Earn.GG (eloot.gg) Review: Is it Legit Or A Scam

There are now a lot of get-paid-to websites and apps out there, trying to lure people to sign-up with promises of providing them with decent earnings. One of them is Earn.GG, which promises to pay people for doing various things on the website.

But is this all true and legitimate? Or is the website just like other get-to-paid websites that don’t really pay people? We’ll soon find that out in this review of Earn.GG.

But first, let us discuss what this website really is and how it works.

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What is Earn.GG?

As mentioned above, Earn.GG is a get-paid-to website that will pay its members points that they can exchange for gift items or cash.

All members need to do is to complete various tasks and offers found on the website, like answering surveys, watching videos, and more.

Recently though, it has been renamed to eloot.gg and it removed some of the earning features like coin flip or roll. Registering to become a member is easy, as eloot.gg only requires people to sign in to their Google accounts.

Once signed in, they will be taken to the main interface of the website, where they can already take up some of the offers and earn points.

Members will just need to earn enough points in order to exchange it for cash or other rewards.

Who Uses eloot.gg?

The eloot.gg website is made for people who are looking to earn some money online. It just requires them to do simple tasks, like answering a survey, watching videos, and more.

The company pays them with a certain amount of points, depending on the task completed, and once they earn enough they can exchange it for cash or other items.

The tasks are not really hard to do or complete, so it won’t be a problem for most people. Aside from people looking to make money, the eloot.gg is also used by business and ad networks.

The eloot.gg website provides these companies and networks a great opportunity to have their ads, promos, and offers, be viewed actively by people.

Since the website promises to reward people who answer the surveys, views the videos, and more, companies are assured that whatever they put in eloot.gg will be viewed and answered by people.

How do People Make Money at eloot.gg?

As mentioned above, eloot.gg is a get-paid-to website, offering people points for doing various tasks. The main way to earn points, though, is through completing surveys and watching videos.

The offers usually come from different companies or ad networks, and their offer usually involves answering surveys. There are some companies, though that the offer involves answering quizzes, downloading and using apps, and so on.

Points usually differ per survey with some survey paying about 650 points, while others providing as high as 31,850 points. Watching videos also vary in the points that it provides.

There are videos that can pay as low as 520 points to as high as 2000 points. Each ad network or company has ways to allow people to earn more points.

They can do this by unlocking certain features of their offer and members can do this by completing their profile.

Having a completed profile allows networks and companies to provide members with surveys and videos that are more specific to their preferences.

These special surveys pay more than the regular ones, allowing people to earn more points. The eloot.gg website also has a referral program to allow people to earn more points.

Each member will be provided with a unique referral link that they can use to share in their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or in their emails, in forums, and more.

Once a member is able to sign up other people to become a member, they are eligible to earn 5% of their referrals earnings for life.

So this means that if their referral earns 1000 points, they will be getting 50 points. Members are able to earn this referral bonus as long as their referrals complete the offers and surveys coming from eloot.gg’s partners.

But members won’t be earning bonus points from earnings that their referral will get from signing up, earning a bonus, or entering a promo code.

The eloot.gg website, though has some do’s and don’ts when it comes to trying to get referrals.

Some of the don’ts include not providing spam email or spamming the link in forums, not posting the link on eloot.gg’s official social media accounts, and not posting the link to official forums and website of companies.

Once people are able to earn enough points, they can start exchanging it for rewards. The rewards are cash that eloot.gg will be paying via PayPal and credits that people can spend on Steam, OPSkins, Bitskins, and Coinbase.

The lowest amount that people can exchange their points for is $0.50 and they will need to have 50,000 points to exchange for that reward. People will also need to shell out another 25,000 points for the processing fee of using PayPal.

For Steam, the lowest is a $5 credit that costs 500,000 points, while the lowest for Coinbase, OPSkins, and Bitskins is $0.5, which cost 50,000 points. There’s no processing fee, so people wouldn’t have to worry about extra payment.

You can also exchange your points for cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Each has a different minimum points requirement to redeem, as well as different processing fee amounts.

What is Good about the eloot.gg Website?

