Pinecone Research Review – Legit Or A Scam?

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Actually, this is something I used to do whenever I had some free time in high school. There are other survey sites that Frank has written about here Opinion Outpost Review and InboxDollars review.

But how do you tell the good survey companies from the bad once? In this article, I will detail out the truth about Pinecone Research, one of the most famous online survey company. In simple terms, is Pinecone Research a scam or a legit survey company.

If you don’t have the time to read the entire article, then here’s a brief summary.

Yes, Pinecone Research is a legitimate survey company, and they do pay out, however like many other survey companies I have reviewed in the past, they suffer from the same issues, (i.e.) the pre-qualifying questions can take almost as long as the survey itself.

Which means, if you don’t qualify for the pre-qualifying questions then you don’t get the survey to complete which is how you would get paid. Also, you don’t get a lot of surveys to complete.

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What Is Pinecone Research?

PineCone Research is a survey company owned by Nielsen Company that is also the parent company of AC Nielsen Bases. Of late, Pinecone has generated a lot of buzz around itself from Netizens, but in the eyes of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), it has only managed to scoop a D rating in a scale ranging from A+ to F. However, I have also seen a number of posts that say you can make good money taking surveys on Pinecone Research.

How Do You Make Money with Pinecone Research?

To make money with Pinecone Research, you first need to sign up. To do this, go to their homepage and click the ‘Join’ button. At times registration is closed, and you may have to try again at another time.

Upon accessing the registration page, fill out their online form with details about your demographic information. After this, click I consent and I would like to register. Note that you can only register one family member per household. If you attempt to register more, pinecone will cancel your memberships.

You will then receive a confirmation email informing you that you have been accepted as their new member. You will get a username and password. Write these down.

As a money earning member of pinecone research, you are free to take as many surveys as you wish. Their survey pays up to 3 dollars each, and they pay in 2 ways;


This is the fastest and best method. Once you have completed a survey, you will be paid the following day (Monday – Friday). The minimum PayPal payment is $1. You are paid after completing every survey. So if you take 5 surveys each at $3 today, you will get five deposits into your account the following business day.


Same as Paypal, but you will have to wait till the check arrives; it takes approximately two weeks.

What I Liked

  • One of the best things about Pinecone Research is that you can sign up for free and try them out for free, which means there is minimal risk. The only thing you will be risking is a little time.
  • The surveys are simple. All the questions are very easy, and anyone can answer them.
  • You have no fixed working schedules and no obligations. You will be taking surveys at your own time.

What I Didn’t Like

Just like all other online survey sites, Pinecone research has major cons. The list is endless, but let me mention a few so that you appreciate what I am talking about.

  • You won’t get rich. Of course, there are numerous online scammers who will tell you how you will make millions on pinecone research. Don’t believe them, taking surveys on pinecone research will not make you a millionaire, it is simply a way to make an extra $100-$500 extra bucks if you; are fully committed.
  • The work is not too interesting. Sometimes the questions tend to go on and on, with multiple options to consider.
  • Pinecone research only allows you one account per household. They have invested heavily in fraud detection software, and if you sign up for multiple accounts, they will terminate and confiscate your money.

What Are Others Saying?

To give you a feeling of what people are saying about Pinecone Research around the web, look at these reviews:

William Roberts

“I used to complete surveys on PineCone research for a couple of years but I stopped – little money for long surveys.”

Erin Denton

“I tried to sign up and they asked detailed information about member of my family. I wonder why these need all this personally identifiable information for. They should only ask for my information since I am the one contracting to work for them!”

Amber Dixon,

“It does take a little time to run how to navigate PineCone research and make money but the experience is great. I managed to make $350 last month.”

The Verdict – Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Okay, it’s not going to come as a surprise that Pinecone Research is a legit site, and you will get paid, however, you definitely won’t make a lot of money from it, much like most survey companies.

I also wanted to point out that they only allow one account per household, which means that the opportunity is not open for every member in your household.

And like most surveys sites the work can be less than interesting.

All this to earn a few bucks for hours of work … hmmm I think not.

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31 thoughts on “Pinecone Research Review – Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. I was due more points than the VISA card issued to me. Pinecone Research keeps assuring me I was paid in full but refuses to specify when and how. I’ve been with them at least 15 years, so I am really disappointed in their customer service.

  2. As you know, there are lot of scam survey sites online and many more keep coming. Some may decide to pay you once and scam you once they realized you have trusted them. To avoid scam and join legitimate survey sites, you must:

    1. Not pay to join. Any survey site that asks you to pay before joining is a big scam. Paid survey is free everywhere.

    2. Research about a particular site before join. Just google the “name of site + Scam” and you will be able to read all people are saying about the site. If there are lots of complaints,that shows they are not sincere, pls, stay away.

    3. Search for their payment proof online. Using Google image search and Search for eg, “Cashcrate scam” and it will bring you all their payment proofs if there is. If not, stay away.

    4. Make sure you read their term of services before joining to avoid making any mistake that might cost you your hard earn money.

    Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

  3. I have being taken surveys from pinecone for 5 years and I have been paid. the one good thing about the company is if you do a survey you get paid. the surveys are not that long. I did a survey the other day for a different co and it lasted for 30 min an after I got to 25 min they ..said I wasn’t qualified.

  4. After a couple of years of very infrequent surveys, they booted me out. After I finally got an answer it was something about better serving their clients. So, not a full on scam, but not truly legit, either. I would rather not answer long surveys for nothing anyway.

  5. I am a member of Pine Cone, I do not do it for the money, I do it to pass the time. If I have a few minutes I do a survey or two. I do not earn a lot, but I am able to buy used books, audio tapes, DVDs for my kids on Amazon. Every little bit helps

  6. All I have received from PineCone since the beginning of 2017 are numerous “Router Surveys”. These router surveys collect a great deal of purchase information and related info with no payment.

