Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023 : Does It Still Work Or Is It A Scam?

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If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money online without trying to qualify for online surveys or getting paid pennies for your efforts then this review on Wealthy Affiliate might be what you’ve been looking for.

I had a number of online friends ask me if I knew anything about a company called Wealthy Affiliate because they had heard some good things about them, and to be honest, I did too, but, after visiting their main website, I sort of thought, nope – not for me.

You see, there wasn’t a lot on their main website that made me want to look any further, but, the more I heard about them, the more intrigued I got, so, I thought, okay, let’s put on the “investigation hat” and take a proper look under the hood, cause I didn’t want to miss out on a potentially lucrative opportunity.

When I carried out my initial investigation on Wealthy Affiliate, it was purely as an experiment, to see if the company was legit for a few friends of mine, however I didn’t imagine that I was going to make much or ANY money with them when I first got started, but as it turns out – I did.

And you can see from my screenshots below I am earning between $4000 – $6000 per month with Wealthy Affiliate.

Here’s a screenshot of proof of payment where I received $4,082.50 of income from Wealthy Affiliate in November 2014.

wealthy affiliate review : november_income_wa

Here’s another screenshot where I received $5,762.50 in December 2014

wealthy affiliate review : december_income_wa

So if that’s anything to go by, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely legit and you do get paid as you can see from the pictures above.

Keep in mind that it was around the same time the previous year that I actually started the Wealthy Affiliate program, and only did it part-time (and I still do).

So imagine in a years time, what another $4 – $6K per month could do for you and your family, if you work this part-time.

Believe me, a year will come and go so fast, and if you haven’t done anything new to change your current situation then you’ll be exactly where you are today, where ever that might be.

All you have to do is to follow what I do, ask me questions along the way and I will help coach you to your first sale.

[ Wealthy Affiliate Review UPDATE – January 2016 ]

Now I know that the income shots I illustrated above was for the year 2014, so it’s a little out of date now, but I guess it shows that it is indeed possible to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate.

So how did I do the following year?

Here’s Income proof of $6343.50 for December 2015.

wealthy affiliate review : december2015

And here’s income proof of $5,731.50 I received in January 2016 from Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate review : January2016

[ Wealthy Affiliate Review UPDATE – January 2017 ]

And the year after that?

The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 gets a little interesting.

In fact, this snapshot shows the first month that I broke the $10k per month mark.

It was definitely an unusual month for sure, and compared to the previous years income for the same period, it is an increase of over $4000.00.

This screenshot shows $10,678.50 USD I received in December 2016 from Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate review : income_december_2016

[ Wealthy Affiliate Review UPDATE – January 2018 ]

And here a comparative payment for December 2017

wealthy affiliate review : Income

[ Wealthy Affiliate Review UPDATE – January 2019 ]

And another for December 2018wealthy affiliate review : income

This not only shows the consistency in payments over the years I have been with Wealthy Affiliate, but it also shows that the business is still relevant to this very day.

Most of the other businesses that I have reviewed over the years have disappeared, gone bankrupt, been taken to court, or just gone out of business. So I’m super glad that Wealthy Affiliate is still going strong.

wealthy affiliate review : free sign up

What I hope to achieve in showing you income proof is that it is clear that money can be made with the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Which is to say that the business model works, and not just for a short period of time, but over a long period of time and well into 2020 and beyond.

The significance being that most businesses fail within the first two years.

And I know it’s all well and good for me to say that I’m earning money online, BUT, it’s another thing to say that other people are earning money too.

Is anyone else earning money in Wealthy Affiliate, or am I the ONLY one?

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m not the ONLY one earning money in the Wealthy Affiliate community, as you can see from the pics below. You’d be surprised at HOW many other people in the Wealthy Affiliate community are earning money too.

I know I was …


If you can follow simple instructions, and you have a computer or a laptop, then you’ll have everything you need to get started in this online marketing business and earn money the same way I do in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to learn how to make a legitimate income online then simply fill in the form as shown below and sign up free.

You’ll get my guidance inside.

Join Me At Wealthy Affiliate

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be given instructions on what to do next.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, unlike most affiliate marketing products you find online, Wealthy Affiliate is more of an interactive community of entrepreneurs helping each other earn money online.

Gosh that was a mouth full.

Point is – if you’re gonna have any chance of succeeding online, then you should get as much help as possible.

