Mindswarms Review: Eash Cash Answering Surveys – Is It A Scam?

When it comes to making money online, answering surveys is likely one of the most common opportunities that you will find.

A lot of websites offer surveys as one of their opportunities or their main opportunity for you to earn money online.

The problem is that not all of these websites are legit or provide a good opportunity to make money. There are a number of them that turn out to be a scam and a complete waste of time.

We review sites like these so you won’t have to waste your time testing them out. For this review, we’ll talk about a site called Mindswarms.

It’s a website that will allow you to earn money by answering survey questions using videos. You’ll be recording your answer via your mobile device or your webcam.

You’ll get paid in cash via PayPal after the site has verified your response. As for how much you can earn, it will depend on a lot of different factors.

But it looks like it is possible to earn about $50 to $150 a month with this opportunity. But is Mindswarms really a legit opportunity or are just a scam and a waste of time?

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Mindswarms is a Legit Survey Site that Really Pays

Mindswarms is a website that offers an opportunity to make money by answering surveys. But the way you will answer it will be different.

Instead of clicking or typing the answers to questions, you will answer it via video. The site will pay you your money immediately after they have verified the video submitted.

You will get your money via PayPal.

Based on what I’ve seen about the site, it seems like it is a legitimate opportunity to make money.

Mindswarms does provide surveys for you to answer via videos and you will get paid once they have been able to verify your responses.

There have been several complaints from the members about the site, though. One common complaint is that it is very hard to qualify for the surveys that the site provides.

Another is the lack of reliable support, as the website takes days or even weeks before they are able to address concerns and issues from members.

As we progress further in this review, I’ll be providing more details about these issues and if you can really earn $50 to $150 a month with this opportunity.

Who Uses Mindswarms?

The Mindswarms website is used by two groups of people with one being brands and businesses who are looking to gather information and opinions from people to help improve their respective businesses.

The other groups are people like you who are looking for opportunities to make some money online.

For brands and businesses, the site provides a unique opportunity to gather information from people.

Instead of the usual survey response where the members type or click their answers, this site requires them to video their answers.

So brands will not only hear the answers and response but also see the faces of the people answering them.

For people like you, Mindswarms provide a unique opportunity to make money online.

As a member of this site, you won’t be answering surveys in the usual way. you will answer the survey questions by making a video of yourself responding to the questions.

Yes, you will submit a video response instead of the usual survey response. You just need to apply for the study to become a participant.

If you get accepted, you can proceed to answer the questions. Once done, you just submit your video for verification.

After your response has been verified and it passes, you will immediately receive your money via PayPal. In the next section, I’ll provide more details about this.

How Do You Make Money with Mindswarms?

Mindswarms only offers one way to make money on their site, and that is answering survey questions. You will get paid via PayPal for every survey study that you are able to complete.

The payment will be received immediately after the site has verified your response to the question. Now, this site is different as the survey studies they have require you to answer using video.

Yes, you won’t need to type or click your response, but video yourself through the Mindswarms website or app. When you get accepted for a study, there’s a video tutorial on how to properly give your answers.

After watching the video, you can click Start the Study to see the questions being asked. If you are ready, just click Record to start recording your response.

You need to give 45 to 60 seconds response to the question. Once done, just click Next Question and repeat the process. There are 7 questions in all.

The site says they will pay you $50 via PayPal for completing the study. They also have a shorter study, where you will be paid $10 for answering one question.

The money will be sent within 24 hours to your PayPal account after Mindswarms have verified your response. Before you can participate in a study, you need to apply to it first.

The site will have several studies available for you, depending on your profile and demographics. These studies are the ones that you have a high chance of qualifying for.

When you apply for a study, you will just be required to answer several questions to determine if you are qualified.

After completing the application, you will receive an email within 24 hours to determine if you qualify. Once you qualify, you can proceed to the survey study. If not, then you won’t get anything.

This is actually where the issue arrives, as a lot of people are complaining that it is very difficult to actually qualify for a study.

This is actually not a new problem, as this is one of the main issues for a lot of survey sites. The only thing you can do here is to make sure that your profile is always updated to have a higher chance of qualifying.

Another issue is the lack of support, as the site takes a while before they respond to members issues and concerns.

This is also a common problem, as survey sites usually have bad customer service. I’m hoping that these sites will address this issue soon and provide better customer support.

To become a member, you will need to sign up either through the website or the mobile app. It is easy and free to do so and anyone around the world can sign up.

You will just need to speak in English and have a laptop with a webcam or a mobile device with a camera.

What I Liked about Mindswarms

After learning more about what Mindswarms is and what it can offer, it’s time to discuss the things that I liked about the opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked about Mindswarms is that they will pay you immediately after completing the survey. This means that there’s no need for you to try and reach a minimum cash out threshold just to be able to withdraw your money. You will receive it right after you complete the survey study and the site has verified your answers.
  • I also like that Mindswarms will pay you in cash instead of any other form of rewards like gift cards, raffle entries, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with getting paid in gift cards or other rewards, but I always prefer to get paid in cash since it gives me more freedom and flexibility on what I’ll be doing with the earnings.
  • It’s also a good thing that Mindswarms pays well for a survey study. You get to earn either $10 or $50 per completed survey. This is actually a good amount of money to earn, considering almost all legit survey sites pay only as high as $5 per completed survey.
  • I also like that this opportunity is available for free and everyone around the world can participate. This means wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to sign up and be a member of Mindswarms.

What I Disliked about Mindswarms

As appealing as the opportunity that Mindswarms provide, there are also things that I didn’t like about this site.

  • The first issue I have with Mindswarms is that it is very hard to qualify for a survey study. There have been a lot of complaints from members with regards to the site’s qualification rate. A lot of them have experienced being disqualified for a survey. Some are even unfortunate enough to not even qualify for one.
  • Another thing that I didn’t like is that the survey studies they provide will be very reliant on your profile and demographics. This means that there is a possibility that there won’t be a lot of study opportunities for you. Couple that with the very high disqualification rate, then your chances of making decent money here is very low.
  • I’m also not a big fan of Mindswarm not having a good customer support for its members. I always consider it as a sign that the site doesn’t really care about their members if they don’t even provide a good service for them.

Is Mindswarms to be Recommended?

Now that we know more about Mindswarms and what it offers, I can say that it is an opportunity that is worth checking out.

The site has a lot of good upsides like being paid immediately and having high paying studies. It can provide a good opportunity for you to make decent money online.

However, there are also several downsides to it, mainly about the high disqualification rate and the lack of survey studies.

These two things are really out of your control, which holds back the potential of this opportunity. This is why I can’t really recommend it fully.

Nevertheless, you could still check it out and you might get lucky with your profile. Just don’t expect a lot from Mindswarms and you might not have a problem with it.

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