    After completing each router survey the site always says I didn’t qualify or didn’t fit the desired profile for the paid survey…

    PineCone hasn’t answered my emails questioning this …

  7. I’ve been a member for years and had no complaints. Til now. They stopped sending me surveys and won’t answer my emails asking why. Seems when I’ve been in there this long they’d at least answer my email. Guess I’ll cash out and delete them. Kinda bummed.

  8. I am starting to believe they are a scam. I have an account with them but now am never able to log in, after doing surveys for about a couple of months. My account is locked and have sent numerous emails about this but have received no reply after a week of waiting.

  9. they lock me out of my account ,so I can only get in once a month at the most.Also limit the number of surveys sent ,used to be twice monthly now quarterly if Im lucky ,believe its a scam-much better out there look elsewhere

  10. I have taken surveys with them for
    Several years and have always had good communication with them until a few weeks ago I cannot log in and cannot reset my password either I am not happy.

  11. No, it is not scam. They do pay. You won’t be rich but every $3 helps. Have been a member for last 5 years and hardly have any problem with them.

  12. I did an initial survey but have not been a single one to complete since. Are they no longer in service? How do you make money if there are no surveys to take?

  13. I requested a check months ago and have not received it. I’ve attempted many times to contact them but never get any kind of response. I even tried contact the parent company – Neilson and did not get a reply. I want my money!!! They used to be great – what has happened to them???!!!

  14. Pinecone was one of the first sites I started doing surveys on and everything was great. Then I let them in my computer to monitor my Amazon purchases and haven’t been able to login since. I get more surveys now but I guess that’s because I can’t login to get paid! ??

  15. I have been doing surveys for them for years. They issued me a virtual Visa card for jobs that I have completed and it does not work. I have tried to contact them several times and they do not respond. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL NOT GET PAID!!!

  16. I have been with Pinecone for many years, but about six or eight months ago, I started having trouble getting through to them. Every time I clicked on the link in my email, I was diverted to I complained to them and got generic answers. Even when I reach their site (on occasion) when I try to start the survey I’m reverted back to the Jobs2shop site. I’m through. What a shame!

  17. i also did surveys for them for awhile and got paid but recently i tried to log in to my account and nothing happens. i keep getting a message they are sending me an e-mail to reset my password but it never comes thru. there is money on my account with them that i would like to cash in.

  18. Really sad to hear these comments. I was a member a number of years ago, and received surveys like clockwork. I rejoined, and after the initial (registration) survey, nothing. Definitely a disappointing experience, compared to the way it used to be.

  19. had same problem can not log in and they owe me money. this started about 8 months ago. contact and no real answers. i think they are a scam now. think when we sign up and down load things they have trackers on us and do not need us now.

  20. I was a member for many many years and they stopped sending me surveys. I cashed in my reward points that I had saved for years. After cashing in it would not let me back in my account and have heard nothing about what happened to my points or money. I have sent numerous emails and nothing. Some of the emails were returned.

  21. Disappointing company!! Been with them for awhile but now no longer. I tried to redeem my 6,000 points and not able to get logged in. I asked Karen Scott for assistance and she wouldn’t help me and locked me out so I lost everything!! The surveys are too long and a lit of times redundant. After I redeemed my points, I was planning on cancelling. They started sending out router surveys and there would be a lot of questions but then I would get a notification saying I didn’t qualify or didn’t fit the desired profile and wouldn’t get paid after taking so much time answering the questions. They want your answers but not give you points/$.
    They have turned out bad!!

  22. I am having the same issues as someone else mentioned. Every time I try to log in, I get some site called Jobs2Shop. It used to be if I had a question, someone named Karen Scott answered immediately. Now no one answers and I can not get in to Pinecone, even though they keep sending me useless survey invitations. I am unsure what has happened but it is not good.

  23. It’s a shame to hear about what is going on with Pinecone, my father-in-law and I did them regularly for years. At the time they paid $5 per survey, since he was retired he had a lot more time then I did and he always had $5 checks on his table to take to the bank. We were also given many products to test which was fun. Then they went to $3 a survey and we still did them for a while but then you had to do so many surveys to see if you were eligible for the cash surveys they were getting the bulk of their information for free. So I chalk it up to good while it lasted but good things don’t last forever.

  24. I really like Pinecone. I’ve been with them for a awhile now. No, you won’t get rich, but I like the fact they pre-qualify you & that I can get giftcards, I save my points all year and use them for Christmas shopping on Amazon. Or once in awhile I will cash out a portion for Birthday gift. You can also get giftcards for other places like Walmart, etc. But I really like Amazon.

  25. I’ve been doing Pinecone Research surveys for a little more than 5 years now, only get a couple of surveys a month to do, never made $100.00 in a months time, and have never heard of anyone winning those $500 bonus’ either.

  26. Boy Am I glad I don’t have them anymore. Stopped sending me emails also, contacted them, said to go to home page and update my profile. What! Since just before Christmas! I know I am 69, but definitely NOT senile

  27. Don’t bother, I have hundreds of thousands of points and I can’t redeem a single one. And the surveys work out to being about 0.02c/hour.

  28. I’ve been a Pinecone Research member in perfect standing for many years (about 14). Suddenly, they won’t allow me to redeem points, worth $27. Message keeps telling me, I’m not a member. Then repeated attempts to contact them result in failures. They won’t even accept my messages on their contact page or by email. Seeing others speaking of similar issues. DON’T allow your points to add up! Cash out every single $3 that you earn. They WILL turn on you despite your years of sincere & thoughtful efforts on their surveys. I’ll never get the $27 that I earned. Beware. Pinecone Research has gone bad. They are no longer trustworthy.


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