And I’m not talking about just any ol help, but help from top earners and industry experts and Millionaires.

What they have managed to create at Wealthy Affiliate is not only a “how to” series of lessons, but also lessons on how everything fits together.

Once you understand how things fit together then learning each component becomes a whole lot easier, because you understand the BIG picture.

Apart from that, they have (in my opinion) the best resource available when it comes to learning affiliate marketing and that is a community of people, helping people.

In fact, the training inside span further than just catering for the newbie marketer … there’s also some really good lessons for the immediate and advanced marketers too.

You’ll learn about

  • finding a niche market
  • how to perform effective keyword research
  • how to create a blog
  • what to put on your blog
  • where to get free pictures from for your blog …

and they even give you two free blogs to get started – whhaaat.

If you want to get an idea of what you’ll learn and how you could be earning money then check this out.

Plus a whole lot more … you’ll understand once you get inside.

You can actually sign up for a free account here and see what WA has to offer.

In fact that’s exactly what I would do, if I was serious

about evaluating them for myself that way you’ll better understand the pros and cons as it applies to you.

If you join me here then you will get my personal assistance inside Wealthy Affiliate to help you make your first sale.

What are people saying about Wealthy Affiliate?

testimonial4_001 testimonial4 testimonials3_001

testominal2 testimonial1

So why listen to me? And why were people asking me to help them earn money online?

Because I earn a full-time living as an affiliate marketer, and have done so now for the past 10+ years.

So I sort of know a thing or two about earning money online, which is why I know that Wealthy Affiliate will work for people who are serious about making a living online.

Is Wealthy Affiliate my only income source?

Nope, because as an affiliate marketer I have access to sell thousands of other products I don’t own and earn an income from them.

Here’s another income screenshot of what I earn from a different company.


You can also see how I got into affiliate marketing and generate tens of thousands of dollars here.

I’m NOT a guru …

Nor do I live in a multi-million dollar house or drive around in a Ferrari.

Nope, I live in a fairly modest house, two cars, two cats, with a wife and two kids.

You could kinda say that I’m an average guy, BUT I have always had dreams of working for myself and living life on my own terms, and NOT being dictated to by a J.O.B.

Case in point …

Do you still have to ask for permission to go on holiday?

Look I totally get it -there’s just somethings you have to do when you work for someone else.

Well, that’s that thing that I wanted to get away from.

Now – I go when I want, for as long as a want.

Do you have to commute long distances to work everyday?

Not me – I roll outta bed and walk to my office, which is just down the hallway. ( sometimes even before brushing my teeth – I know – gross).

Funny enough though, I get up early anyway, because I love what I do.

I love the freedom of what affiliate marketing gives me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, although it might sound like I’m bragging, it’s the other way round – I am truly grateful that I am able to experience those simple things on a daily basis.

That’s For Real.

Wealthy Affiliate wasn’t around when I started my affiliate marketing journey, but if it was, then it would have made my life a lot easier, because the lessons taught inside the premium membership will save you a ton a time and money.

It means that you only have to concentrate on the things that work and not waste your valuable time doing the things that don’t work.

So does Wealthy Affiliate work?

With every new online business opportunity you have to assess the risk verses the reward. Wealthy Affiliate is no different.

So whats the risk of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

Well at the moment – it’s a big fat zero – why – because its free.

What’s the reward, ummm financial independence, freedom to do what you want, when you want, to become your own boss, to live the life of your dreams.

What if it doesn’t work?

Well, that’s really up to you … you have seen others succeed with Wealthy affiliate, so why wouldn’t you?

My advice would be to just give it a go – for FREE.

Join me here and get started today

Here are the two things that will ensure you start your journey off right

1) Get together with like minded people that are willing to help you every step of the way

Well what can I say about this.

Kinda speaks for itself really … doesn’t it.

Listen, I NEVER got any real online success until I joined a community of like minded people, where we shared our experiences both good and bad and learnt from each other.

Doing it on your own is just too dam hard man.

There’s definitely power in a community, which is why forums exist.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

But not just any community … a community that shares both your financial and personal aspirations to earn money online.

Wealthy Affiliate has such a community, where participation and helping others is encouraged … and is available 24/7.

Which means no matter when you’re able to work on your online business, be it in the morning afternoon or evening there’s always help available.

