My Modern Income Review – Build A Business or Scam?

My Modern Income Review

Company: My Modern Income
Founder: Possibly Pier-Luc Morin

Welcome to my My Modern Income 3rd party review!

I am glad that you made it to my review because you will get a lot of information that will help you make the right decision.

I understand that the most likely reason you are here is to see if you can make money with the company.

That is only half of the picture though.

Some MLMs can make you money but there are other issues to consider before investing in it.

This is where I come in. I will be going over a wide range of information and organizing it in a way that makes sense.

I start out by proving a background check on the company which may reveal a troubled past or nothing at all.

You see, a lot of MLMs try to bury basic information about the company.

This usually means the company is a scam but not all the time.

Then I provide a list of products or services so that you know what you will be selling or offering to possible recruits.

The third section is an analysis of the compensation plan which is something that you will want to pay close attention to.

I usually add a Better Business Bureau (BBB) section in my reviews but this company does not have one so it will obviously be left out.

However, I will be providing you with a list of things to be wary of in regards to My Modern Income.

I will then tell you my person feelings on the situation although it will not culminate by way of recommendation.

One thing that you have going for you is that you are doing research on companies before you join which is half the battle.

You can also check out the step-by-step training that helps me earn over $10,000+ per month working from home.

My Modern Income – What is the Company?

Things are not looking good with this company and we are in the first section of the review.

There is absolutely ZERO information about the founders or leadership on their website.

This is a red flag for a few reasons.

First of all, there is nothing more important than the leadership of a company.

For some reason, My Modern Income (MMI) is hiding it from you.

The website was registered in May of 2015 but the registration is private, so there is no way of getting that information.

After conducted extensive research the name “Pier-luc Morin” came up but I don’t know of a way to verify if that is true.

This is what bothers me most about MLMs.

They want you to join in order to make money but they are not willing to meet you halfway.

This is a major red flag and any online business opportunity that will not disclose this kind of basic information is 99% a scam.

You should think twice before joining a company like this because if they are not willing to be honest and upfront with you, why invest?

MMI Product Line


In this section I will be showing you what the company claims to do and then tell you what it actually does.

There is no physical product at all.

What you do is this, you purchase coupons for $20 and then the company advertises and shares the profit with you.

So this is what the company claims when you invest in MMI.

They claim that they help start-ups raise money for their advertising spending.

Then, you get the reward of receiving commissions after you invest.

So this is a classic MLM Return On Investment or ROI.

It is a rather simple concept but these MLMs have existed in the past and with horrible results.

I would also like to take the opportunity to point out that MMI has only been around for a year.

This is a very risky investment, here is why.

There is absolutely nothing of retail value therefore, you cannot sell anything in hopes of making money via sales.

This means that any member has to rely on making money through recruiting and if they ever get the ROI.

The reason I say, “ever get the RIO,” ask all of the people that invested money in the MLM gold scams.

There is often no funding for the companies to give back to members or else they would go out of business.

We will have to wait and see what happens with this company but I would be surprised if it makes it to year 3.

The whole problem with the company is that you purchase COUPONS.

What the hell are COUPONS; I mean, seriously.

The next issues is I have with the company is all of the advertising credits you get with the coupons have to be used on the My Modern Income website.

This is only beneficial to MMI and basically forces people to recruit or fail.

Great, another MLM that forces people to live and die by the recruitment sword.

This is not a good look for MMI and I don’t know how they could redeem themselves.

MMI Compensation Plan


Ok guys, this section might be a little long because I could not find the PDF version of the compensation plan. HERE is a link to see what the company has to say on the matter.

We already discussed the prices of the coupons, which is $20 but there are other figures that you need to consider.

The ROI on each coupon is 150% at least when it reaches that level.

There is some waiting and even then I doubt you will get anything.

In order to collect commissions, you need to have 1 active coupon although you can purchase up to 1000 coupons.

There are also Daily Commissions which give you up to 1% of your coupon’s value every day.

All you need to do is visit 10 websites in the MMI directory before the daily timer is finished.


Every time you refer someone to the MMI membership plan, you get referral points.

The more you get the more you can earn.

Take a look at the image above for the exact breakdown.

What MMI fails to tell you is something that any 6th grader can figure out with a calculator.

Let’s say that you recruit 5 people and then they recruit 5 people each and so on and so on.

That could only happen 14 times and then you run out of people on the planet.

On the 15th tier, you exceed Earth’s human population. Let’s put that into perspective.

You are forced to recruit in order to make money but you can only do so much of that.

You would have to be a world class recruiter in order to make any kind of real money here.

What makes it even worse is that MMI will not even disclose their Income Disclosure Statement so I could show you how much of a scam it is.


The tier system always starts with you.

Tier 1: 5
Tier 2: 25
Tier 3: 125
Tier 4: 625
Tier 5: 3,125
Tier 6: 15,625
Tier 7: 78,125
Tier 8: 390,625
Tier 9: 1,953,125
Tier 10: 9,765,625
Tier 11: 48,828,125
Tier 12: 244,140,625
Tier 13: 1,220,703,125
Tier 14: 6,103,515,625
Tier 15: 30,517,578,125


I thought I would prove my point by showing you an exact computation.

No MLM will provide this information to you because the whole key to these companies is creating a down line.

This is why the vast majority of people fail.

Well, that and the fact that generating leads and recruiting new members is a skill that only few people have at the moment.

That is why you should get training in such skills before you even consider an MLM.

Thing I Don’t Like About MMI

I will take the time to recap quickly so that you can see all of the red flags in one place.

I mentioned the coupons, ROI, compensation plan and lack of transparency as major issues that scream scam.

I will also point out a few more that will surely make you cringe.


The image above is the refund policy, which is located in the FAQs.

It is kind of a strange place for it but I wouldn’t put anything past this company at this point.

First of all, they don’t have a refund policy so the only thing you can ever get back is the reimbursement of the advertising coupons.

In some countries, that is illegal so you need to keep that in mind before joining.

The next thing is that I cannot take a company seriously if they are misspelling “able” incorrectly.

Not only did they do it once, but they did it twice.

This seems like a petty callout but any legit company would care about every detail.


The next image is almost laughable.

They are seriously trying to tell people why they are not a ponzi/scam in their FAQs.

This means that many people have asked this question and they want to provide people with their opinion on the matter.

Here is a tip; if a company has a question like this one in their FAQs, it probably means they are a ponzi/scam.

The Final Verdict

I have been hard on MMI but for good reason.

I think they are operating immorally, and should be called out on it.

Look, you came here for the truth and although the company is still operating, I cannot see this company lasting much longer.

The government may step in or the company will run out of money to “pay” their members and the mystery leadership will jump ship and start a similar company with all the cash made from MMI.

I would like to take the time to give you a little advice.

Most people interested in MLMs are newbies, meaning you have little to no experience in the business.

You should seriously consider a training program that shows you how to create your own business online.

There are thousands of them online and some of them are FREE.

The programs teach you many things but the most important gain from this is that you don’t have to rely on people you have never met.

You can also avoid the challenges and drawbacks of recruiting.

If you are looking for an example, check out this review.

I hope my review helped you in some fashion.

If you have any experience with MMI, would like to ask a question or leave a comment, feel free to fill out the form below.


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