Dosh App Review: Is It Legit And Secure Or Is It A Scam?

A lot of people prefer using their credit cards when paying for something because of the added perks and benefits that come with it. Now, you can also include cash back as another perk of using credit cards.

This can be done through the Dosh app, which will give people cash back every time they use their cards, as long as they link it to the app.

But is it legitimate and secure or is it just a scam to get people to share their credit card information? That’s what we’ll find out in this review of the Dosh app. But first, let us know more about the app.

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What is the Dosh App?

The Dosh app is designed to allow people to earn money through cash back every time they use their credit cards for purchasing items, booking hotels, and more.

All people would have to do is to link their credit card to their Dosh app then use the card for their purchases. The app allows people to earn cash back from more than thousands of stores and restaurants, as well as, different hotels.

People are able to transfer their earned cash from the cash back, either to their bank accounts or to their PayPal accounts.

People would just need to download the app in either the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store and register. It is free to download the app and it is currently only available to U.S. residents.

It also requires that these residents have a U.S.-based non-VoIP mobile phone number. It is important to note that the app is still in public beta, which means the app is already fully functional, but there’s a possibility of minor bugs.

Who uses the Dosh App?

The Dosh app is made for U.S. residents who prefer to pay for every purchase, hotel booking, dine out, or more through their credit card. The app allows them to earn a bit in the form of cash back, every time they use their cards.

Dosh wants to be able to impact a lot of people’s lives financially and they are doing this by providing them with extra money, every time they use their credit cards.

This allows people to have extra cash that they can use for more important things or add to their savings and investments. The company has partnered with thousands of the popular stores and hotels that people go to.

This allows people to make some money, even when they are purchasing stuff. Since they will be purchasing the stuff anyway, making some money out of it will be a big bonus.

Aside from people who use credit cards, the app is likely used by different merchants, restaurants, and hotels. The Dosh app allows these merchants to provide deals and offers, in the form of cash back, to consumers.

This is a good chance for merchants to attract more people to their products and services through the cash back system.

Since it is the merchants who will be the ones who will set the percentage that people will be getting through the Dosh app.

How Can People Make Money from Dosh?

As mentioned above, people make money whenever they make use of the credit card that they linked to the app. They make money when they purchase items, book hotels, dine in at restaurants, and more.

People earn cash back from all these purchases and Dosh app gives it in cash, not points, not credits, but actual cash.

They would just need to download the app, either in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store, then link their app, and they are all set. The company will pay $1 as a sign-up bonus for every card linked.

The first way people can earn cash back is through purchasing items, either online or in-store purchases. Yes, Dosh app partnered with several companies to provide cash back from in-store purchases as well.

It is important that people know which stores have partnered with Dosh, so they can earn cash back from their purchases for using the linked credit card.

The cash back percentages differ per store, they usually range between 5 to 10%. People can also earn through purchases they made online.

The process is similar as well, they just need to pay using the linked credit card, then they will already earn their cash back. Percentages also vary, depending on the partner store.

The usual range of cash back percentages is between 3 to 7%. Aside from in-store and online purchases, people are also able to earn cash back from booking hotel rooms and travel activities.

People are able to earn cash back per room per night, and not just on one booking, providing people with a great way to stay in a good hotel, while also earning from it.

There are a lot of hotels that Dosh was able to partner with, and they are all not located in major cities, as there are also small town hotels available.

These small town hotels will be paying cash back for as low as $10 to as high as $50 per night. The Dosh app also has a referral program to allow members to earn more money.

Dosh will pay members $5 for every referral they are able to sign up, provided they have also completed their first purchase and cash back.

Dosh will provide a link where referrals can sign up and members can paste them on their social media accounts, emails, or any other place they can paste their link to and invite people.

The minimum amount required for cashing out is $15, and Dosh will pay via PayPal or direct deposit. Once people reached the minimum required amount, they can already request for payment and they will get it in 2 to 3 business days.

What I Liked about Dosh App

Now that we know how Dosh app works, it is time to talk about the things that I liked about the app.

  • It is very easy to use and earn from the app, as people would need to do is to register then link the credit card that they want to use and just start purchasing. There’s no need to do anything special to earn, just link the card and use it.
  • Another thing that I liked is that Dosh app rewards in cash and not in points, credits or anything else. As much as gift cards are a good form of reward, nothing beats getting cash payments, and that is what Dosh provides.
  • The required payout is not that high, considering how much cash back people can get from their purchases, reaching $15 is not that hard to do. So this could be a great way to earn extra income monthly.

What I Disliked about the Dosh App

Of course, not everything is all good with the Dosh app, as there are some things that the company can improve upon and I will be discussing them here.

  • Probably my biggest complaint here is that it is only available to U.S. residents, which limits the number of people I can refer to the program.
  • I’m still not comfortable with the idea that I’ll be linking my credit card to a relatively new app. Even if Dosh says in their FAQs page that no information is stored, it is still not easy to feel secure about it.
  • The partner merchants that accept in-store cash back is few, making it harder for people to find nearby stores in their area that is partnered with Dosh.
  • Cash back for online purchases can take up to 90 days before people can receive it, there are even some who complained that it took longer than that.

Is Dosh App Legit and Safe or is it a Scam?

From what I’ve gathered in my research, I can say that Dosh app is very much legitimate and not just a scam that is out to get credit card information from people.

The app does pay the cash back that members should be credited with and they also cash it out once the minimum amount is received. As for the security of information, Dosh assures members that no vital information is stored in the app.

Despite the assurance, I can’t feel at ease, knowing that there’s still a possibility that my credit card information could be stolen and my card used.

Though no one has reported this kind of problem yet, nor has anyone experienced it with Dosh, it is still hard to trust fully, especially since we are talking about credit or debit cards here.

Do I Recommend Dosh App?

This is also why recommending Dosh app to people is not an easy choice to make. I admit that the potential to earn with the app is great and people can really make decent money out of it.

But the potential for risks is also great, so it’s really hard to make a decision about this app, especially since this is relatively new. If you are not comfortable with sharing credit card information, then I don’t recommend this app for you.

But if that is not a problem for you, then you can go ahead and give it a try. The potential to make money is just too good to pass up.

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  1. My friend referred me, and downloaded the app. But I never saw were you let Dosh know who referred you. So he didn’t get his $10 referral fee.


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