I’m not talking email help either, where you have to wait for a reply 24 hours later, I’m talking about instant chat sessions. Which means that you will often get help within a few minutes of asking for it.

Trust me you’ll need help from time to time.

Everyone does – even me.

Cause like any online business, there’s always gonna be road blocks and the community will help you to push through them.

2) A Proven Blueprint

Following a proven step by step plan to make money online will ensure that you will be successful – right?

The reality is – the only one that will ensure you will succeed is – YOU.

However, following a plan that WORKS, will get you there faster and a lot easier than doing it by yourself.

I mean time is precious, so why not spend what little you have on doing the things that works, instead of the many things that don’t work.

Kyle and Carson the product owners, have spend years perfecting their money making system, and over the years through trial and error broken down each step into an easy to understand course.

These are broken down into classrooms.

I haven’t seen as many success stories and testimonials in one place.

How To Get Started With Wealthy Affiliate

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence about getting started with Wealthy Affiliate, then I hope that I have given you enough insight into whether it would be the right fit for you.

Here’s the new deal with Wealthy Affiliate.

You can sign up for a free account here.

Once you have signed up, you can check it all out to see if it will work for you.

How to get the most out of your free membership.

Well I have discussed some of the biggest hurdles that you have to get over in affiliate marketing before you can start to earn money online.

As you can see Wealthy Affiliate solves these problems, however, if you’re still not convinced then I urge you to try it out over the next 7 days. If it’s not for you then no worries.

I’m sure you’re gonna find out that WA is all that and a bag of chips.

You’ll be able to get your first website up and running (for FREE) within the first 7 days. From that point on, you can either continue to move your online business forward and upgrade to the premium membership or stay with the free starter membership forever.

Totally up to you.

But listen, if or when you do become a premium member, I’ll get notification of it – that’s (if you signed up using a link on this website) and because of that, I want to ensure that all my peeps are fully supported.

Wanna Get Coaching From A Full-Time Affiliate Marketer?

I truly believe in the course content at Wealthy Affiliate or else I wouldn’t be a member.

Obviously, I don’t have the time to help everyone, but if you join using this link and decide to become a premium member then I will personally coach you towards your first sale.

Not sure how long I am gonna keep this offer open, come back tomorrow and I might have taken this web page down. For real!

If you can’t decide now, then just sign up for free to lock-in my offer until you’re ready to become a premium member.



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Entrepreneur, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and webmaster of Stealth Secrets. I have been earning a full-time living as an affiliate marketer since 2004. Want to do the same? Check out what I recommend.

120 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023 : Does It Still Work Or Is It A Scam?”

  1. Hey Frank, I am writing to you because I have also been struggling with Inbox Dollars. As you mentioned they should have called it Inbox Pennies. After trying the inbox site and finding out that more than half the time I’m not qualifying for the surveys, I have become quite frustrated. Also the spinning billy is a barrel of laughs! Another reason I am contacting you is in the hopes that Wealthy Affiliate is on the up and up. I have tried a few other online money makers that I payed for, but backed out after learning more about them. I am disabled and in dire need of more supplemental income. Hoping this site is really legit. Hopes for the future, Duane.

    • Hi Jo,

      You don’t have to, but it certainly does help A LOT for these two reasons.

      1) The commissions paid out are higher for premium members.
      2) The training in the premium membership teaches you (in depth) how to do it.

  2. That’s amazing commissions. I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is awesome. I’ve been there for 9 months now and I’ve learnt much.
    I would like to congratulate you for those amazing payments you got from wealthy affiliate.
    Well done.

  3. I have learned a lot from wealthy affiliate, I just don’t like that I can’t be paid via check. PayPal only and I am having issues with PayPal so that’s a no no when it comes to promoting WA

  4. Hi Frank,

    Is it possible to do this on a “part time” basis, eg. not have to give up your day job first? Am willing to learn, and have some ideas for a website. Thx, James

    • Yes James, in fact most folks start off this way.
      The training is set up so that you can build your business at your own pace, which gives you the flexibility to either add to your current income or once you have surpassed it you can drop it altogether. Up to you at the end of the day, but it good to have these options.

  5. Hi Frank,

    Am a student who wants to make extra cash, the thing is have never done any online writing and would like to start, so is it good for me to start with WA and get the help i need or with iwriter??