Now that we have an idea of what is the eloot.gg website, it is time to discuss the things that I liked about this get-paid-to website.

  • It is easy to sign up in eloot.gg, as people would only need to register via their Google account then they can already start earning points.
  • The eloot.gg website is also easy to use and navigate around, as the interface of the site is clean and simple. The main interface already shows the different ways people can earn, as well as cash out when they already have enough.
  • The eloot.gg website actually pays, which is a big thing, since a lot of these kinds of websites doesn’t really pay people or even give out the promised reward. So the website paying and rewarding members is already a huge deal.

What is Bad about the eloot.gg Website?

Of course, there are also things that I disliked about the website and that the company can improve upon, and we will be discussing it here.

  • The minimum requirement to be able to cash out is too high, as they will at least need 50,000 points to redeem a reward, which is very high and will require too much time. Cashing out via PayPal requires 50,000 points for $0.50, while Bitcoin requires 200,000 points to cash out $2.
  • The processing fee to cash out via PayPal is also very high, as members would need to shell out another 25,000 points every time they are cashing out. So a cash out of $0.50, which requires 50,000 points, will actually cost 75,000 points, including the processing fee.
  • The referral bonus that eloot.gg provides is also too low. At only 5%, people really won’t earn much from their referrals, which makes it less enticing to actually try and refer the website to other people.

Is eloot.gg A Scam or is it Legit?

The Earn.GG website is a relatively new get-paid-to website but it is already rebranded to eloot.gg recently. Other than that sudden rebranding, the website doesn’t seem like it is a scam, even if it is still a new get-paid-to site.

So far the company has been paying the points they promised to pay as long as members are able to properly complete the surveys, watch the videos, or complete the other tasks offered in the website.

The eloot.gg website also pays out the cash or Steam credits they promised, as long as the member reaches enough points to be able to redeem them.

Is eloot.gg Recommended or Not?

But do I recommend the eloot.gg website to people? Unfortunately, I don’t. Though the website is legitimate and not a scam, I still consider it a waste of time for people.

The high point requirement to be able to cash out $0.50 or $5 Steam credits is not worth a lot of people’s time. Members will also have to deal with 25,000 processing fee for cashing out in PayPal, which I consider also too high.

I actually also didn’t like the fact that the company already rebranded itself to eloot.gg, even if it is still relatively new.

This usually means that the old brand of Earn.GG didn’t really hit it off or it had a bad reputation that forces the company to change its name.

You can still check it out if you want, and it can still probably get you $15 to $20 a month. But just don’t expect to make a fortune out of it or be able to earn enough from it to replace your day job.

There are actually a lot of better ways for you to earn money online quicker than eloot.gg.

As I stated earner, you can see how I earn a full-time living online with this business.

So just make better of use of your time and go look for a different website or app that can offer you higher and quicker payouts than what eloot.gg can offer.

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3 thoughts on “Earn.GG (eloot.gg) Review: Is it Legit Or A Scam”

  1. I tried it just a moment ago, did a survey for 34K points but didn’t recieve them, it’s a complete scam, definitely don’t try it, the demand for a ton of personal info, including your whole address, full name and a bunch of others that don’t matter that much, such as family pets, your job, education and stuff

  2. Ive used it for less than a month, making about 100k gems (about 1 dollar) a day by only watching ads. I have them running in the background muted so they don’t get in the way (i usually forget they’re even playing). Ive already redeemed 10 dollars and can say they’re legit. Its slow, yes. But if you want some extra pocket change its pretty ok.

    I’m going to talk about surveys now. Do note I don’t really use them, I find ads to be a lot more reasonable. The surveys go through some other sites. You usually have to give personal info, because they’re SURVEYS. They tend to take up a bit of time, and you might have to go through many precursor surveys to actually get a real survey to make money off of. Once you complete a survey they hold your gems for a bit and then give em to you. Surveys are considered the quickest way to make money on the site.

    A tip for those using this site; don’t spend gems on 50 cents paypal. Save up to $10+ for a better value.

  3. I did use this site for 1 month rn and i cashed out 50 dollar on paypal.
    I recommend this site, sometimes the surveys don’t payout but then just contact support.


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