National Wealth Center Review – Legit Training or Scam?

National Wealth Center Review

Company: National Wealth Center
Founder: Peter Wolfing

Welcome to my 3rd party review of National Wealth Center (NWC).

There are plenty of reasons you are here but nothing is more important than whether or not this company can make you money.

There is no reason to get involved in an MLM if it is a bust, am I right?

The whole point of this review isn’t to convince you that this company in particular is a scam, it is to show you that there are better ways to make money that MLMs.

Although some MLMs are legit, most of them are legalized ponzi schemes due to a lack of government regulation.

My reviews consist of the following sections: Complete Overview, Product & Services, Compensation Plan analysis, Better Business Bureau info, and a list of red flags for NWC.

I understand that there are many reviews out there but most of them are created by affiliates or members of the company.

You don’t have to worry about that with me.

I have ZERO affiliation with the companies I review.

This is a good thing because you will not have to struggle through horrible sales pitches or bias information that can’t be substantiated.

All of the information in this review comes directly from the NWC & BBB website.

All testimonials and comments are from other reviews and complaint forums.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

NWC Overview – What is the Company?

There are always two sides to the story when it comes to MLMs.

Here is what the company wants you to see. NWC was founded by Peter Wolfing (CEO) who has many years of experience in the MLM world.

He hired a few other experience MLM players, Marcus A. Taylor and Dr. Stan Harris.

These two gentlemen are big names in the network marking niche, both of whom make 7 figures.

This all seems great right?

Let’s take a look at a few things that are not openly discussed on the NWC website.


This MLM is a remake one of the biggest scams, Infinity Downline.

There are plenty of sources that confirm this claim. In fact, NWC is almost identical to Infinity, considering the business concepts and compensation plan are the same.

What happens is that the commissions on the first two recruits you get are passé dup to your sponsor.

This is known as a gifting scam and many MLMs have been shut down for this type of procedure.

The other thing that the company won’t point out is the lack of tangible products.

This means that you have nothing of retail value to offer a customer, which will lead to its eventual demise.

Check out what I found after a few minutes of research.


There is a reason for the rating and if you notice the second reason for a sub-perfect grade, there is a lack of transparency.

I didn’t notice this right off but the company name with the NWC website is something called Multiple Systems, Inc.

Another company owned by Peter but with a horrible track record.

Take a look at this Ripoff Report article that provides the testimonies of several people having issues with this company.

Apparently, Multiplex was refusing to pay commissions and Peter was personally blaming some sort of computer glitch.

I mean seriously, how ridiculous can it get.

How can a company get away with this kind of stuff and does Pete think people believe his conjecture?

I, for one, do not buy is excuse and no one else should either.

Here is what I think happened.

Multiplex had so many issues and lost all credibility so he simply changed the name and rolled all down lines over to what is now called National Wealth Center.

This is not the first time something like this has happened.


Take a look at the email one person received from Wolfing.

How embarrassing is that. I mean, what the…

Ok, this is obviously a horrible start for NWC and there is plenty of more detrimental information but I will move on to the next section.

I don’t want to overlap any of the information so that the review stays as organized as possible.

Let’s take a look at the “products” so you can see what I am talking about.

NWC Product Line


I have separated the product line into two sections.

The first section is about the image above, a.k.a. the cheap and affordable memberships.


These 3 packages seem like a decent deal although there are still FREE or cheaper versions in similar MLMs or YouTube videos.

However, there is a much darker side to NWC memberships.


The next 4 training programs that you see in the image above is where things get really expensive.


I’m not sure Peter Wolfing is aware of the global economy collapse over the past decade or so, but there is no way people are going to drop that kind of money on a consistent basis.

Most people in the US and Europe are living paycheck to paycheck.

Good luck peddling those junk training programs, you are going to need it.

There are a few other issues here. Not many people are in it for the actual training, they are in it for the potential of making money.

Why do I have to spend $7500 to get the maximum sized commission.

Also, they make it seem so easy.

Recruit your first 4 and then help your recruits get 4 newbies, rinse & repeat.

They claim that in 10 weeks you could make over $50k per month.

That is the most ridiculous thing I have seen since I reviewed Infinity.

The only thing I can do at this point is provide as much information about this company that will hopefully second guess any MLM created by Peter Wolfing.

NWC Compensation Plan

Here is the link to the Compensation Plan.

Since it is only 1 page I will break it down so that you can see how much of a scam this is.

In order to take part in the compensation plan, you have to recruit 4 people.

Right away, you are giving away your first 4 recruits to your sponsor.

I already told you it was gifting, which is illegal is some countries.

The first paragraph even admits that your recruits have to do the same for you.

They are literally admitting they are a gifting scam. WOW!!!


The image above shows you the first 7 days and tiers or at least an example.

NWC is claiming that recruiting is so easy that it will only take you 7 days to make $6000 per month in residual income.

The reality of the matter is that it will take years to make that happen.

Even some of the best recruiters have problems making these kinds of numbers in 7 days.


The last two comments are a lie and I will prove it to you.

Peter is claiming that you can have an infinite number of tiers and that you can make endless amounts of money.

Ok, challenge accepted.

Tier 1: 4
Tier 2: 16
Tier 3: 64
Tier 4: 256
Tier 5: 1024
Tier 6: 4096
Tier 7: 16384
Tier 8: 65536
Tier 9: 262144
Tier 10: 1,048,576
Tier 11: 4,194,304
Tier 12: 16,777,216
Tier 13: 67,108,864
Tier 14: 268,435,456
Tier 15: 1,073,741,824
Tier 16: 4,294,967,296
Tier 17: 17,179,869,184


You can only make it to tier 16 and then you run out of people.

That is right; you cannot reach infinite tiers as they claim because there aren’t enough people on the planet.

Why would they make such claims?

This is getting pathetic.

Things I Don’t Like About NWC

I have already brought up a lot of red flags.

There are still a few that I will touch upon as if the ones I stated aren’t enough to make you sick.


Since this information is not provided by the company, any member of the NWC can claim to be a 6 figure earner and that all people will succeed under this system.

In my opinion, it should be mandatory for all MLMs to disclose this on their websites in order to operate within the USA.

I know that is wishful thinking but it will help weed out the true scams from the MLMs that are at least trying to start legit businesses.


I know this may come to a surprise but there is no refund policy with NWC.

Once you give them money, it is gone and there is little chance that they will reply to your complaints.

This is something that most MLMs do so they get a quasi-consent from you before you even see what the company is all about.

At this point, I think it is a no-brainer; you need to run away from NWC as fast as you can.

The Final Verdict

Ok, I know what you are thinking.

I have been really hard on NWC but I have every reason for you.

They are not running a legit business. The only thing that is protecting them at this point is weak regulation laws provided by our elected representatives.

I know this for a fact because there is a Direct Selling Caucus in the United States government.

That caucus creates laws that protect these companies, not regulate them.

I have gone over many aspects of NWC and I honestly hope you make the right choice because I can’t make it for you.

There are so many other ways to make money online and MLMs is probably the worst way.

NWC claims to provide superior training programs but there are other programs out there that are FREE or cost very little.

You can even go on YouTube right now and find a few that will at least get started.

If you want an example, check out this review.

You can try it out for FREE and you get some much needed information.

There is no better feeling than creating your own online business while avoiding scams and recruitment pyramids.

I hope this review has helped you on your journey and I wish you future success.

If you have any experience with this National Wealth Center, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.


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  1. Solid review, I used to do National Wealth Center a few years ago. Total waste of time and money, was pretty much a pyramid scheme.


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