    • If you have never done any online writing before then in my opinion Wealthy Affiliate would be the best place to start because they have training that shows you exactly how to write effectively, both to rank in the search engines and to engage with your visitors.

  6. Hi Frank,

    I have been in the affiliate marketing space for a while now, spend thousands to be “coached” to make money. Made some but still hasn’t gotten back what I spent for and at this point I don’t have much to spend left. So, searched around and WA seems to have a good offer.

    But, after all the reviews I read, it seems that the only way to make big bucks from WA is through its own affiliate programs. This doesn’t sit well for someone like me who wants to do affiliate in other niches and still earn more than my last corporate job. And… I’m afraid that I would still need to spend a lot of money from media buying (i.e. solo, ads, pps) just to earn back and more.

    Is my perception right or wrong?

    • Hi Kevin,

      Your perception is wrong.

      If you can figure out how to develop traffic (visitors) to your website and learn how to convert those visitors into sales then you can make money in any niche. A lot of people get this process wrong and end up not making any money. And one of the biggest reasons is because have not correctly identified the right group of people to focus their efforts on.

      WA is in the make money niche, which, by the way, is one of the hardest niches to convert visitors into sales, for obvious reasons. But I can easily take what I term as this “traffic / conversion model” and do the same thing in any niche, like I have done here albeit it on a much smaller scale.

      Once you have developed the traffic, then its a case of finding the right offer to convert to that audience.

      WA will teach you how to develop the traffic and also how to convert the traffic in any niche.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Hi Frank,

    A nice Wealthy Affiliate Review. It is nice to know that you are making money. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a year and I am making some money but it is not as good as I would like.
    I am still at the learning stage. Do you have any advice for me?

    • If you’re making a little bit of money then you’re off to a good start. You need to analyze the process that has made it happen and then simply scale it.

  8. How much time you have to put in to this to make $3000 to $4000 a Month per week and how long to get up to speed if your not a guro on the PC but your smart and your in finance for over 20 years

    • Your success depends on multiple variables James, like how much knowledge or have (or don’t have currently), how much work you put into developing your online business, how consistent you are, how long it takes for you to learn the process and how you put the process to work. Some folks can start earning money in as little as a few weeks, some months and others several months. It really just depends on the individual and how motivated and committed they are.

  9. Hi Frank,

    Hope all is well with you. I would like to thank you for the very helpful review. It’s been about a week now I have been researching Wealthy Affiliate. Should I, shouldn’t I, should I shouldn’t I. I believe I read your review about 4x. I’m excited to say I”M GOING IN!! I have no clue what my niche, skills, etc is but I know my goal is to help people and make some money doing it. I’m ready to put in the work and see results… (hopefully)

    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    See you on the other side…here I goooo….

    Thanks again,

  10. Hi Frank I just read ur review..I knw ntn abt the program I’m a stay at home mom and i definitely would love to gv it a try..only av a smart phn with good internet connection but no computer is tht possible..I’m not living in the US but in the Caribbean..pls tel me how…

    • Hi Charlette, nice to meet you.
      You can watch the lessons and participant in the classroom and forum discussions with a mobile device, but it is best if you have either a laptop or a desktop computer, given the nature of the tasks you have to perform.

  11. Thanks for all your time and information Frank. I have great job but want to give this a try as a secondary income. I’m quite a motivated individual.

  12. Hi Frank
    I’m a student and a complete newbie to this online business. Don’t have the slightest idea how to put together a website or blog or write content, let a alone drive traffic to them to earn money, sounds like a mountain to climb. Nonetheless I am an internet addict(could spend close to 10hrs online daily). Really desire to be a super affiliate marketer and make money online, can WA hold me by the hand and take me through to my destination with my zero experience?

  13. Hi Frank. Thanks for the reviews. I am really concern about signing up with WA. it says the free membership is not allowed in my country (Philippines). It forces me to pay for premium membership. So.. do you know what should I do? I just wanted to try this first before going to premium membership.

    Hope to receive a reply soon. Thank you

  14. As a new member to Wealthy Affiliate, I feel the need to chime in, and say that it’s the absolute best training platform that I’ve ever seen.
    I’ve learned so much in just a few short Months.
    I currently have a couple of websites that are still under construction, and both are getting visitors from the search engines.
    And, that’s what it’s all about for me.

