Why Keyword Research Is So Important?

Without traffic you can’t make sales and without sales you’re in the same boat as 95% of all the other penniless marketers.

Ask a blogger (who’s actually making money) what’s one of the most important parts of their business – guess what they’d say?

Yep – keyword research.

Ask an affiliate marketer who only advertises using paid traffic the same question – guess what they’d say?

You’re right again – keyword research.

Even if they lie and say some sh*t like copywriting, ask them if they do keyword research and you’d hear a resounding – yes.


Marketing 101 – baby. Identify your target audience.

Well, I’m not sure if that’s marketing 101, because I missed that course in school :), but you’d have to agree that identifying your target market is fundamental to business.

And the way to target your potential audience online is to find out what keyword phrases your target audience types into the search engines. And by creating content that uses those keyword phrases will automatically put you in front of your target audience.


You need to select the right keyword phrases.

Target the wrong phrase and you will get the wrong people visiting your website.

You have to get specific with your keyword research, or you’ll could end up wasting your efforts on what you thought was a winner, but was a little too general.

For example: If your website is about cooking gourmet BBQ food and you were selling gourmet hamburger patties, and you went after a keyword phrase like “gourmet food tips” the last visitor you will want to attract to your website is going to be a vegetarian looking for gourmet food tips.

So you’d have to refine the keyword phrase down so that it is more specific, like “gourmet hamburger tips”.

Similarly, if you’re the owner of a dog training website where you’re selling dog training videos then a visitor who is looking for cat training video’s is not going to be any good either.

Which is why keyword research for your website is vitally important.

But being able to identify the keyword that will bring in the right type of person is one thing.

Then next is figuring out whether you can get on the first page of Google with that keyword.

Because let’s face it, if you’re not on the first couple of pages in Google, then no ones gonna visit your website.

Being able to rank on the first page

So let’s say you have found a keyword that targets the right audience.

It doesn’t relate exactly to what you’re selling, but you can see how you can make it relevant and use it as a feeder keyword as I describe in my keyword research checklist.

The next thing you have to do is figure out whether you can rank for it in the serps.

As you can imagine, to manually calculate whether you can rank for a certain keyword phrase can not only be boring and time consuming, but a BIG fat pain in the backside.

I used to spend hours manually calculating out each individual keyword phrase to see whether I could rank on the front page of Google or not. But then I found a keyword tool that would do all of the calculations for me with a single click of a button.

You can check out my Long Tail Pro review and see why it has become one of the best investments I’ve made online.

Believe me you’ll thank me once you start using this tool, because it’ll free you up to concentrate on creating a business instead of consuming your time doing keyword research.

If you get good at identifying the right keywords you’ll never have to work for the man again. Just sayin …

So once you have identified a hand full of keywords then it’s simply a case of just creating content for them, and pushing the publish button on your blog.

If you have read this entire page and not figured out why keyword research is so important then you should read it again man, because the clues are there.

But also check out this post – because it’ll allow you to SEE keyword opportunities that never existed before.

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