Keywords That Magically Spits Out Money

So you’ve writtern what you think is a really cool article … it’s informative … it has a video, a picture and everything else that the BIG SEO players tell you that you should have in your post.

You hit publish ….

And you wait … and wait … and wait …

… and finally you start seeing some traffic.

Goodie you think to yourself I’m gonna be rich.

But hold up yo …

Day 1 – no sales …

Day 2 – no sales …

Day 23 – still no sales …

I mean – what’s up wit dat.

Well my friend, there’s a number of possibilities, but the one that I see new players failing on all the time is …

“You just chose the wrong keyword player”

You see, although the keyword that you based your article on had the traffic, the problem was the intention to purchase just wasn’t there.

Searchers follow a buying pattern

Keywords that searchers type into search engines are typical of where their thought pattern is in a purchases buying cycle.

This means, that most people follow a consistent pattern when thinking about buying a product.

So without getting too technical, the pattern falls into these 3 categories:

1) Research phase

This is where the searcher is looking for a product or service to solve a problem.

They’re not quite sure if there is a product or service that will resolve their problem, but they’re interested in what might be available.

So it’s an information gathering exercise.

They’re not ready to make a buying decision yet until they feel as if they have enough information to make a fair assessment.

And although you might get a lot of people typing these phrases into a search engine, they typically don’t convert into sales.

Simply, because the nature of the information gathering exercise means that they will visit 10, 20, maybe 30 websites before going to the next step – The Comparison Phase.

2) Comparison Phase

So after they’ve gathered up all of their information … they find that there are a number of products available that will resolve their problem.

So now its a case of picking which products will resolve their problem the best.

These keyword phrases are great to go after, because the searcher is now at a point where they are ready to make a purchase.

And whats more, they have a list of products that fit the bill.

Now they just need a little convincing as to which product will best suit their needs.

Once they know what product they want, they’re at a point where they have their credit card in hand and ready to buy.

3) Buying phase

So now they know what they want, it now becomes a case of – where can they buy the product.

These keywords are the best keywords to go after, and although they may not have as much traffic, they don’t need a lot to convert into sales.

So although the phrase might be searched 50 times a month, you are more likely to make a sale from a buyer keyword phrase than from a research keyword phase that gets 2000 searches a month.

So if you concentrate your efforts on writng content that focuses on phases 2 and 3 you’ll have an easier time making money online.

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