  15. Great Review Frank, Well, Can I start earning from the fist month, I have a huge knowledge about affiliate marketing, and I have my passion nich, but I haven’t earned a penny yet, because all need to pay for traffic, I mean other platform, I have not tired WA, So any Recommendation will be appreciated.

    • Hi Jamal,
      It’s possible to earn money in your first month depending on your current knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, but most people take a little longer.

      What I have found is that a lot of people who have been in the Affiliate Marketing space for a while, have picked up a lot of bad information which ultimately leads to no or poor progress, because they are stacking incorrect information on top of incorrect information which goes no where.

      My advice would be to sign up free, and just try it out.

  16. Hello Mr.Frank! Am a newbies in the affiliate marketing world. please is this great opportunity open to Africans (Nigerians precisely)? thanks! waiting in anticipation to here from you soon

    • Yes, I believe the opportunity is open world wide, however, free membership is not open to all countries. You’ll find out if this applies to your country, as soon as you try to sign up free.

  17. hello i am student i dont have any idea about affiliate i am interested to make money, then how can i go for premium.if i join as free, is it compulsory to to go for premium.. is any knowledge is necessary to become a affiliate

  18. Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate here. I’ve only just started on my own journey into online marketing and affiliate marketing. I can definitely see that there is a long road ahead of me, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. Thanks for the great information!

    • Yes, it is a very easy process. You simply use the export function from blogger and then use an import function to WordPress.

  19. Hello Frank!
    So i just found about WA and you review and it sounds very promising, but there is one question that I need to know: do you have to be at a specific age to join? Or is it open for any age?

    • Hey Belén,
      There’s no age restriction in joining Wealthy Affiliate, we actually have members as young as 15. Having said that, SOME affiliate programs do have age restrictions, but there’s literally 100’s to choose from, WITHOUT age restrictions.

  20. I was worried that WA might be a scam so I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and can’t really find anything bad or indicating that it is a scam. So I’m going to try it out since I can’t see any consequences of doing so since membership is free. So thanks a lot for the review!

  21. Hi Frank great site

    I know this will sound like a silly question but once you join as a free member of WA can you earn commission from your referrals or do you need to upgrade first?

    • Hey Stephen,

      It’s not such a silly question actually. It was one of the first questions I asked before getting started.

      The answer is, yes, you can earn a commission as a free member, but you will earn twice as much as a premium member.

  22. Hi Frank. Can you tell me, can WA affiliates be paid through payoneer, rather then through paypal. I ask because paypal can be erratic sometimes. And, if not, are there palns to make it happen. Thank you for your reply.

    • Hi Nikola,

      As far as I know, payments are only made via Paypal and I (and many other affiliates) haven’t had a problem with being paid out with this method over the last three years, so it’s not problem.

  23. Hey, Frank!
    Thank you very much for your fair and in-depth WA review!
    I do agree with you that it’s an awesome platform, especially for people who are starting their online journey.
    I also have a question from you:
    What is your main strategy for getting your website ranked in Google when you target medium competition keywords?

    • Hey Nick,

      It really depends on how much knowledge you already have. Some folks with a good base knowledge of building websites and writing content can get through the lessons in a month, but honestly, you really need to budget for 3 – 6 months and up to 12 to get the most benefit, in my opinion.

      There are two blueprints, each with roughly 60 video lessons each. You also have the weekly live webinars that a lot of folks love. So it comes down to how much time you have available to get through the lessons and how quickly you learn. It’s all up to you.

  24. I am from india and they are not accepting a trial for me. They say that you have to buy a premium membership. So how do I go about it. Should I buy for one month first, try it and if like it then subscribe for a yearly pack as that will be cheap. Are there any discounts.

    • Unfortunately, some countries are not included in the free membership, but the premium membership is available to all countries. You can definitely sign up as a premium member and benefit from the discounted rate, and then upgrade to the yearly package if you like.

      I’m sure you’re going to learn a lot from the lessons, but more importantly network with a lot of like minded entrepreneurs, which can be worth the membership alone.

      I look forward to catching up with you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

      • so i’ve been searching and searching about wa! i’m a single mother so i have to provide for my daughter but am also quite poorly and am going to have to unfortunatly leae my job. i want to work from home with a decent income. i need to cover my current earnings (which isn’t much) and more. Before i take any further steps i do have some questions. I’m very much a newbie & not a techie really so my questions may be very stupid. Do you need a product to sell before joining wa because i don’t have anything myself to sell? how much can you potentially earn pcm? How long does it usually take till money starts coming in? what do you actually need before joining wa to make it worth while?

