My Long Tail Pro Platinum Review & Tutorial – Keyword Research Software

If you are reading this Long Tail Pro Platinum review then chances are you would have heard about Long Tail Pro and what it does.

But, how you use the tool will determine whether you make money in the next 3 months or in the next 3 years.

If you haven’t heard of Long Tail Pro then, no worries, I’ve gotcha covered … read this entire article and it’ll become your best friend.

But in short, Long Tail Pro is a keyword research seo (search engine optimization) tool that helps you to find long tail keywords that you can easily rank for in the search engines.

But first … a little proof to show you that I’m not blowing smoke up your a**.

Seen enough? No sweat, then follow these instructions to get the video, otherwise, please keep reading.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

long tail pro review show you how to select keyword



rank on first page long tail pro review



long tail pro review select gold nuggets


By the way …

You won’t find the keywords that I am ranking above magically popping up in Long Tail Pro – nope, and that’s because the Google Keyword Planner (where LTP gets its keywords from) won’t pull them up naturally.

Like I mentioned above, it comes down to how you use the tool.

You can use LTP right out-of-the-box and you’ll probably find some decent keywords to go after, but if you think about it, this is what everyone else does.

Which means that you’re competing in the same “playground” as everyone else.

But if you think-outside-the-box, you can literally start ranking for keywords that most people miss, which means less competition, and first page rankings in days not weeks.

I collect my buyer keywords from a different keyword source using a free keyword tool (not the Adwords Keyword Tool or what is referred to as the Google Keyword Planner Tool), and import them into Long Tail Pro to find which ones I should rank for.

Most people have no clue about this keyword source, or if they do, they haven’t connected the dots yet, or know how to extract the information on a large scale, which I believe gives me the edge over my competitors.

So while everyone else is scrambling to compete for the same 10 positions in Google, I fly under the raider and find keywords that no one knows exists, and get first page rankings quickly. And because they’re buyer keywords I make bank too.

I have made money using this method in as little as two weeks.

I’ll show you where this free keyword tool is, and how to use it with Long Tail Pro in the video that I offer as a bonus to folks who purchase LTP using my affiliate link towards the end of this article.

But first keyword research is fundamental

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of blogging, because if you target the wrong keyword, then your time and effort will be all for nothing.

That’s why it’s important to go into keyword research with a plan.

What most people do when using Long Tail Pro is find keywords that have got traffic, and then check to see if they can rank for it  using the KC feature in the platinum version, paying no regard to whether that keyword is a buyer keyword or not.

And that’s fine if your intention is to just drive traffic to your website. But if you intend on making money with your website then you need to be a lot more selective when choosing your target keyword, as you don’t want to be wasting a single minute writing a post that is not going to make you money.

Focus on buyer keywords

Therefore it’s important when you get started using Long Tail Pro to focus on buyer keywords first and then come back to the other easy to rank keywords at a later date.

What are buyer keywords?

Buyer keywords are phrases that a searcher types into Google with the intention of buying. Meaning they have already carried out their research on a product and they are at a point where they are looking for that last bit of information that will tip them over the edge to buy.

How do you find these buyer keywords?

I’ll get to that in a moment, but I want to show you how I use Long Tail Pro to identify keywords to rank.

So What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro was developed by Spencer Haws.

It is a point and click type of software, all you have to do is put in your seed keywords and then the software will go and collect related keywords from the Google Keyword Planner Tool. This is the way most people use it and you can definitely undercover some keyword gems using this method.

But as I mentioned before, everyone else is using the same set of keywords as well, so doesn’t it make sense to maybe gather your keywords from a different source?

Just saying …

Anyway, here’s the traditional way of using the tool.

