Stay At Home Revenue Review – Another Scam

stay_at_home_revenueProduct Name: Stay At Home Revenue

Product Owner: Michelle Withrow, anonymous

Advertised Price: $197, 1st Discount ($77), 2nd Discount ($47)

Rating: 0/100

I recently completed a review on a similar product called Work At Home University.

In fact I believe that these two programs are created / owned by the same person namely Michelle Withrow.

The products use the exact same marketing techniques to trick unsuspecting people into falling for the promise of making money online, only to not deliver on the promise.

In the meantime, folks get hit with telemarketers who are high pressure sales people, that know how to press your emotional hot buttons.

My research show that Work At Home University and Stay At Home Revenue are owned or marketed by the same company.

That company being Simply Click To Profit.

Be very careful of handing over your credit card to these people.

Let me show you what I uncovered.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

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Work At Home University Review – Is it Legit?

wahuniversity-setProduct Name: Work at Home University

Product Owner: Michelle Withrow (she’s fake)

Advertised Price: $197, 1st Discount ($77), 2nd Discount ($47)

Upsells: $97, $67 or $47,

Rating: 0/100

So when I usually have a look into an online business to see if it’s a viable business opportunity, I usually try to provide a balanced argument when it comes to my opinion on the legitimacy of the business opportunity.

Sometimes that’s really hard to do when the product you’re reviewing is obviously a totally scam. Not only that, but this product seems to be just one of many that prey on unsuspecting people looking to making money online.

Work At Home University is not really a university, in fact you don’t earn a degree or anything else that resembles a certification of any description, moreover, you don’t actually know what you will be doing until you register with them.

And by the way to register with them you have to pay $97.

At that point you still don’t know what you’re paying for, all you know is that you have to hand over a bunch of cash to get an idea of what you’ll being doing.

They also state that all you need to do is to work approximately one hour a day and that the skill level to work the business is no experience or skill set whatsoever.

With a 365 money back guarantee, you’d think that there is low to no risk – right? But you’d be wrong, as you’ll find out in the conditions printed at the bottom of their website.

But who reads the fine print – right?

So I’m gonna tell you what the main idea is behind Work At Home University, so you don’t have to the $97.

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