        • Hey Jo,

          No, you do need to have a product to sell. The easiest way to earn money is to sell other peoples products. Their are literally tens of thousands of products in all different niches that are available for you to sell. You earn a commission on any product sold through your referral link.

          Your earnings are unlimited, it’s really up to you. This is a online business where time and effort pays off.

          How long does it take to start earning money? In my experience I have seen folks earn in as little as two weeks, BUT, this is very unusual and an exception to the rule. I would estimate, on average, it can take anywhere from 3 – 12 months, depending on how dedicated you are to the process.

          You don’t need anything in particular before joining Wealthy Affiliate, BUT a positive and go get em attitude goes a long way.

          I recommend that you sign up for the free membership and take it for a test drive. You can sign up here. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to talk to other members inside the WA community. So you can ask them about their experience in the program.

          You’ll also have access to 10 lessons and two free websites, that way you can really evaluate the program for yourself.

          Hope that helps.

  25. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for this review! It opened my eyes to Wealthy Affiliate. I just opened a free account and can’t wait to learn more from you and others. I was wondering what is your username on WA. I would love to follow you.


  26. Hey Frank,

    Just wanted to drop by from WA and check out your site. What a fantastic job you’ve done here. You are certainly a pro. I love the way you put your passion and your story in words for your followers.
    I’m your newest fan and will certainly take notes.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to checking out more of your site.


  27. Hey Frank,

    It’s Amber! I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m happy I came across your article earlier this year and joined WA. I know I’m not on there at the moment, but it really brought out my interest in online business and really gave me hope for my dreams of traveling. I realized that this is actually how many people who are traveling do it. I hope to be back on WA as soon as I can!

    As for people viewing through comments, I know you many have quite a few questions. I know Frank has already clarified that it works! Many may ask if it is worth the money. I think you will be the judge of that! I encourage you to use up the first free days and then use the $19 a month deal for your first month. Only then will you really understand how it is worth it! You learn so much more, and it’s almost like being enrolled in a college class, without time limits, and with a HUGE community of support to help you! I remember that any time I got frustrated, there was always someone to go to! I had about 5 or 6 that I constantly went to! So if you afraid to join because you are totally new to any of this, DON’T BE! I was too, and I am very proud of what all I learned! There is no better place to start than WA!

    I hope I helped some people! And once again, a big thank you to Frank!


    Amber (Celecity)

    • Actually, I do remember you Amber the Video Gamer, the Minecraft and League of Legends guru. 🙂

      Hey, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience in Wealthy Affiliate.

      I do find that a lot of folks who do leave Wealthy Affiliate come back after they experience some of the other programs out there. And I also find that the reason they left wasn’t to do with the training or the community, but more, events that were out of their control.

      Anyway, it would be great to see you back in Wealthy Affiliate, BUT when you’re ready. 🙂


  28. Hello Frank,

    Thank you for sharing your gift and professional experience with us. I have had a negative experience with making money online tools but having seen and read your website, it appears your article is a master piece. However, I would like to ask you the following questions before signing up:

    1. Can I sign up for Wealthy Affiliate as I live UK?
    2. What are the advantages of signing up under you for premium membership?
    3. What is the average day before someone can start to earn money from WA?
    4. Do you provide ongoing support for you”Referrals”?
    5. Can someone have access to the WA training with a free membership?
    6. What is the advantage of premium membership?
    7. What is the current monthly fees?

    Looking forward to sign up under you.

    Thank you



    • Hey Matthew,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1. Yes, you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliate if you live in the UK. It is available worldwide.
      2. The advantage of signing up to WA through my affiliate link is that you’ll get my help along the way. I have been where you are going to be and I know what works and what doesn’t work.
      3. The length of time it takes to start making money is up to the individual and how much they learn and how much they are willing to work.
      4. I provide support for all of my referrals for as long as they remain a member.
      5. You have access to 10 free lessons as a free member and two websites.
      6. You have lots of advantageous as a premium member – too many to list. But the main ones being, access to all the other lessons – over 100+ video lessons, access to weekly webinars – past and present, instant online chat, access to private message.
      7. $49 per month. First month you’ll get a discounted rate, which is around $19.

      Hope that helps Matthew.

