What Are Buyer Keywords And Why Should I Care

If you can nail this concept down, then you will have a much better chance of making money online.

Recently, I have written quite a few posts where I state that you should focus the creation of your initial blog content on buyer keywords.

Which means that you should create your posts off of highly targeted, highly motivated buyer keywords.

And although most will understand the overall concept of a buyer keyword, you might still be in the dark when it comes to performing the mechanics of the search.

So I created this article to unravel the mysteries of buyer keywords so that you can start producing your own money making posts.

Cha ching!

What are buyer keywords

Buyer keywords are keyword phrases that people type into a search engine with the intention of performing a buying action.

This action could be to sign up for a free or paid membership or to purchase a product or service.

Buyer keywords are typically typed into search engines once a searcher has done their research on a product or service. And are at point where they have their credit card in hand and ready to purchase.

And these are the keywords that you should spend the bulk of your attention on when you first create your blog, because they will pay big dividends down the road.

Why are they so important?

The reason why you should concentrate on creating content for buyer keywords first is because it will take a little time for your blog post to rank on the first page of Google.

So if you concentrate your initial efforts on creating income generating posts then you’ll be earning a lot sooner than if you took an arbitrary approach to content creation.

So now you need to understand what makes a good buyer keyword.

Getting a handle on buyer keywords

Depending on who you talk to you will get a different answer on what makes a good buyer keyword.

Some say the key to a good buyer keyword is search volume, while other say it’s cost per click and yet others say go for low competition keywords.

And the truth of the matter is, all of these factors should be considered when selecting a good keyword.

And here’s why…

Search volume

This is a no brain-er really.

The keyword you go after must have people searching for it.

If no ones searching for your keyword then you’ll get no traffic and you would have wasted all your valuable blogging time creating a kick ass post for the tumble weeds.

But you don’t have to find keywords with the highest number of searches to be profitable either. Sometimes a keyword with 20 searches a month will be enough to make you a reasonable income.

Especially, if the product or service you are selling has a high price point.

You can easily find products that will earn you a $100 commission for a single sale. Get enough of these keywords ranking on the first page of Google and soon you’ll have a full-time income.

So intent of the keyword is more important than volume.

How to find the intent of a keyword.

Is the intention of the keyword to solve a problem?

For example:
How to cure acne.
How to stop my dog from barking.
How to get rid of ants.
How to stop snoring.
How to stop smoking.

Is it to enhance your lifestyle?

For example:
How to get a better golf swing.
How to jump higher.
How to be more attractive to women.

Is it to show you how to do something?

For example:
How to build a chicken coop.
How to create a garden shed.
How to create Youtube videos.

Well, I think you get the picture…

If someone is searching for a way to cure acne then they are highly motivated to solve their problem, which means they would be more likely to buy a product that will solve their acne problem.

Keywords that center around solving problems are really good keywords to go after because they have a higher chance of converting into sales, because people are looking for a way of stopping the pain.

Where’s learning how to get a better golf swing “is a nice to have solution”, but something that they can put off for a while. These keywords do produce sales, but you’d be best to concentrate on the keywords that solve problems first.

Another way to see if a keyword is worth going after is by identifying how much money advertisers are willing to pay for a click.

Cost per click

If you were to look up your keyword in the free Google keyword tool, then you will find how much Adwords advertisers are willing to pay to have their ad shown when a searcher types the phrase into Google.

This is usually a good indication of commercial intent.

If advertisers are willing to pay say $2 per click for a keyword, then it is safe to assume that there’s money to be made with that keyword.

Which means that if you can rank that keyword on the first page of Google then you will have a good chance of making money from it.

But this is not always a clear indication, because some companies that have a massive advertising budget will pay more than what that keyword is worth purely for branding purposes.

Use the follow free buyer keyword examples to string together your own buyer keyword phrases.

Free example buyer keywords

– Cure
– Improve
– Get rid of
– Reduce
– Recover
– Deal with
– Code with
– Heal
– Treat
– End
– Fix
– Repair
– Protect
– Avoid
– Prevent
– Relieve
– Remedy
– Restore
– Solve
– Rebuild
– Buy
– Purchase
– Gain
– Eliminate
– Increase
– Order
– Compare
– Overcome
– Learn
– Alleviate
– That Works
– Top
– Fast
– Quick
– Easily
– Best
– For sale
– On sale
– Vs
– For women
– For men
– For girls
– For guys
– For children
– For kids
– For couples
– For students
– For newbies
– Cheap
– Cheapest
– For seniors
– Reviews (s)
– Guide (s)
– Bonus
– Scam
– Solution
– Comparison
– Training
– Technique
– Program(s)
– Method (s)
– Plan (s)
– Software
– How to
– How do you
– How to get rid of
– How do I
– How can I
– How to make
– Get rid of
– review
– bargain
– budget
– inexpensive
– low cost
– low priced
– reduced
– model numbers
– brand names
– new
– deals
– need
– discount
– coupon
– discount code

And the way to use these keywords is to just start typing them into Google and watch what phrases Google suggest comes up with.

Although the majority of these keywords will have small search volume, in some cases you’ll find absolute gems with low competition.

Best buyer keyword tool

Getting a good keyword tool is the best investment a blogger can make when it comes to identifying which buyer keywords to go after. It’s an essential element to my business.

An effective keyword tool will allow you to find buyer keywords fast, so that you can concentrate on content creation rather than keyword research.

Sometimes I have to sift through hundreds of keywords before I find a suitable one to go after, so imagine having to do this calculation manually.

Yep, that would be a waste of valuable blogging time.

Check out my Long Tail Pro review to understand the keyword tool that makes the magic happen.

Want to learn how to maximize your keyword research and make money online? Then come join me here.

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