Digital Reflection Panel Review: Legit Or Scam?

We now live in the age of the internet, where a lot of people are regularly connected online doing various activities.

Whether it is browsing social media sites, watching videos, searching the web, and so on, people will spend a big portion of their day glued to their laptops or mobile devices because of the internet.

Now, not all of those activities are for pleasure, as there are also a lot of people who use the internet for business or for work.

Since a lot of people spend a big amount of time on the internet, one company is offering ways for people to earn income just for being connected.

That company is called Digital Reflection Panel, where they will compensate you for allowing them to track your internet usage at home.

You will basically be earning passive income here, but the company will be providing several things that will allow you to earn more.

The money you can earn won’t be much as you can likely expect to get at least $120 a year with this opportunity. But is this legit or is it just a scam?

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Digital Reflection Panel is a Legit Opportunity that Will Pay You

Digital Reflection Panel is a division of comScore, Inc. and has a goal of helping companies understand people’s usage of the internet.

They recruit people to participate in their study and they will reward them passively for their participation. Members will just be required to install an internet meter to allow the company to track their usage.

From what I’ve seen so far about the company, it seems to be a legitimate opportunity to earn money passively. There have been little to no issue at all when it comes to the company providing the payment.

It seems like it is really possible to earn at least $120 a year with this opportunity. The issue with Digital Reflection, though, is that some members have complained that the meter doesn’t work properly.

As we progress further in this review, I’ll be discussing in more detail how you can earn here and the issue that some people are complaining about.

Who Uses Digital Reflection Panel?

The Digital Reflection Panel is made for two groups with one group being businesses who are looking to learn more about how people behave on the internet.

The other group is people who are looking for ways to earn passive income online. For businesses, the company allows them to learn how people use the internet.

They will be able to see people’s buying habits, their behavior on the internet, and so on. Knowing this information will help businesses provide better products and services for their consumers.

For people like you, Digital Reflection provides an opportunity to earn passive income. You will just need to install an internet meter and answer surveys once in a while to earn passively.

You will be paid cash monthly for keeping the meter installed. Becoming a member is easy and free to do so. You just need to be a U.S. resident to be able to sign up and become a member.

In the next section, I’ll be discussing in more detail how you can make money with Digital Reflection and what you will need to become a member.

How Do You Make Money with Digital Reflection Panel?

Digital Reflection provides several ways to make money as a member, but the main way to earn is by installing the internet meter that the company provides.

The internet meter will allow the company to track your internet usage at home across all of your devices. You get to earn monthly just for keeping the meter installed, and a bonus will even be given.

To begin, you would need to join Digital Reflection first. Becoming a member is easy and free, as you would just need to answer a short questionnaire to see if your household is eligible for the program.

Then you will just need to read and agree to their Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions. After that, the company will again ask a few more questions to verify your personal information, contact details, and address.

Once the registration process is complete, the company will ship you an internet meter that you connect to your wireless router at home. The meter will come with an instruction manual to make the installation simple.

After connecting the meter, the company will email you in 4 to 8 weeks to fill out a Device Update form and to register certain devices you own that also connects to the internet.

The registration will involve downloading and installing a Digital Reflection Certificate. Then once a month, the company will email you again asking about any new devices that you may have.

You get to earn $50 on your first month of installation and after you have provided your first monthly device update.

After the first months earnings, you will be earning $5 per month for keeping the meter installed and answering the monthly device update. You will get a bonus of $20 every quarter for keeping the meter connected.

Digital Reflection will also require you to answer an occasional survey, which will earn you additional money. The money you earn can be withdrawn via PayPal or you can exchange it for gift cards.

You can also use your earnings as a donation. You will need to accumulate $50 to be able to withdraw.

Now, there have been some members who have complained that the meter they received is faulty. When this happens, you stop earning money. I’m not really sure how or why this happens and the sad part is that if the meter can’t be fixed, your account will be resigned.

This means you will stop participating in the program. There have also been complaints from some members that they have been kicked off the program.

The reason was due to the company conducting some budget cuts, which means certain accounts will have to be canceled. It seems the company chooses the accounts to be canceled randomly.

This is an unfortunate scenario and not really a good sign for Digital Reflection as well.

What is Good about Digital Reflection Panel

Now that we have learned more about Digital Reflection Panel and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what is good about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked about Digital Reflection is that this opportunity allows you to earn passively. There’s really no need for you to do anything, except for answering surveys occasionally and providing device updates monthly.
  • I also like that Digital Reflection provides options when it comes to cashing out your earnings. You can choose to withdraw it for cash, gift card, or donate it to a charity.
  • I also consider it a good thing that joining the program is free and simple, as you will only need to answer several questions, verify your personal details, and install the internet meter.

What is Bad about Digital Reflection Panel

As appealing as Digital Reflection sounds, there are also bad things about this opportunity, which I’ll discuss here.

  • The first bad thing with Digital Reflections is that the internet meter can break down. There have been several complaints from members about this happening. The problem is that if the meter cannot be fixed, then your account will be resigned from the program. What’s worse is that if there is money left in your account and it is below $50, there’s no way for you to get it anymore.
  • I also consider it a bad thing that Digital Reflections will randomly kick out several members due to budget constraints. Though I understand that this is how business works sometimes, this makes little sense, considering the company is still recruiting new people to join the program. If there’s really a problem with the budget, then they should not be getting new members for the program.
  • It is also a bad thing that the cash out requirement of Digital Reflection is $50. This means it will likely take you 5 months or less to be able to cash out your money. This is quite a long wait just to be able to withdraw.
  • It’s also bad that Digital Reflection is only available in the U.S. Making this opportunity worldwide will likely solve some of the budget problems that the company has.

Is Digital Reflection Panel to be Recommended?

After learning more about Digital Reflection Panel and what they can bring to the table, I would say it’s an opportunity that you could check out.

I don’t fully recommend this opportunity because of the negative experience that people had with it. It’s never a good sign if a company kicks you off because it is cutting expenses.

This means they are not making enough money to be able to pay everyone. I also consider it a negative that there have been several complaints about the meter not working properly after a while.

The bad thing about this is that if the meter cannot be fixed, the company will just resign your account, which is similar to being kicked off.

However, I still recognize the upsides of Digital Reflection, which is why I recommend that you still check it out and see if it’s something that interests you.

Just be aware of the possibility of getting your account canceled or the meter not working properly.

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