  29. Hey Frank,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. Please I still have questions here:

    1.After signing up for free membership, how can sign up under you for premium membership as I would like someone honest and realistic like you be my Coach to helping me grow professionally?
    2.How and where do I get companies looking for affiliate members to sell their products or services?
    3.Do I have to register a company to fully be a professional Affiliate Marketer?
    4.As regards the website, for instance, I have 10 different niches from different group or the same group I’m interested in,do I have to create website for each niche or how does it work?
    5. I watched your video on building website.Please how do you link amazon or Affiliate company link,youtube, customers reviews,comment into website?
    6.How do I get paid for my sales?
    7.Do I have to sign up as a company or Individual?

    Waiting to receiving your reply as I’m ready to sign up without wasting any time.

    Thank you once again for your previous reply. You’re the best!

    Regards, Matthew

    • 1) If you use my link above then you will get a message from me inside Wealthy Affiliate, as I will be notified when. If you don’t then you have signed up under someone else.
      2) There are hundreds of affiliate companies you can sign up with for FREE and this is covered in detail in the membership.
      3) No, you don’t have to be a registered company to participate in a affiliate program.
      4) Your website is targeting a specific group of people. This means that you can sell multiple products from multiple affiliate programs so long as they match the group of people your website is targeted towards. For example, if you are selling golf gear, the you could be selling golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls and the list goes on and on.
      5) You’ll learn how to place company affiliate links on your website in the lessons in the membership.
      6) Most affiliate programs will pay you by check, paypal, wire transfer, or direct deposit.
      7) Most people sign up as individuals.

      Hope that helps.

  30. Thank you for all your answers. It really helps! You’ll see me signing up soon for premium membership under you before the 7 days expired .

    Wish me good luck!

  31. Great website. I’ve also join Wealthy Affiliate but only recently got myself into business mindset as time waits for no body and I want to build an income to spend quality time with my family.

    • Hi Kurt, I definitely agree with your sentiments “Time waits for nobody”. It’s too easy to think that your situation will change, BUT then do nothing to change it. Even if you took a simple step towards your goal today, whatever that goal that goal maybe, you’ll be one step closer to your goal, than you were yesterday.

    • Ultimately, the aim of your website is to develop your own source of traffic through blogging. A lot of online business owners spend thousands of dollars paying for the same traffic you will be developing through affiliate marketing. In my opinion, yes, it is important to blog frequently.

  32. Hi Frank,

    This is a great review, simple and full of facts.

    I just tried signing up through your link, unfortunately I couldn’t. I am from Africa and the system says my country isn’t supported. I wonder if it’s a crime to come from here. LOL.

    I am not actually a complete newbie but haven’t made money online yet. I have in my arsenal so far, all it takes to do this online business, a self hosted WP site, an auto responder, few great tools and products, premium plugins and themes, a twitter handle , a FB page, a g+ account and a u-tube channel, all branded in my with my logo. Just crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s before launching.

    I will really appreciate if there is another way to be your student and you as my coach, aside from Wealthy Affiliate. I love your simplicity and transparency. It’s awesome.

    • Hey SiTU,

      I believe the system is available to all countries, however there are some countries where the free trial is not supported, so you should be able to sign up not matter where you live.

  33. Hello Frank. Thanks for the explanation of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s very interesting for me and I think I will become a member, thanks to you.
    Before getting started I wanted to know some things:

    1. How do I get paid or how do I receive my money? (I live in Dominican Republic and I have a Paypal Account)
    2. Does WA works on cellphones??

    Thanks again and I hope this works for me. I’ll try hard.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Hey Victor,

      Thanks for your questions.

      Most affiliate programs will pay you via paypal, wire transfer or via a check. The Wealthy Affiliate program pays out via paypal.

      Yes, WA does work on cellphones.

      Hope that helps.

  34. Hi Frank, I’m looking at Wealthy Affiliate now. Was your payment screenshots from WA and for signups? If you want to answer this I’d appreciate it. If not, I’ll understand

  35. Hi. I’m interested in starting in Wealthy Affiliate but my computer is not working anymore so I was wondering if accessing and participating by mobile phone brings inconveniences?


    • Hi Sarah,

      It would be difficult to use a mobile phone to carry out the tasks, in my opinion. But you can definitely use it to view the lessons and watch the video lessons.

