Microsoft User Research (Playtest) Review: A Legitimate Way To Earn Or Just A Scam?

A lot of businesses and organizations hire market research companies to help them learn more about the consumers they serve and also about the potential consumers they could serve in the future.

These market research companies conduct several studies to help businesses learn more about their consumers.

Now, there are also certain big businesses that don’t need to hire market research companies to gather information. They instead establish their own research team to do all of the information gatherings.

For this review, we’ll be talking about one such research company established by a big brand, and that is Microsoft User Research.

It is a market research company that conducts several studies for Microsoft to help them learn more about their consumers and potential consumers.

The site conducts survey studies, focus group discussions, playtests, and more. The company will provide a gratuity for every study that you are able to complete.

There wasn’t any mention on how much gratuity you can expect to get. But it’s likely gift cards or other Microsoft products. From the looks of it, you can likely expect to get $50 to $100 worth of rewards per month.

But is this really a legitimate opportunity to earn or just another scam?

Microsoft User Research is a Legit Opportunity

Microsoft User Research is the market research arm of Microsoft. It’s a site that offers people an opportunity to participate in studies that can influence the company’s next wave of products.

As a participant, the site will provide a gratuity for each study that you are able to participate in and complete. The gratuity might include gift cards and other Microsoft products.

From what I’ve seen so far, I can say that the site is a legitimate opportunity that really pays. For one, it is owned by Microsoft, one of the biggest tech companies in the world, so you know it won’t just shut down.

Another reason is that the site has been able to deliver on its promise of providing its members with study opportunities that will allow them to earn rewards.

The site also delivers on its promise of providing the rewards that are promised to members. In terms of issues, there really isn’t anything major to complain about with this site.

Probably the only issues you could have with the site is that the rewards available don’t involve getting paid in cash and that the opportunity is not available to everyone.

I’ll expound on these issues more as we progress with this review. I’ll also explain why you can likely expect to get rewards that value between $50 and $100 per month.

Who Uses Microsoft User Research?

Microsoft User Research is designed to be used by Microsoft itself and by people who are looking to earn rewards and Microsoft products.

For Microsoft, this website serves as their market research arm, providing them with research activities to help the company gather information and opinions to help influence what their next product will be.

They also use the information they gather to improve the products and services they offer their consumers.

For people like you, the site offers an opportunity to earn rewards and have a say on what Microsoft should be working on next. The site provides several study opportunities that you can participate in.

You can participate in answering surveys, testing video games, attending focus group discussions, and more. Microsoft User Research will give a gratuity for every study you are able to complete.

Becoming a member is easy and free to do so. You just need to be a U.S. resident to be able to register and participate in the studies the site is conducting.

In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail how you can earn on this market research site.

How Do You earn with Microsoft User Research?

Microsoft User Research offers several ways for you to earn on the website. They conduct several studies to gather information and opinions to improve their existing products and ideas for new ones.

The site will provide a gratuity for every study that you are able to complete.

To begin, you would first need to become a member of Microsoft User Research. When you sign up, you can use your existing Microsoft Live ID. Doing so will just require you to input your email address, mobile number, and gender.

If you don’t have an existing Microsoft account, you will need to create one. When you do so, you will need to provide an email address, a chosen password, your name, birthdate, and country.

After that, Microsoft will send a code to verify the email address you input. Once you have signed up, you can now sign up for Microsoft User Research.

It’s important to remember that the opportunity is only available to U.S. residents.

The good thing about this is that even kids can sign up. Those below 17 years old will just need consent from a parent or guardian.

It’s unfortunate that the opportunity is not available worldwide, considering there are Microsoft users around the world. But the company is trying to expand its reach, so this could possibly change soon.

Once you’re done, the first thing you need to do is to update your participant profile. The site will send study invites that match your interests.

The site has a variety of studies available. They have Lab Studies, where you will be invited to a Microsoft Lab and be asked to “think out loud” about what you are seeing or using in the lab.

The site also has Focus Group Discussions, where you will be in a room with other participants and a facilitator asking your opinions about certain products or services.

Not all studies require you to physically go to their office, as Microsoft User Research also has online studies. There will be times you will be invited to participate in a survey.

You can also be asked to do a Playtest, where you basically test a new game or entertainment from Microsoft. Then, there’s also the Site Visit, where researchers will visit you at your home and observe.

They will usually ask questions or require you to perform certain tasks. The last study opportunity that the site has is the Panel Studies.

It’s a study that captures information and opinions from the same group of people over a period of time. These studies will usually take days or weeks to complete.

So what do you get when you participate? Microsoft User Research will provide you with gratuity for every study that you are able to complete.

Now, the site didn’t mention what the gratuity would be, but it looks like it will be gift cards and/or Microsoft products. This is why I say the value of the rewards you will get is about $50 to $100 per month.

The Microsoft product you will get will likely have this kind of value. So if you are able to complete at least 1 study per month, then you should be able to get a gratuity from the company.

After each study you complete, you will receive a “How to Get Gratuity” paper which provides instructions on how to claim your rewards.

You will also get an email from the Microsoft User Research with a link to the Microsoft Gratuity Claim Form that you need to fill out.

Once you have filled out the required details and submitted it, you can expect to get your gratuity within 2 weeks.

What I Liked about Microsoft User Research

Now that we know more about Microsoft User Research and what it offers, it’s time to discuss what I liked about the opportunity.

  • The first thing that I liked about Microsoft User Research is that it offers various studies for you to participate in. This is great because this means you will have more chances to earn gratuity from Microsoft. It also means that your profile will have more chances of getting study invites since you don’t have to rely on just one opportunity to earn.
  • Another thing that I liked about Microsoft User Research is that it is very easy to register, even if you don’t have a Microsoft account, and it is free to do so. You don’t have to worry about filling out long application forms or answering a ton of questions just to register. You also don’t have to worry about paying for anything when you register.
  • I also like that Microsoft User Research is available even to kids, as this will be a good tool for you to teach them about working and earning rewards for your hard work.

What I Disliked about Microsoft User Research

Of course, not everything with Microsoft User Research is good and dandy, as there are also things I disliked about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I didn’t like about Microsoft User Research is that they don’t provide any information about the kind of gratuity that they will be giving you for participating and completing a study. I believe it is important that you at least have an idea of what you are going to get other than a vague word like gratuity.
  • The gratuity you will get will not be paid in cash which is disappointing. Now, I don’t have a problem getting gift cards or Microsoft products, but I always prefer to get paid in cash.
  • I also disliked the fact that Microsoft User Research is only available to U.S. residents. There are a lot of Microsoft users across the globe and I’m sure a lot of them would be willing to participate in their studies in exchange for gift cards or Microsoft products.

Do I Recommend Microsoft User Research?

After learning more about Microsoft User Research, I can say that it is an opportunity that is worth checking out if you are a U.S. resident.

The reason I don’t fully recommend this site is because of its lack of information, especially when it comes to the rewards that you will get.

Though the site will likely not pay you in cash, research shows that the gratuity items you will get will be either gift cards or Microsoft products.

I still consider this valuable, especially the Microsoft products, since these are items that you will likely be able to use.

This is why I recommend that you could still check it out and give it a try. See if what they are offering is something that will excite you.

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