How To Create Blog Content Drives Traffic

Have you ever wanted to know how to create blog content that attracts the right audience to your website? Then this article is for you.

One of the most important parts to making money online is to create content for your blog.

A lot of people get stuck when it comes to content creation because they don’t really know where to start or what to blog about.

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But let me tell you that it’s helluva important that you get this content creation thing down. Because it’s the cornerstone to making money as a blogger.

No content = no traffic = no sales.

But, I’m not good at creating content, I hear you say.

Join the club, before I started blogging I was the worse content creator you could find.

Heck, I even failed English in school – and I mean no one fails English – right?

So, it’s funny that I now make my living from producing content all day long. lol.

If you’re not good at creating content, don’t worry, anyone can get good at it, it’s just takes a little patience and practice.

You gotta put in the reps man

You gotta practice to get good at anything, so dedicate a little time to writing everyday and soon you’ll be really good at it.

I mean Michael Jordan didn’t become a basketball superstar overnight, he worked as tail off to become one of the greatest BB’ers of all time.

Similarly, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become 7 times Mr Olympia by doing a few reps in the gym, no, he literally worked his butt off and became the best body builder of all time.

And just like Arnold you need to put in the reps to become good at it.

You don’t have to become the best, you just have to do enough to make you sales.

Take me for example, I am not the greatest writer, but I do enough writing to earn a full-time living from it. And so can you.

How does putting in the reps translate to writing content?

Well, think of it this way.

Your computer is your gym and your keyword board is your bench, so just bench press that sucker out.

Just write – everyday.

Sure, you’re gonna have some articles that suck, but as you write you’ll get better at identifying how to structure and present content.

Get good at forming opinions and write about it as if your talking to one of your mates.

Once you are ready to start doing reps then the best place to get busy, is with keywords phrases that people are always typing into the search engines.

Once you rank for these keyword terms, it guarantees that you will get visitors coming to your website.

So how do you find the best keywords that everyone is typing in?

You use a keyword tool.

This is the magical element to blogging and it will determine whether you make money now rather than later.

Keyword research is everything, which means that it’s an investment you should make if you are serious about blogging for money.

Find a really good keyword tool that identifies what keywords are going to bring in high quality traffic with the lowest number of competing pages.

All you do then is just pick the keyword phrase that you want to write about and  you are pretty much guaranteed to get that traffic.

You can check out the keyword tool that I use and how I use it to rank on the first page of Google here.

Find blog content by doing a little research

Next you have to do a little research to understand what you should include in your content for that keyword phrase.

To do this just perform a search in Google using that phrase and find what others have written.

Their content will identify language patterns and topics that are synonymous to the keyword phrase that they search engines like. Use these patterns as a framework to base your content around.

Note: It’s really important that you don’t copy their work, because Google will penalize your site for duplicate content. For a more detailed explanation go here.

Can I Buy Blog Content

Sure you can, many people do.

You can find freelance writers on,, or you can hire a full-time writer if you’ve got the cash to do so.

Often the cost to create the content is relatively cheap, but it can take a wee while to find a really good writer.

But at the end of the day, the success of your business is gonna come down to how good the quality of your content is.

I’d rather create the content myself in the full knowledge that I know exactly what is going out.

Beside, you need to get really good at engaging with your readers and the only way to do this is to do the reps baby.

Now you’ve got a brief understand how to create blog content for your website let me show you how to put it altogether. Join me here

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