Why You Should Stay Away from Survey for Moms

survey_for_moms_scam_reviewWhat Is Survey For Moms?

As a survey rewards site, Survey for Moms (www.SurveyForMoms.com) is an online platform that aims to provide its members with a constantly updated directory of surveys from research companies which they can answer or fill up in exchange for coupons, cash incentives, bonuses, and other rewards.

A quick glance at the Survey for Moms homepage shows that the site also rewards its members with games and entries to contests.

In short, Survey for Moms works just like any other survey-taking site.

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How Do You Make Money With Survey For Moms?

From the name alone, it’s enough to know who the site’s target demographic is- work-at-home moms who are looking for a little bit of extra income which they can do during their spare time.

The homepage for Survey for Moms doesn’t provide much information about how its survey scheme works.

We can only assume that it works like any other survey-taking site that you can find on the Internet today, wherein people sign up for the service, receive surveys, and after reaching a certain threshold (usually around $10 to $25), cash out their rewards onto a Paypal account or on a giftcard.

Survey for Moms does not have a dedicated Registration page.

The homepage provides a field where people can enter their email address to sign up for the service.

Unlike other survey sites, Survey for Moms does not charge a subscription fee – the service is free-to-join.

Are their Any Issues With Survey for Moms?

From the outset, it’s pretty obvious what the main problem with Survey for Moms is. There is no full disclosure about how the whole scheme works, no information about the compensation plan, and no list of available studies.

You’re basically giving your email address away for nothing.

Now, let’s take a look at the site’s overall background.

A simple WhoIs search will reveal that the site is young – just slightly over a year old (it was created on February 2013). A common rule of thumb among websites is that the younger the site, the less trustworthy it is.

But of course, this is not a rule that is set in stone. Maybe we can give Survey for Moms the benefit of the doubt since there are a lot of websites out there that have proven their worth and trustworthiness even though they’re just under a year old.

Maybe Survey for Moms is an exception to the rule?

Well, let’s look further.

From the WhoIs records, we can see that the owner of Survey for Moms is Oneandone Private Registration.

Take note, this is NOT the real owner of the site. 1&1 is a privacy service that masks the real owner of a website from WhoIs records.

This is FISHY.

If you have a reputable website, why take great lengths to hide yourself as its owner?

The Survey for Moms for website also does not contain any clue as to who the owner is – members are only provided with an email address with which they can send in their complaints.

The Terms page of the Survey for Moms website is also very troubling.

The site explicitly states that the information and data that the people who sign up for their service provides will be SOLD to advertisers, without limitation of any sort.

It also states that Survey for Moms has no control over what these third parties can do with these personal data – it means that should these advertisers do anything to compromise these members, Survey for Moms will do absolutely nothing about it.

Yes, that is what is indicated on the fine print. So yes, signing up for Survey for Moms means that your personal information will be sold to entities you don’t know anything about, shady advertising companies who can compromise your security and privacy.

What Are Others Saying Around the Web?

A Google search for “surveyformoms.com review” will reveal…almost nothing.

There is a single negative review, and nothing more. It seems that Survey for Moms hasn’t attracted much of userbase in its one year of existence.

Final Verdict:

Like most survey sites, Survey for Moms is a “fly-by-night” establishment.

It will take your personal details, sell them to shady third-party advertisers, and be gone in a blink of an eye.

It exemplifies the worst of reasons why people should stay away from survey sites- they’re fishy, unprofitable, and unreliable.

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