Memolink Review – Is Memolink A Scam?

memolink_reviewWhat Is Memolink?

Memolink is a website that offers online rewards for buying various products, shopping online and taking marketing surveys. It started in 1998 and has been running ever since.

It was a popular option for making money once upon a time.

As one of the earliest websites offering this service, it has both gained and lost popularity over the years.

The forms of payment on Memolink are in the form of money, gift cards and charity gifts in your name.

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How do you Make Money with it?

Memolink, like many other online survey websites, like Global Test Market and Opinion Outpost, uses the point system to determine how much one gets paid. The point system is one whereby, as one completes offers and surveys, they get points.

Usually this is a set number per survey or per completed offer. Once you save up a certain number of points, you get to redeem the points for cash, or in the case of Memolink, gift vouchers and charity donations.

For Memolink, once you save up 19,200 points, you get to redeem 10 dollars in cash.

What are the Issues with it?

The catch in all this is that you cannot withdraw money from Memolink until and unless you have collected all 19,200 points. Then you have to collect another set of points for another 10 dollars and so on and so forth.

The other option is to save up 163,200 points to redeem 100 dollars as a sort of discount. There are other offers that give points in between these values as well as gift coupons and restaurant, theaters and supermarket offers.

One more major problem is that despite there being a fixed amount of points to redeem points from, it takes a very, very long time to save up the necessary points for the rewards offered.

Some people save up points for months, and sometimes years, in the hopes of making a big payout. The amount of money you get for filling out hundreds of surveys and reading emails does not amount fairly to the money you get at the end of it all.

The other problem that people face is that they are not paid immediately for their services. Normally, once you complete the requirements and redeem your points, the money you have earned should be sent directly to your bank and your points reduced by the given amount so you can start again.

However, there have been reports of people on Memolink who have not been paid for months and others for years. Many have left the website because of these issues.

Another problem that users are facing is the eligibility for taking some of these surveys. Some online survey sites would ask for your information to give you surveys more suited to you and your needs.

If, out of twenty surveys however, you only qualify for two or three, the daunting task of saving up enough points to redeem any cash at all does not seem practical.

What are others Saying around the Web?

On the topic of lucrative businesses, Memolink does not do favourably. It is ridiculous to think of making this a career. The payout, even if they paid you for your services, is pretty insignificant compared to getting, say, twenty dollars every two days for good honest work.

There are complaints by the dozen of this problem and many, not seeing the point of it, have left the website for other more lucrative offers.

The problem of payment is also a major problem for people. When you work that long and that hard for points, the payout should arrive immediately.

In the face of an emergency, this is not an option for you. Many people have not received their rewards despite being Memolink veterans.

Coupons can sometimes not be redeemed and people are generally dissatisfied.

Only a few people claim to be satisfied with the customer service offered by Memolink despite there being millions of subscribers.

Final Verdict:

Online survey sites are a dime a dozen. Memolink is just one of hundreds. As far as earnings you would probably be better off earning money from a good honest job. When it comes to rewards, you are not sure whether you will get the cash you need so again, this is something to look out for.

If you do not qualify for a survey, you do not get points and therefore no cash so you will pretty much be wasting your time.

As an online survey site, Memolink has pretty much failed its members and there is no guarantee that you will get what you want even if you are being paid paltry sums for mountains of work.

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  1. Hello my name is Ruth,I been working really hard for this company and I can see that the structure is not good.
    for training you need to pay a month $250.00 dollas
    This is crazy ” don’t waist your time and money “


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