A quick tutorial

  • Enter in a seed keyword.
  • Select Exact match and then Generate Keywords (This has changed now that Google is pushing users to use the Keyword Planner Tool), you no longer have to select match type, as the default is set to Exact match.

long tail pro review settings

  • Wait a couple of seconds for it to spit out the results.
  • Sort by local search – from lowest to highest search volume.
  • Start looking at the low end of the search volume – anything over 10 is good (if it’s a buyer keyword).
  • Then simply click the KC “calculate” button to understand how difficult it would be to rank on the first page.

long tail pro review KC feature


The Avg KC is a calculation of how difficult it would be to rank for a keyword in Google.  KC stands for keyword competition and allocates a number between 0 and 100, where 0 would be easy to rank and 100 would be almost impossible to rank.

Anything under 35 would be a good keyword to go after.

So imagine find keywords all day long and writing articles around that keyword. It won’t be long before you start generate free traffic.

Get Long Tail Pro Here

So you have seen how to use Long Tail Pro to easily identify whether a keyword is worth going after using the Avg KC button in the platinum version, and you know that you should focus on buyer keywords when performing keyword research.

But to get the unfair advantage over your competitors you need to gather your keywords from a different source.

Now obviously you can buy Long Tail Pro from anyone, but if you buy it using my affiliate link below then I will reveal the free keyword tool that helps me make money in 2 weeks.

Click on this link to purchase Long Tail Pro.

NOTE: Only the Pro + Platinum has the KC feature.

Once you have purchased Long Tail Pro using this link or the link above then send your receipt to support [at] or use the contact form here and I will send you a video of where to find the free keyword tool.

PS: If you already have Long Tail Pro, but want to upgrade to the Platinum version then you can still get my video by upgrading using this link and clicking the button as shown in the picture below.



Once you click the green button, just double check at the vey bottom of the payment page that the affiliate id is as shown in the picture below.


If you have any question please leave me a comment below and I’ll get to answering it for you.



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15 thoughts on “My Long Tail Pro Platinum Review & Tutorial – Keyword Research Software”

  1. After using different keyword tools for a couple of months and failing to rank in Google l am willing to start afresh. l own two websites in the affiliate marketing niche and l am willing to purchase LTP Platinum using your links as long as you do not mind supporting me during the early stages. Once l learn to fly, soaring will be my baby. Feel free to PM if you need any further details.

  2. What would the best keyword tool be for my Avon business? Jaaxy or Long Tail Pro Platinum? I have another Avon blog also, [removed]. They both rank fairly high with Avon keywords but the competition is very high right now.

    • Depending on what you’re trying to create really. Jaaxy is great for building authority type websites and Long Tail Pro is greate for targeting specific keyword phrases to rank.

  3. Hi Frank,

    I upgraded to the platinum version for LTP and emailed my proof to support. I am wondering when I should expect the bonus info and keyword tool you use?

    I appreciate it.

  4. I think long tail pro tracks all the keyword ideas using Moz APi and Google data. But the correlation data you have mentioned here for Google Keyword Planner is excellent since blogger’s priority is GKP but on which competition it works they don’t care.

  5. hello Frank I just started affiliate from Amazon and I am interested long tail pro and find some store where can make sure me for help support in case problem with program I already review around your site and that make me following your site.I have plan to by long tail pro with this site could you please inform me for cost it,your promotion and payment I also have paypal account.thanks

  6. Hi Frank,
    I’m using LongTailPRO since this year and having awesome results.
    I built a niche site, monetized with Amazon and making already some sales.
    It’s a fantastic tool to get profitable keywords.

    Thanks for your post.

  7. I came across Longtail Pro this morning, downloaded the trial version and was about to buy the $97 program…seems like a good buy. But the more research I’ve done today, it seems the KC score is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about making money with niche sites. I hate to spend the bucks, but hate even more leaving money and possibly niche site success. Any advice?



    • Yep, spend the money Ron.

      If you learn how to use it properly, it could mean the difference of making money or not making money.

      If you don’t get it, then there will be no change to your current situation.

  8. Hi. This long tail pro review is much useful for me and i learned many thing relevant to keyword research. Now i do keywords followed by your idea methodology.

  9. Great review of long tail pro, now i understand how to do keyword research. Long tail pro is the best software to find profitable long tail keyword in any niche


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