MyWorkingHour Review: Legit Or Scam To Avoid?

It’s not that hard to find opportunities to make money online, considering there are thousands of websites out there offering various ways for you to earn.

The challenge is finding the right opportunity that is not only legitimate but also something that will be worth investing your time and effort into.

There are a lot of opportunities out there that turn out to be a scam or just a big waste of your time as the earning potential is not worth the time and effort that you need to put in.

To help you avoid the scams, we review money-making websites and recommend the ones that are worth checking out.

For this review, we’ll look at a site called MyWorkingHour, which promises that you can make $200 a day doing minimal work online.

A claim like this is normally a red flag as it is not usually realistic. But let’s dig deeper and see if this website is really legit or just a scam to avoid.

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MyWorkingHour is a Scam Site that You Should Avoid

MyWorkingHour is a site that claims to provide an opportunity for people to make money promoting referral links.

They claim that top members are able to earn $200 a day and more than $5,000 per month doing this simple task. You can withdraw your money once you reach $300 in earnings and they will pay via PayPal.

From the moment I saw this website, I instantly knew that this opportunity is just a scam that is out to get your information.

For one, the job they offer is not really a legit job. You can’t make money whenever someone just clicks a referral link that you are promoting.

Another reason is that this kind of opportunity has also been used countless times before. The site is also not secure by possible attacks, so the information you provide is vulnerable.

The site is full of lies, especially their claim that they have been doing this for years. Lastly, the site has yet to pay anyone the money that they have supposedly earned promoting the referral link the site provides.

I’ll discuss in more detail these issues with MyWorkingHour showing they are nothing but a scam site out to steal information.

Who Uses MyWorkingHour?

MyWorkingHour is designed for people who are in a difficult financial situation and are looking for opportunities to help them make money quickly and easily.

The site’s promise of easy money is hard to ignore, especially if you are in need of a financial solution.

It is unfortunate that there are people who take advantage of others’ misfortunes, especially if the problem is money.

This is why it’s important that you should always be vigilant about these money-making opportunities and do your research first.

In this way, you get to avoid being victimized by these scam sites. In the next section, I’ll discuss in more detail the different red flags with MyWorkingHour.

Why MyWorkingHour is A Scam?

MyWorkingHour is a site that claims to provide people with an opportunity to make money doing simple tasks online.

The task you need to do is to just share your referral link. You get to earn money every time someone clicks that link.

The site says that they get paid whenever they send traffic to their advertiser’s websites and they give you a portion of their earnings.

The site claims that their top members earn around $200 a day and you can make a withdrawal once you reach $300.

As mentioned above, though, MyWorkingHour is just a big scam that is out to steal your information. The company doesn’t provide a legitimate opportunity to make money online.

One reason is that the job they are offering is not a legitimate job. They claim that you get paid just by promoting a link and that every time someone clicks your link you get paid.

They say their advertisers pay them for sending traffic to their websites. The kind of job itself is dubious but I’ll give you a more concrete example that this is a lie.

The link you will promote is just your referral link. So, it’s not their advertiser’s website you are promoting. What’s more, the site itself doesn’t have any ads, so who are these advertisers?

Another red flag with MyWorkingHour is that the site is not secure from any attacks since they don’t have an SSL certificate.

This means any sensitive information you provide on the site can easily be stolen.

Another reason why it is a scam is that their site is full of lies. The site claims it has been around for years and that they have sent out thousands of dollars in payments to their members.

Sure, the site and this opportunity has been around for years, if you consider the fact that this opportunity has been used a lot of times before.

If you’ve seen and, you’ll have seen that their design, the text, and everything else is similar except for the name of the website.

And just recently. MyWorkingHour’s Facebook page is now promoting, which also has a similar design. So yeah, the site has been around for years, but it has just been using different names.

As for paying thousands of dollars to members monthly, I wonder who these member are. People who have tried the site have all complained that they have yet to be paid.

There hasn’t been any report whatsoever of anyone who has received their money after reaching the minimum cash out threshold. So, again, who are they paying the money to?

What I Like about MyWorkingHour

Now that we know what MyWorkingHour is and what it brings, it’s time to discuss what I like about this opportunity.

  • Well, there’s nothing to like about MyWorkingHour. This site is just one big scam that is out to steal people’s information so there’s nothing to like about them.

What I Dislike about MyWorkingHour

When it comes to things that I don’t like about MyWorkingHour, there’s actually a lot of them. But I’ll only concentrate on the most important ones that you need to know.

  • The first thing is that MyWorkingHour is a scam. Yes, it is a scam which won’t earn you any money. No matter how much you complain or how many times you rant about it online, this company won’t pay you anything because they’re not legit. They’re really designed to just scam people. So, it is best to stay away from them.
  • I also don’t like that the MyWorkingHour website is not safe and secure. The site is not SSL certified, which means any information you provide can easily be stolen. Don’t even bother giving this site a try since your information is what they are after in the first place.
  • I’m also not a fan of the fact that this kind of website is still existing and operating. MyWorkingHour is not the first site to use this exact same scam and it won’t be the last. It’s important that you’re vigilant about money-making opportunities and that you do some research first before providing your information or give money. By being vigilant, we’ll be able to reduce sites like these as people won’t join them anymore.

Do I Recommend MyWorkingHour?

After learning more about MyWorkingHour and what it really brings to the table, I can say that this is an opportunity that you should avoid.

The site is just a scam that is out to steal your information like name, email address, and home address. They’re likely selling that information to whoever is willing to buy it.

Even if you manage to avoid sites like MyWorkingHour, you need to be aware of how the site looks and how it operates.

This is not the first site that has tried this tactic and it is certainly won’t be the last one. If you go to MyWorkingHour’s Facebook page, you can see that they’re already trying to promote a new site.

The site is called and it has the exact same design and content. The only difference is the name.

By being vigilant for sites like these, we can minimize their number since there will be less and fewer people falling for their lies.

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