2 thoughts on “Fuel Rewards Network Review: Is It A Legit Opportunity To Save On Fuel Expense Or Just A Scam?”

  1. BEWARE FUEL REWARDS SELLS OR HARES YOUR NAME AND EMAIL TO MANY ORGANIZATIONS. I used a different email address and a unique name to sign up and have received a ton of spam addressed to that email and unique name. Because of this and the problem written below, I recommend to NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS CARD.
    I Purchased 5 qts Pennzoil w/choice $10 rebate or $1 off gal up to 20 gal.Selected gal option; offer stated good for 60 days after issued (per their records it had only be 36 days since they received it); called 8 weeks after submission per instructions; told them never received saving code; they told me offer expired & nothing they could do. I should have had 24 days left to use code. I think they make you wait so long to check on the code, so it will be too late to return oil and then they can says program is no longer active. One of the rudest customer service reps I have dealt with. She says Nothing can be done now and she hung up on me. Called back and never got an answer — must have blocked my call. Feel cheated, scammed, just wanted my personal information.

  2. I have the fuel rewards card, I love it because I drive a towtruck and I have to fuel up more than regular, it’s nice to save a little off each gallon.


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