  36. Hi Princess,

    Wealthy Affiliate has limited the free trial offer to a few countries, one being the Philippines unfortunately. I’m not sure why, but something you might want to ask Kyle or Carson.

  37. I completely love the idea of affiliate marketing. I am currently working part time with a non profit that I love and have an older infant and two older children. Our family could definitely use some extra income. What would your advice be as far as going part time as an affiliate? Would it take a lot of work and attention?

    • Any amount of time you can spare developing your online business is better than nothing. A lot of folks do this business part-time and make a decent income. There’s definitely effort and focus needed in the beginning, but maybe not as much as you think. There’s no cold calling, or direct sales, unlike other online businesses, there’s just a bit of learning and implementing what you learn.

  38. Frank, my Girlfriend invested in a system called Digital Altitude some time back, not quite sure what that system consisted of as it sounded a bit strange to me a retired Automotive Tech of 40 plus years! Of course I invested in her hoping it was legal and something legit… Well they are being temporally shut down by the Federal Trade Commission while they’re being investigated… Was going to suggest Wealthy Affiliate! So has Wealthy Affiliate been checked out?

  39. Hi
    I want to get into Affiliate marketing and learn properly from scratch how it works, so the training seems ideal for what i am looking for.
    I also have a site selling digital products and wanted to know whether the training can help with pushing that also, considering its not Affiliate marketing?
    I would like to learn about traffic generation and copywriting or writing converting copy.


    • Hi Rupen,

      Yes, you will be able to learn all of that and more inside Wealthy Affiliate. I would suggest you get started free, take a look around inside, ask questions and I’ll catch up with you inside.

      Best Frank

  40. Hi Frank,

    congratulations on your success. That is truly inspiring.
    Commitment and focus do pay off.

    Take care,


  41. Are you still an active member of Wealthy Affiliate?
    I am from the Philippines and would like to ask if WA is a good place to start learning affiliate marketing? since I am a newbie and also because it is not available for free in the philippines so signing up for us involves some risk. Would appreciate a reply and hopefully work with you in the future.

    • Hi France, yes I am definitely still an active member of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best place to start learning affiliate marketing. The lessons cover this topic in great detail. I look forward to your future success and working with you. Best, Frank.

  42. Hi Frank! Great review of Wealthy Affiliate and great info as I am interested in starting a website about homemade dog foods, including my recipes and all the products I use in hopes to earn commissions from affiliate marketing. Is this something I can be successful at since I don’t technically sell products?

    • Yes, this is absolutely something you can be successful at. The dog food niche is a very lucrative niche to be in, especially if you have homemade dog products / recipes available to share.

      Sign up free if you haven’t done so already and follow the first few lessons and I’m sure you’ll see how it all works.

  43. Hey Frank! I happened to stumble on this review while reading your review of Kyani. I have already signed up to be a distributor with Kyani so was wondering if WA would be a good place for me to start that online business up at? I am pretty new to all this and really need help with getting online sales if possible. I really don’t care to sell products to family and friends. Not that I don’t think the product is a good one, but my family and friends are not on the same wave I am currently on with getting healthy and leading/maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Hope this makes sense as I am typing this as fast as I can from 9-6 desk job! 🙂

    • Hi Amanda,

      In my opinion the training in Wealthy Affiliate would be a great way for you to start selling any online business or products online, whether that be Kyani products or any other products. Wealthy Affiliate will help you to get in front of highly motivated people everyday without having to cold call or hold home meetings.

      My advice would be to sign up free and try the training out. Then you can decide from there what you want to do.

  44. Hi Frank,
    Excellent Review for Wealthy Affiliate.Your review will inspire all those people who are struggling in online business and who want to join in now.And they will believe yes it is possible to work and make money online.

  45. Hey Frank,
    Great review! As someone that’s a member of myself, I can honestly say that this thing is absolutely legit. At the moment I’m not making as much money as you but I’m confident I’ll get there if I put in the work.

    A fellow guy not being dictated by a J.O.B. haha

  46. I started on Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner and I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing means. Since then I’ve learned to make a full-time income online, traveled around the world and enjoyed the laptop lifestyle. Wealthy Affiliate literally changed my life.

  47. Halo Frank, after stumbling on this..I was very much interested in this opportunity. Thanks for this, fortunately I tried registering but it’s not supported in my country. Oh how I wish it was.


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