Quicktate Review: Legit Transcription Work Or Scam?

There are a lot of different opportunities that you can find on the internet when it comes to making money online.

Some of these opportunities involve answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, completing tasks, and so on.

There are also more serious opportunities like teaching English, doing freelance writing work and transcribing, etc.

All of these opportunities, though, are not created equal as some of them turn out to be just a scam or a big waste of your time and effort.

To avoid that, we conduct reviews on these money-making opportunities and see which among them should be recommended or not. For this review, we’ll talk about the Quicktate website.

It’s a site that offers you an opportunity to make money as one of their freelance transcribers. The company pays on a per word basis and the rate will depend on the kind of document you transcribe.

From the looks of it, it seems possible to make about $5 to $8 an hour with this opportunity. But is Quicktate a legit opportunity that is worth your time or just a scam to avoid?

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Quicktate is a Legitimate Company that Offers an Opportunity to Make Money

Quicktate is a transcription company that offers people an opportunity to make money online by being one of their freelance transcribers.

As a freelance transcriber, you get paid on a per word basis. The rate of money you can get will depend on the kind of document you are transcribing.

Payments are made via PayPal and can be withdrawn every Monday. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I can say that Quicktate is a legitimate company.

The company does offer legit transcription jobs and there have been little to no complaints at all when it comes to receiving payments.

You can also get assurance from the company’s longevity since they’ve been in business since 2008. There are, of course, still some complaints about this opportunity.

One of the common complaints about Quicktate is that their pay is very low. Another usual complaint is that the available work is limited.

There are also some complaints when it comes to communicating with the company’s management. I’ll discuss these issues in more detail as we progress further with this review.

Who Uses Quicktate?

Quicktate is designed for two groups with one being businesses, organizations, and individuals that need a transcriber. The other group are people who are looking for opportunities to make some money online.

For businesses and organizations, the company provides them with a transcription service. The company transcribes a lot of documents, which include legal documents, medical documents, memos, phone call recordings, and other audio files.

Quicktate even allows them to test their service for free, giving clients a $5 credit to use for their first transcription. Any cost beyond $5 is shouldered by the client.

For people looking to make money online, the site offers an opportunity doing transcription work and have a variety of transcription jobs available on their site.

The file you’ll transcribe will vary in length and you will get paid on a per word basis. You’ll be paid via PayPal and you can expect your money to arrive every Monday.

Becoming a transcriber is simple to do so. I’ll discuss the application process, as well as how the opportunity works in the next section.

How Does Quicktate Works?

Quicktate is a transcription company that offers you an opportunity to make money as a freelance transcriber.

The company has a variety of documents and audio files that needs a transcriber. You get paid per word and your money will be sent via PayPal every Monday.

To apply to be a freelance transcriber, you need to meet the following requirements first:

  • A Windows computer or a Mac Pro
  • A high-speed internet
  • Accurate spelling and punctuation
  • Can listen clearly to voice files and accurately type what is heard
  • A 6 to 80 word per minute typing speed
  • No convictions of a felony or misdemeanor record
  • Honesty, integrity, and reliability

Once you meet all the requirements, you can start applying to the company. To apply, you need to visit their application page and fill in all the information needed.

The next step is a typing test. You will need to pass this typing test to move forward with your application.

Once you have completed the test, expect to wait about two weeks before Quicktate contacts you to let you know if your application has been accepted.

You will also be required to pay a $15 fee for your background check. The company will make sure that the details you inputted are all accurate and to verify that you don’t have a criminal record.

If you pass, you’ll receive a letter from Quicktate that will allow you to log in to your account. Once you can log in to the members’ page, you will see the different audio files that need transcribing.

You have the freedom to choose the kinds of files that you want to work on. These files will vary in length, as some can be as little as a 5-minute file, while others a 30-minute file.

You are paid on a per word basis. Transcribing a legal or general document will earn you $0.00025 per word and If it is a medical file, you get to earn $0.005.

The company pays via PayPal and withdrawals can be made every Monday. If it falls on a holiday, then you can make a withdrawal on Tuesday.

What People Are Saying about Quicktate?

The reviews about Quicktate has been mixed, with the positive reviews about the company having a slight edge.

People liked that the company offers a very flexible schedule, no limits when it comes to how many files you want to transcribe, and no requirements on how many hours you need to work.

But, there are also a lot of people who are not happy with the opportunity that Quicktate offers. One of the most common complaints, even by those who like the opportunity, is its very low pay.

The company’s rate is probably one of the lowest rates you can find when it comes to transcription jobs. It would be better if the company increased its pay rate to make it worth people’s time and effort.

Another common complaint about the opportunity is that there are a lot of times where work is scarce. It’s bad enough that Quicktate’s pay rate is low, but it’s even worse that the available work is also limited.

Lastly, there are also a lot of complaints about how hard it is to communicate with the company’s customer service team.

People are saying that it takes a while before someone from the company replies to your inquiries or concerns and a lot of times they’re no help at all when addressing issues.

What I Like about Quicktate

Now that we know what Quicktate is and what they are offering, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • The first thing that I like about Quicktate is that the opportunity they offer is very flexible. They don’t require you to be online on certain days or schedules nor do they require that you complete a certain number of jobs in a week or month. You have the freedom to choose how much work you want to do and whenever you want to do it.
  • I also like that Quicktate is available worldwide. A lot of people will likely benefit from the opportunity that the company is offering, especially if they’re looking for part-time work.

What I Dislike about Quicktate

Not everything about Quicktate is good and dandy, though, as there are also a lot of things about this opportunity that I don’t really like.

  • The first thing that I don’t really like about Quicktate is that the income potential is very low.  The company probably has one of the lowest pay rates when it comes to transcription jobs. Then couple this with a limited work availability and you are left with an opportunity with a very low earning potential. So don’t expect to make it big when you apply to this company.
  • Another thing that I don’t like about Quicktate is that it is not free to become a freelance transcriber. No, the company won’t charge you for applying to them, but you will be required to shell out $15 for your background check. The background check is part of your application process with the company, so it is a requirement.
  • I also don’t like that that Quicktate’s customer service doesn’t function as it should. There are a lot of complaints from members that the company takes a while to reply to their concern and when they do get a reply, it’s usually not helpful.

Do I Recommend Quicktate?

After learning more about Quicktate and what it can really bring to the table, I can say that it is an opportunity that I don’t really recommend, especially if you’re looking for a decent payday.

Yes, the opportunity is very much legitimate, and you have the freedom when it comes to your schedule and to how much you work you want to do.

It’s also a plus that it is available worldwide so people from all over the world can apply and try their luck as a transcriber.

But this opportunity falls way short in the most important thing, and that is income potential. All the people who tried Quicktate, even those who rated them highly, have one common complaint and that’s the low pay.

The company pays you on a per word basis and you can expect to earn as low as $0.00025 per word or as high as $0.005.

This is probably one of the lowest rates for transcription work that you can find. And if you consider the fact that the available transcription jobs are also limited, then earning a good amount of money here is hard.

There’s also the added fact that transcription work is not that easy, especially for some people. So the money you can earn from Quicktate might not be worth your time and effort.

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