EASY1UP Business Review – Is this MLM Legit?


Company: EASY1UP

Website: http://easy1up.com/

If you found my EASY1UP review, then you most likely heard about the business from social media or a friend/family member.

EASY1UP is creating a lot of noise and you probably want to know if it is worth your time and money.

My reviews take the facts and produce pros and cons of the company.

Why does this information pertain to you?

It’s easy; I am not associated with the company at all.

Besides, I want you to make money, but I also want you to be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

I have reviewed great MLMs that make people a lot of money legitimately, and I have reviewed poor MLMs that use shady tactics to push sales and take all the profit.

By the end of the review you will be able to tell if EASY1UP is for you or if it is yet another MLM scam.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

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An EASY1UP Overview

The easy1up.com website was created and registered on June 8th, 2007.

The most recent update to the domain registration was August 26th, 2016 but unfortunately, the domain settings are private.

This is important because there is absolutely zero information about the company on their website.

This means that at a quick glance, we have no idea who founded the company and what other affiliations it might have.

You are in luck because I was fortunate enough to find several companies that popped up on my Google searches when I was researching EASY1UP.

The private server that hosts Easy1up.com is owned by Peter Wolfing.

Here are two questions that I immediately thought of: Who is Peter Wolfing? & What does Peter Wolfing have to hide?

Instead of looking into Wolfing’s character, let’s look at some of the other companies and see if EASY1UP can be trusted.

The companies include Pay Me Forward, Business Toolbox, Turbo Cycler, Infinity 100, National Wealth Center and finally, Ultimate Cycler.

Why wouldn’t Wolfing want to be recognized for founding or running several MLMs if they were legit.

Like most MLMs you can find forums with complaints or praises.

There are very few good comments about these companies.

All of them are referred to as a scam, scheme or ponzi.

I’m not saying that all of these companies are illegal…

I’m simply saying that there is a lot of negative attention that is surrounding them.

This is not a good look, and we haven’t even looked at the products or the compensation plan.

This early in the review, I have to recommend that you tread carefully.

Let’s see if my opinion of EASY1UP changes by looking at the product.

Check it out!!!

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EASY1UP Products

Elevation: $25 – Network Marketing Program

Classes Include the following titles: Why Online Network Marketing, Which Online Network Marketing Company To Join, How To Scale Your Online Network Marketing, Pros And Cons Of Network Marketing, How To Generate Leads, How To Create Your Lead Capture Page, Email Cultivation Series.

Affiliate Kick Starter Program: Signing Up For An Autoresponder Account, How To Offer Bonuses, Review Writing Techniques, How To Create A Free Offer, How To Build your Empire Of Affiliate Businesses, Email Cultivation Series, Configure Your Auto Responder, Choosing The Most Profitable Product.

Elevation Elite: $100 – Free Marketing & Cash Generation Program

Here are a few of the classes involved with the program: UDEMY, QR Codes Offline Traffic, Forum Signature Marketing, Product Creation, Solo Ads, Live Events Embedded Google Hangouts, YouTube Clickablelinks.

Vertex: $250 – Advanced Digital Business Program

Here are a few classes in the program: Getting Started in your Home-Based Business, Your Winning Mindset, Passion to Profit, Business Systems, The Irresistible Offer Part 1, The Irresistible Offer Part 2.

Vertex Elite: $500 – 2 Additional Courses

  • Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 1
  • Money Counts Live Business Building Course Part 2

Now that you know what you will be receiving for becoming a member of EASY1UP, let’s take a look at the compensation plan.


Plan To Get Paid…Or Not

The EASY1UP plan is quite simple.

Once you purchase a program, you try to recruit other people.

If you get someone to join, they gift you the cost of the program.

This sounds great right!!!

Not so fast…

If you buy the basic package and sell an elite package, you get the basic payment.

So if you are an Elevation $25 affiliate and you sell a Vertex Elite $500, you only get the $25.

You only get paid if you recruit…end of story…no ifs, ands or buts about it.

So if your recruitment dries up, so does your paycheck.

There is a 4 tier payment system which can be nice if you are in a great MLM but I don’t see how it is relevant with EASY1UP.

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The Positives Of EASY1UP

The training packages are extensive and they cover a lot of ground.

Some of the packages have over 10 videos.

This is great news but for most people who are new to online marketing, it is difficult to understand how that translates into money in your pocket.

Here is where EASY1UP loses me though…

There are other training programs available that cover all of the above training modules, but at a fraction of the price.

I will provide a great example at the end of the review so be sure to pay attention.

The Negatives Of EASY1UP

Like most MLMs that sell digital training programs, you have to purchase the product in order to qualify for each level.

An example of this is if you purchase an Elevation for $25 and recruit an Elevation Elite for $100, you only get paid as if it is a basic plan.

Now, this does not mean that the business is a fraud, you still get paid. However, this is the annoying reality.

This means that people will have to commit a lot of money to qualify for equal level recruitment payments. As I said before, recruiting is not as easy as you think.

So in order to learn how to recruit people online, I would have to purchase the training programs.

This seems to be a catch 22.

As I have said in my other reviews, I am a BIG fan of paying for education, BUT those prices are ridiculous and you really don’t get into the “meat and potatoes” of online marketing until you reach Vertex Elite by which time you’ve already spent $875 bucks – no thanks.

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The Final Verdict

If I called EASY1UP a 100% legit business, I wouldn’t be doing my job. In my opinion it is looking like another gifting scheme.

If you think my claims are false, I challenge you to find an EASY1UP member that has products rather than potential income prospects.

Seriously, go find one and I will eat crow, I promise.

Wolfing has created several gifting scheme businesses and there is only one surviving to date… JUST 1.

Let that sink in for a bit.

I’m going to make a bit of a prediction with EASY1UP.

  • It will go under just like all of the other gifting schemes that Wolfing created
  • He will take the money and run
  • Wolfing will create another company
  • Rinse & Repeat

Sorry for being so blunt, but you came here to see the truth and that is what you got.

If you have any experience with EASY1UP or want to join in on the conversation, please leave a comment by filling out the form below.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope it helps you find a business that best fits your needs.

If you want to learn how to earn money online, then check this out.

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  1. Not sure when you posted this but I have been with Easy1up for 3 years now and still making money. I’m not rich nor will you get rich with Easy1up unless you have a great list or your a professional marketer. I made my initial $1000 investment back pretty fast but I spent a couple hundred dollars in marketing to do so. These type of programs are not for beginners so don’t be fooled by the fancy sales pages and videos. You must market daily to get results and it’s not easy. Is it a scam.. Not really, but it is very tough to make money with.


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