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So this morning I was listening to a Podcast on keyword research that I found while consuming a sh*t load of cool content on Pat Flynn’s website.

Pat did an interview with the creator (Spencer Haws) of one of my favorite keyword software tools Long Tail Pro, which if you have read some of my more recent post you will see that I kinda like the tool (just a little bit) :).

The software is based on finding long tail keywords that are easy to rank in Google and thereby driving targeted visitors back to your website.

But I also want you to take a look at how I categorize keywords using my keyword research checklist, and then use them to drive traffic back to my website.

This will give you a little insight into how you can use a keyword tool like Long Tail Pro to get on the front page of Google for easy to rank keywords and make a lot of money.

Trust me, you’ll never look at keywords the same again.

Okay, so having said all that, remember software programs like Long Tail Pro are cool and everything, but just keep in mind that they are “just tools” man. They are not going to spit money out if you don’t use them k.

Moreover, you have to understand how to use the tool.

The way that some people promote these tools make it sound as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I must admit that I can get carried away sometimes myself, but if I thinks it rocks, then that comes out in my writing – so whats a man to do.

The important thing to remember is that the tool will just make your life a lot easiest, in that you won’t have to perform time consuming, boring calculations on hundreds and hundreds of keywords.

Anyway, back to this podcast thing with Pat and Spencer …

You can listen to the entire podcast here, but it’s a little over an hour long, and if you don’t have the time then peep the highlights below.

How Spencer turned his hobby of building websites into a business.

  • The light bulb that went off in Spencer’s head that allowed him to finally start seeing results with his work online.
  • Exactly how many websites Spencer had when he quit his job in 2011, and the range of income he was earning from each.
  • How Spencer “manages” a large number of websites at the same time.
  • How Spencer’s business model has changed since he first started.
  • One of the most common mistakes when conducting keyword research.
  • Spencer’s exact parameters and exactly what he’s looking for when analyzing keywords.
  • Specific strategies for finding ‘seed keywords’ to put into tools like Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro
  • What Spencer looks for when it comes to the competition for a particular keyword with search and traffic potential.
  • Tools to help you determine how authoritative a competitive site may be.
  • The start to finish process that Spencer used to rank a site in the survival industry, including the exact keyword he built a website for.
  • What ‘juice page links’ and Page authority are and how to determine if a niche is too competitive to build a site for.
  • Spencer’s content plan and what he did to stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • How Spencer built links to his site.
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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Or leave a comment below – Especially if you’re a Long Tail Pro user.

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