TribePro Ranking Fail

With the recent success of ranking on page one of Google for the keyword phrase “free organic traffic” using Tribepro in this case study, I decided to see what would happen if I tried to rank a Youtube video using the same Tribepro gig in Fiverr.

The aim of this experiment is to see if using Tribepro will affect the rankings (positive or negative) of a Youtube video in Google.

I got a number of Youtube videos created in animoto for testing purposes.

Why Youtube?

I am using Youtube in this experiment, because Youtube videos tend to rank a lot quicker and easier than a webpage – in theory.

So, the idea is to try and rank for a keyword that has a low to average KC according to Long Tail Pro. If you’re not familiar with Long Tail Pro you can check out how I use it to rank on the first page of Google here.

Videos To Rank

Keyword Phrase : How Much Money Can I Make Blogging


With a KC value of 27 it should be a piece of cake to rank on the first page of Google.

Here’s a screenshot of the KC value from Long Tail Pro.

Keyword Phrase : How Do You Start a Blog and Make Money


This phrase is a little more competitive, however we still should be able to gain first page rankings given it is a Youtube video.



These KC values should be easy to rank on the first page of Google.

Note: I do not want to put the links to the videos on this page in case it affects to results, so that’s why I have used a pic instead.

TribePro Gig

I decided to use the same TribePro gig from that got me #1 page rankings for “free organic traffic”.

Here’s a picture of what I ordered.

And here’s the results

After 5 days I am no where to be seen on Google for those keyword terms.

So, for the time being the experiment is looking like a fail for TribePro in terms of rankings.

Having said that, sometimes it can take a little bit of time for Google to catch up with finding the links, so I will keep an eye out for it over the next 3 weeks.


Even though I was able to get first page rankings using TribePro as shown in this case study, I haven’t been able to duplicate the results using a Youtube video. The keywords are a little more competitive than in the original case study, but not unreasonable, especially for a Youtube video.

From what I have seen on the Internet, Tribepro has had some mixed reviews and I guess my little experiment is reflective of what others are experiencing.

I have seen a slight increase in traffic (albeit it small) using TribePro, so this tells me that real people do see your posts, however I have had mixed results in terms of rankings, which tells me to not expect to rank in Google with TribePro alone.

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  1. Thanks 4 this info. I was thinking of getting a Fiverr gig of Tribepro but after getting some bad backlinks there I am “gun shy”. Think I will pass on this.


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