use of the program.
  • There’s also no other way for people to earn more in Cross Media Panel, as browsing the web or using the internet seems like the only way to earn money from the program. The surveys are not regular so they’re not a good option as well.
  • As of the moment, it is currently only available to U.S. residents

Is Cross Media Panel Legit or a Scam?

Now that we have a clearer idea of what Cross Media Panel is, I can already say that yes it is legitimate and not just a scam that is looking to just get people’s data and information.

The website does provide with the necessary rewards they earned from activating the plug-in or app before they continue surfing the internet, either through their mobile device or their laptop.

Cross Media Panel is also now owned by Google, which is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

This alone will actually be a good enough indication that the plug-in or app is not a fly by night scam just looking to steal people’s information.

Is Cross Media Panel to be Recommended?

I would actually like to recommend Cross Media Panel to a lot of people, even if it doesn’t pay in cash, just because it is actually very easy and simple to use.

Just by installing and activating the plug-in or app, people can already start earning by just surfing the web and doing the things that they normally do when they’re connected to the internet.

Since you’re already doing it regardless of rewards or not, might as well earn from it. But since it takes an effort to actually be a part of the Cross Media Panel program, I am not going to recommend it for now.

Maybe down the road, things will change and Google will open the program for everyone who wants to be a part of it. If that happens, I would say that people should be signing up, since it allows them to earn something for a task that they would normally do.

But until then, I am not recommending Cross Media Panel. People should just keep an eye out to see if there are changes with regards to new members.

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