TribePro Does It Still Work? Peep My Case Study

Does TribePro work? I have been hearing a lot of people talking about a social media tool called TribePro and from what I have seen, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete evidence to prove the efficacy of TribePro, so I thought that I would test it out myself to see what results I got.

This didn’t intend for this case study to become a Tribepro review, but the results show what the real effect are if you use Tribepro for back-linking.

Social Media Signals

With the recent Google updates one key variable for ranking higher in the search engines is social media signals, which means that if you can syndicate your content to a plethora of social media accounts include Facebook,Google Plus, Twitter, Digg etc, then this may have a positive affect on your search engine rankings.

In the video below, Matt from Google confirms that social media does affect search engine rankings.

Here’s Danny Sullivan’s article.

So with this information – it makes sense to test the validity of the affect of social signals on a website.

What better way to do it, than to get a massive number of social media signals coming in from TribePro.

The Experiment

The primary purpose of this experiment is to find out the following:

  1. Will TribePro Increase traffic to my website.
  2. What effect (if any), does it have on social media signals.
  3. What effect (if any), does it have on ranking in the search engines.

This is about as scientific as I am going to get with this experiment.

The TribePro Network

TribePro is primarily a social media content syndication network. Members use it to connect with groups or “Tribes” to syndicate each others content in the network.

From what I understand there is a lot of setup needed including joining various Tribes and a subscription to Onlywire which does the content syndication automatically for you.

So instead of building my own Tribe, for this experiment I am going with one that is already setup.

TribePro Fiverr Gig

So, because I am using someone else’s TribePro account, I have no control over who is actually in the Tribe, but that doesn’t really matter, because a social signal is a social signal – right. And so for this experiment I chose the gig from iphonemom, because she promotes two links for $5 bucks.




The Results

I took a snapshot of the page that I had sent to the Tribe.

As you can see, I started off with 0 Tweets, 2 Facebook likes and 2 Google+ and AFTER I got 53 Tweets, 6 Facebook Likes and 3 Google+.

So that’s pretty cool, but it doesn’t mean a helluva lot at the moment.

Click on the pic to see the actually webpage that I tested.





Here’s  a post I shared in my Affilicoach Facebook account (before using TribePro) and as you can see 21 people saw the post.



82 people saw this post after using TribePro.




So what about Google?

The second link that I use in the Fiverr Gig gave me similar results as above, however it ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword term “free organic backlinks” see pic below. Not sure how long it will stay there for, but for now I will enjoy ranking #1.

Note: I am not signed into Google.




So just to summarize.

  1. Will TribePro Increase traffic to my website. (No significant increase).
  2. What effect (if any), does it have on social media signals. (As shown in the pictures above).
  3. What effect (if any), does it have on ranking in the search engines. (Ranking #1 for keyword phrase “free organic backlinks”).

The results show that TribePro has potential, but I am still not convinced that it is a method that you should use for your money site given how unnatural the signals might appear to Google.

[EDIT] : See my latest TribePro Ranking Failer case study.

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6 thoughts on “TribePro Does It Still Work? Peep My Case Study”

  1. Nice article. I’m debating on whether to go back on TribePro but I sure wouldn’t link it to my main site. Great case study

    • The case study is a little out of date now, BUT it is still relevant. In my opinion, it would be more prudent to look for other sources of social signals.

  2. Nice job on the case study.
    IMHO, the POINT here is also that you had a good topic and headline. And, most likely, the piece itself was relevant to that attractive headline and was a solid piece.

    What you have to watch out within any tools (including content syndication ones like TribePro) is NOT to “launch and forget”. For example, you need to go into Google Analytics and see the time on site for these sources. If there are bogus sources, the time on site will be very very short. In the mid-to-long term, this can bring serious damage to your search engine traffic.

    But if the content is good, the content is good. You got them to like and share since they liked your content. And, yes, good case study.

    Itai Levitan,
    Co-Founder, Seperia

  3. Well done study on the efficacy of Tribe Pro. Was going to give it a whirl, but based on your experiment I can’t see a worthwhile ROI.

  4. I wanted to give tribepro a goal. But thought I might as well google for a review. Guess it’s not worthwhile then! I will use other channels!


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